Xiaomi Mi3 sold out in a minute on Flipkart: Click to know when you can buy it online!

Xiaomi fever rages on as the company has sold out the entire stock of their new launch MI3 within a minute of its availability on Flipkart. Mi3 was launched in the last week, but was out of stock from the first day itself! Xiaomi’s tie-up with Flipkart, resulted the e-commercial site to crash for the first time when Mi3 was launched a week ago.

Flipkart promised to make the device available today at 2 PM IST, and it has fulfilled the promise. But because of the sensation created by Xiaomi, the entire stock of Mi3 devices was sold out in a minute like hot pan cakes. The device will now be back for sale on Aug 5 on Flipkart. The Chinese tech-giant has created history with this record. No other phone, till date, has been sold so fast in the history of technology.

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Xiaomi Mi3, backed with high-end features is a hot favorite among tech-savvies. Launched at an affordable price of Rs 13,999 Mi3 is boosted by 2.3 GHz Quad core processor and 2 GB RAM. Tagged as the fastest phone, Xiaomi Mi3 is touted as an arch rival of Nexus 5.

  • SS

    Ya out of stock in 1 second sharp the moment I clicked at 2 pm sharp!!!!! Flipkart sent numerous reminder mails to me that I am registered for sale & I better be logged in 2-3 hours before 2 pm & then on the first click of ‘buy button’ I was slapped with a message that I am unregistered for the sale & in a fraction of second screen started flashing ‘out of stock’ message!

    • Prak

      I too did the same and same screen in fraction of seconds when clicked on buy which appeared at 00.00.00 count down, Are there any filters in system to help preselcect customers.?

    • Vikas

      exactly same happend with me, lolz
      flipkart is trying to make us fool

    • Gaurav Agrawal

      same here….at home tag it shows registered but at MI tag it show unregistered…

  • Milind S Dixit

    They are trying to lure the fish with Xiaomi MI3 bait – pathetic. I logged in before 2 hrs. Commited to confirm order by 2 PM sharp. And I saw that pathetic “out of stock’ message just after 10 seconds.

  • Hemant

    Fake Sale….I don’t think they even had a stock of single phone….ALL FAKE….

    • rcreddy2k10

      true really

  • omkar

    are you all serious

  • Dhiraj Gill

    Its all fake…. There was no sale at all. They are fooling people. I was sitting 5 minutes before sale. On last minute a countdown began. When the countdown stopped a BUY NOW button appeared. I instantly clicked the back button and it showed OUT OF STOCK.

  • omkar

    is it possible for the shopkeepers to buy the phone in a lot btw dont worry they will try to increase their sale till there is a response after aug 5 too i was too waiting much i had to wait for about 50 minutes for buying the phone on 22nd and waited for about two days to get it but the phone is the the the best

  • helly

    same here buddy…:[

  • Annymous

    Guys, I am also frustrated like you. My opinion is wait till all the hype is over. Wait till the Mi4 is here. Its expected price is 19.5k. and Sometimes we didn’t get the phone for a reason.
    Mi4 and Oneplusone is yet to launch in India. Don’t be fooled by the hype, the flipkart and Mi are making us chase a phone like a dog chasing a bone…
    Just wait….

    I think they are trying to get advertisement by creating artificial out of stocks. Wait till the flipkart teams stops their pathetic marketing trick. One day the stocks will be there and no one would bother buying MI3, everyone would go for Oneplus or MI4.

    Don’t fall for cheap traps!

  • Sanjeev

    Clarification about placing order on flipkart: Customer who registered first time of mi3 registrations were able to successfully place the order this time

    I noticed this when I logged in my Brother’s credentials and not mine. I registered with my brother’s credentials when first time registration of MI3 sale started. When the second time registration started, i registered with my FB ID.

    But i was unlucky to place the order with my ID after 1-2 mins of 2PM, it showed out of stock. however, this is not the case with my brother’s id, so I booked it successfully even after 2:20 PM… Anyways, I’m happy about it…

    • Priyank

      It showed out of stock at exact 12:01 pm.
      I registered on 15th itself & clicked at “Buy” at exact 2:00 pm.
      I was online from 11:00 am itself. I don’t think today any sale has happened.
      Its a cheat with their customers/ future customers or can say so called fans.

