Xiaomi Mi3 SOLD OUT, as Flipkart crashes again!

As  Flipkart promised, Xiaomi went on yet another sale today on the e-commerce website. But as the users are