      Flipkart should accept registration with some amount & nos of registrations must be equal to stock availability.

    • Amos

      yes, sometimes AI Bots are responsible for these kinds of mistakes or manual…

      [i am here to read comments]

    • Murali

      This is not possible, I had registered for the firs sale and was not able to do it this time. I guess Flipkart only sold 100 Pieces this time :D , 1 million registration, and 100 phone, Its like gambling officially.!!

  • Suresh

    It seems just publicity stunt and marketing gimmick.
    Both flipkart and Xiaomi making fool to indian citizen.
    Logging 2-3 hrs before and then within 1-2sec out of stock.
    Do they really have stock. I feel if some one has got MI3 today, he should atleast reply on this conversation so that sale can be authenticated.
    that why chinese are ahead from india

  • Amit

    Agreed. Despite initial minutes of failure, I was able to book one for me successfully :) Please don’t blame Flipcart, they already suggested to login u in well before 2-3 hours and place order sharp at 2 pm..

    • Aneesh

      Flipkart in their official Facebook page has put a post saying the sale got over in 5 seconds. Then how were you able to buy after 2 minutes?

      • Amit

        tell me ur ID brother, I will send u screenshot. There was an option of ‘retry’. Did u keep on retrying that? I kept on doing that and so it might be retried during that fraction of time and got booked.

        • ghantaa

          amit , you will get a broken nokia from flipkart as your reward , bhenchod jhoothe

      • KG

        i am not flipkart employee but the sale was three step process. in first you click buy and they reserve a phone for you. then they add it to the cart and then you pay for it.
        this spreads out load on servers and prevents them from crashing.
        first click hardly takes a second cause everyone must be glued to that page and refreshed as soon as the counter was gone.

        try next time. one tip, keep the mail that you receive from flipkart open. and click that link when gates open.

  • Abhinav

    Stop fooling people… How the hell can anyone purchase any item within a minute. And their entire stock got sold within a minute. Seems there was only one phone available with Flipkart in today’s sale. Stop creating hype for this phone. Flipkart is spoiling its goodwill.

  • abhinav

    stop faking..Just tell us at what time u placed your order because either u r lightning fast or lying. Within few seconds there was sold out message

    • Pratyush

      I got it too!! YEAH!

    • rathinavelu thiruvenkatam

      in the first sale itself I placed order in 11 minutes and now from 24th July I am very happily using it.Its OTG support runs video from my 32 gb pendrive

    • Rahul Trivedi

      my order was confirmed at 2:13 PM

  • Prak

    within how many milliseconds you clicked on buy button?

    • fiz

      Its just luck i ordered successfully and got it in one day They have limited quantity everyone wont get the product. So stop whining about it

  • vijo

    Hey, Aneesh, I got it placed successfully. I’m logged in from morning itself. I clicked buy now at the first second itself.

  • Vikas

    ya exactly. it got out of stock within 10-15 seconds. They are just cheating and making hype.

  • Bhushan

    I got one!! Lucky me, I guess!!

    • Aneesh

      You were able to buy in 5 seconds? A big thank you for the amazing response for our Mi 3 sale! We went OOS in 5secs. #Mi3OnFlipkart will be back. Registration for the August 5th sale starts at 6PM! That’s from flipkart official facebook page. 5 Seconds!!!!

      • rcreddy2k10

        He must have purchased in dream yesterday itself.Let him be happy.

  • Aditi

    Even I am very frustrated for the way they are selling the device. They should a different way to sell the device. I don’t think anyone will be able to buy it like this. I was logged in from 11 AM and as it was 2 PM it just showed out of stock. It is ridiculous

    • Prasun

      Did u clicked on the link which they send in ur mail id..i clicked the link @ 2:00 and then it redirected to buy button and i placed the order @2:02.

      • Tuhina Nath

        which link are you talking about? they did send mail about the procedure but there was no link in it.

  • Sanjay

    I am the lucky one to buy xiaomi MI3.

  • Aneesh

    Would you mind showing a screen shot of your so called successful order? If you are not interested in my rant, please feel free not to reply!

  • Uday

    FRUSTRATED with the sale, gone off in 5 seconds it’s a marketing strategy to fool the customers

  • santhosh

    even i got one logged 3 hour before the sale, no wonder I too got the same message as not registered o tried and tried to grab one for me expected delivery on 1st Aug 14

  • Maulik

    Placed mine at 2:04 PM.

    So, out of stock in a few second is untrue. The web-site did crash, but behaved perfectly OK thereafter like Item added to Carrt, went for Payment through Credit-card and came back, all without a glitch.

    But do feel sorry for other, I could have been in that group as well.

    Hope it soothes some nerves, as India needs nerves of Steel to defend the Test Match.

  • rocky

    this flipkart is bullshit. Amazon is supperb

    • rcreddy2k10

      Let’s see when Amazon does this.

  • ashu

    i hv an extra set with me any one interested.booked on two ids. so one extra

  • Anon

    Flipkart Sucks! Amazon Rocks!

  • Amit

    when there are 1 lac registrations and 10k phones, obviously 90k people have to be frustrated.. so it was a bit of luck who got it. You are right, initially its almost got crashed but whoever clicked on that fraction of time got bookings.. IT is still not that accurate there might be lag in ur timing and server timings so depending upon load it accepted whatever first 10k entries it could accumulate. When even machines get failed in so much load, so don’t blame Flipkart :) Being in IT, I can understand what would have happened.. so nothing to worry about.. Be ready for next turn..

    • Rahul

      Prolly you have a paid guy from flipkart or working on behalf of flipkart. Let me tell you somthing, prolly it was just a myth created by flipkart and what I am guessing that it could be black marketed

    • Ranganath B

      Hey amit.. where you from.. show me after received your MI3.. filpkart playing games with customer. I was logged in from 10am..i just clicked buy mobile after completed time.. not even 5 seconds booking closed.. how come boss!!!!… If they want to really selling mobiles can you get official mobile sold upto now.. they will not say how many mobiles sold till now…

  • truthseeker

    looks like flipkart hired some people to comment here for them

    • rcreddy2k10

      Sounds logical.

  • Dharmendra Singh

    Hey guys I booked mi3 from flipcart apps. though I registered previous sale nd even I used 2g bt I was able 2 booked. Plz next tym use flipcart apps n atleast 2-3 hours before whenever they will sell…

  • NGK

    Some real hilarious feedback…especially the one who said flipkart had only one mi3 in stock!!!! It did work for me this time tho — i was in your boat last time!

  • Vipin Dwivedi

    HEY Guys , use FLIPKART APP on your mobile , u will be definitely able to place the order next time .

    I had experienced this as i tried placing order on two different PC’s via different id’s & also on flipkart app on mobile , i found that there was no lag & i placed the order of MI3 through FLIPKART APP at 1403hrs, on the otherside while on website it is showing error “something went wrong” till OUT OF STOCK . . . . . . .. .. . … . .

  • Amit

    You know it would certainly be 3rd party work.. like we get offshored work ;) Yes.. we can not be sure.. thats’ true. Anyway, better luck next time :)

  • Parag

    Fraud. As soon as the countdown hit 00 sec, I made attempts to place orders. It failed from the Flipkart Mobile App, it also failed from the laptop browser. It showed Out of Stock from the first second itself. How can a few hundred thousand people make payments so quickly? Either automatic trading scripts, or the site is fraudulent, or diverted to another fake site. BTW, I am subscriber of Flipkart First, had pre-registered for phone during last sale, and still couldnt get it. I am making calls for last 2:30 hours to their priority helpdesk from my FlipKart First registered phone, not a single time I am connected with their execs.

    • Divyanshu

      people did not pay soo quickly. It was just added to my cart and then i could easily pay afterwards.

  • vinod

    Don’t be so mean because u couldn’t book. I logged in to Filpkart at 11.00AM and since then refreshed the page every 2 minutes. Exactly when the timer reached 00:00:00 I refreshed it and clicked the purchase button. The first message it showed was “You are not registered. Only registered members can buy.” Refreshed again and got “Oops the is some error, Try again”. After clicking try again (as if playing the highest mouse clicks game)…. it showed trying to add phone to cart and failed multiple times. Finally it showed a phone is already blocked and will be added to cart after 15 mins. Looks like Filpkart is first blocking the phone to people who successfully clicked the purchase button and then trying to add it to cart. That’s the best they can offer using technology rather than running a lottery like what Tata did for the nano. Finally the cart got updated and order is confirmed.

    • Amos

      it’s just a game of either AI Bots or individual lottery system based on which user shows more activity…

      [i am here to read comments]

      • rcreddy2k10

        absolutely correct

      • Divyanshu

        lol absolutely wrong. It was my first order on flipkart.
        Maybe my lucky day :D

    • rcreddy2k10

      Does Flipakrt sent this entire booking procedure only to you? Anyway some one some how seem to successfully mi 3 into cart.God bless him.

  • Divyanshu

    It was not fake. I was able to order it successfully :D
    Better luck next time ;)

  • Parag

    I was logged in since 10AM. Made first buy try as soon as the countdown timer reached 0, it threw an error “something went wrong, please retry”. Made multiple retries. Both from PC and Mobile apps. Nothing worked. Even tried to reach their phone lines. Still unable to connect to any exec. Call is dropped as soon as I select 1,2,3,7 to reach the exec on their priority hotline from my registered number Flipkart First.

  • Senthil Murugan

    Yes, I am interested. Let me know the cost to my mail ID senthilmurugan@msn.com

  • vinod

    I can send the order pics if anyone has a doubt

    • rcreddy2k10


      • rcreddy2k10

        Not sent why ?

  • Amos

    Privacy Policy ?

    [i am here to read comments]

  • Vijay Bhardwaj

    I logged in more than 2 hrs before sale. The moment sale started the message was “not registered” on refresh it said out of stock. I am pretty sure it is all staged to create fake scarcity & demand.

  • pawan

    i think, if flipkart has low quantity then they should decide from the lottery system to registration on first com first serve basis and inform to users also who subscribe. they should give chance to those customer first who register first in their website. not the joke like buy 29th after two pm or 5th aug.

  • Shilpa VoraDesai

    I dont think flipkart really had phones to sell.. they are just creating hype over their site.. I logged in at 10 and waited with the countdown to press buy now button.. but it gave me error message after error message.. terrible.. pathetic

  • rcreddy2k10

    or in cloud nine? Get down to earth and be sure you really booked.

  • DUBU


  • Amit

    For your kind info, whatever I have written is true. Why will I tell a lie? I don’t even shop from flipkart.. this was my firstever purchase. And those who doubt, send me ur IDs, I will send screenshot. Successful purchase was done at around 02:09 and screenshot timing in 2:11 pm and I was trying since sharp 2 pm.. kept on clicking retry…was logged in well 2 hours before.. I would suggest make a note of it.. may be it can help in ur next trial..

    • Dan

      Probably cos you are a flipkart employee or paid shill to post in forums like these?
      i sat in front of the countdown.. 5….4…3..2..1..
      click buy… clicked..
      OUT OF STOCK!!!
      no way anyone got to order…it was less than seconds for the entire drama to unfold..

      anyhow, goodbye flipkart..
      never again..

      • Amit

        DUBU- I am just another person like you. Not even purchased anything before.. But India is a great country.. now I understand how some people are defamed by uneducated people.. I don’t know who you are but you are really uneducated. I will have to say ‘Bye’ to discussion otherwise people like you are going to make me ‘fake’ as well..

      • Ghantaa

        totally true ,, Dan , as if this mother fucker was busy taking screenshots while placing the order

        • Amit

          hahaha.. thats the difference between DUBU and Amit.. the uneducated and educated.. u could not even book and I booked with screenshots!!! Long way to go Mr DUBU… Aur gaali dene me bhi aage nahi ja paayega agar mai apni pe aa gaya toh.. so learn to behave and how to write on social pages..

  • Parag

    Fraud. As soon as the countdown hit 00 sec, I made attempts to place orders. It failed from the Flipkart Mobile App, it also failed from the laptop browser. It showed Out of Stock from the first second itself. The first attempt got an error “Something went wrong, please retry” and I retried with the message “Out of Stock”. I tried from PC, from mobile app and every means. How can a few hundred thousand people complete transactions including payments so quickly? Either someone used automatic scripts, or the site is fraudulent, or traffic was diverted to another fake site. BTW, I am subscriber of Flipkart First, had pre-registered for phone soon after the Jul 22nd sale as I couldnt get it then too, and still couldnt get it this time. I am making calls for last 2:30 hours to their priority helpdesk from my FlipKart First registered phone, not a single time I am connected with their execs.

    Now their website is showing “Gone in 5 Seconds”

  • Amit

    Sent. Enjoy :)

    • rcreddy2k10

      Congrats.Seems the sale is not fake. if u don’t need sell it to me for 14000/-.Tks in adv.

    • Dan

      If you did get a hold of it.. good for you..
      and am sure you understand that you stand out as a sore thumb being the only one to be able to book, so the unpleasantries..
      nothing personal.. good luck!

      it still is a disgrace for India’s “Number 1!” online shopping site..

  • ghantaa

    fuck off you flipkart fan , jhooth bole kaaoowaa kaate

    • Kumar Patel

      Same with me also. I was also waiting for almost 1 hour before the sale begins and was counting the timer and i clicked the buy button within 2 sec and still got the message out of stock. This is really marking gimmick of showing the false image.

  • waiting for xiaomi

    Wrong News. I bought this device today at 2:10 pm . Initially it was showing the same error as many people have faced but later when i restarted the chrome it worked fine. i think flipkart gave the priority to those who have registered first. but SO NICE THAT I GOT IT

    • p

      when the error shown again and again, who will try as you.

  • p

    i click the link but find out of stock

  • Amit

    Me too in the 9th minute.. seems it actually booked only in some seconds of 9th minute..

  • Saurabh

    Will flipkart mind telling how many pieces they sold……..
    They are creating unnecessary hipe of a product.
    Launch it in market………no body will give a shit to it.

  • rahul

    Flipkart is pathetic company give it to amazon.

  • sohail

    Even I hit the buy button on 1st second but it shows out of stock flipkart is fooling people give to amazon.

  • p

    if flipkart has only 10000 piece then send the buy link to atleast 12000 pre registered users on first come first serve basis.

  • Shilpa VoraDesai

    its not possible.. the phone was sold out in seconds..

  • bdt

    i tried last week, did not get. I got it today, BDT

  • bdt

    I paid Rs. 90 extra for express delivery and will be delivered tomorrow. BDT

  • p

    chalo gisko mil gaya, ab next time wo to buy nahin karega. but dealars ka kya pata.

  • Varun

    The unethical behaviour (?) of flipkart is reflected, they failed to carry forward their tradition of trust, I never expected that they will respond me as “Unregistered” in spite of registering and cross checking my registration. Later at 2.02 the message, “out of stock”. I dont have any objection if the stock is sold, but how they can say unregistered, who is responsible to it? Is it justifiable to give wrong reply? Is it justifiable to continue that employee in Flipkart?

  • varun

    true….i was logged in from morning and i was on countdown , the moment buy now now appeared i clicked and it says out of stock…..so pathetic flipkart , you are from which place??

  • ravi

    hi guys.. going to get my mi3 on friday

  • Deepak

    I booked the phone today….yeahhhh. I would have shared my order confirmation screenshot but unfortunately does not have the option here to post pics.
    Hard luck that you could not make it, try on 5th.
    BTW I requested for next day delivery at additional INR. 90, will have the phone tmrw :)

  • ruchi tiwari

    I am not sure if anyone noticed it, but when i refreshed the Flipkart page at 1:47pm, it showed the phone as out of stock. How can it be out of stock before the sale started?

  • Nitin

    Well I am also another lucky who got the one of the Mi3. I just logged in @ 1355 and @ 1400, I got message that “We have encountered some problem to put the item in your cart. But we have saved a reserve for you. Please check your cart after 15 mins”
    I was not sure whether this is a joke or something else but finally when I checked after 15 mins. I can see the @xiaomiMI3 in my cart. I ordered it for next day delivery.

    • VJ

      I got one too. With the same message first, but 15min later item was in cart. Great to know I am one of the few lucky ones !

  • LS

    Flipkart mentioned that you will have to login at least 2-3 hours before the sale goes on and will be served on first cum first served basis. I think this time it was based on the the time of login. I managed to place my order (arriving tomorrow) with no hassle within the first few seconds. But I agree Flipkart needs to manage this better. Even if they get a container load of MI3, it will go in no time. Perhaps, it is the marketing strategy of Xiaomi of creating a hype; after all they are also known to be the Apple of China.

  • krishna

    yes i am interested are you located in mumbai call me on 09819697440

  • jamesisback

    Guys, my mobile was showing different count in timer and pc was showing different. so it seems that the timer was not in sync with the server.

  • jamesisback

    Dont be fool u guys..@ 19.5K u can buy MI4

  • GHantaa

    this site is compromised and a mouthpiece hahhaha scam and Hype of flipkart , deleting my comments , CHORKART

  • Siddharth

    I got the confirmation message from flipkart that my order has been placed,but in 30 mins or so, got another mail sayin my order got cancelled for no reason!!!! Ppl there are saying it was some ‘technical error’! Flipkart has let me down twice now…

  • Bhavsar Hardik

    totally agree with u……same happen with me..as buy now button seen..i click…it shows something going wrong… oopse..and on nxt scnd when i refreshed..it out of stock…

  • Packleader Kgp

    Ya. Why?

  • praveen

    The case is same with me also. I immediately opened a new page from my flipkart mail link and pressed buy now again same unregistered message. Third time it showed out of stock.

  • Dredd

    Flipkart is just creating hype for their product for publicity there is no way all the phone sold out in 5 seconds. Also Mi3 available on flipkart is nothing but a degraded version of the real one. Also one important thing is that if they are not able to fulfill the demand by customers who want to buy new phone then how can they are gonna provide service in their service centers which are not more than 20 I think. Conclusion is that Mi3 is nothing but a chinese crap which is going to be dumped in indian market.

  • abc

    tell me the results of phone after you getting this

    • Sakthi

      Got it delivered an hour back..looks and feel Awesome!!!

  • Tuhina Nath

    Hey I am Interested. email id tuhinanath@gmail.com

  • Rahul Trivedi

    i was able to order one i faced retry now error but was successful in ordering one

  • viv

    I did the count down and the moment its on sale and I pressed it ‘out of stock’ pooped out who ever has got must be using super fast broadband and if so the flipkart must cautions that ‘ only customer with super fast broadband can participate’ or else fooling the customer to jammed your website is the oldest tricks

  • Ashish Barathokey

    how do we log in ? Please tell me as tomorrow I have registered for 2 pm

  • saravana

    flipkart did the same thing with moto g and moto e by showing timer when the scale is going to start and they had a huge profit in scales with moto g and moto e.. so its is clear that flipkart will do the same thing for ‘mi3′ as well to hype there scales… if u wait for a while they will stop these timers and bring the casual scales which they r doing now for moto g and e… i am planning to buy ‘mi3′ and i am ready to wait for it… :)

  • Rajesh

    Is there any COD Option? Thinking to use it for faster processing.

  • rtr

    its not fake..earlier i thought same as i was failed 3 times..but trust me its nt fake..today i successfully place the order..if any1 want i can show u the proof..trust me its nt fake

  • Nitin Kikani

    flip cart is fraud with customer bakwas hai bhai ulluu bana te hai

  • rtr

    its nt fake i placed order today n it will deliverd to me on 19th..u jusr required huge amt of luck..i have proof i can prove it..

  • KT

    If anybody is willing to sell xiaomi mi 3, pls drop a mail at komrockz@gmail.com thnx

  • Manas Ranjan Sahoo

    This is a fake sell as we are unable to buy the same within 2 sec. This people are making fool to us….So please suggest the other alternatives to buy mi3

    • rtr

      no1 making fool..i placed the order…n if u want alternative of xiaomi go for asus zenphone 5..under 14000 range..

  • shafiullah chandan

    where to by Xiaomi M3 mobile…. plz telme

  • shafiullah chandan

    send web site…. details for Mi3 online purchase immediately…..

  • venkat

    wen was availble mi3 .im waiting for dis phone.

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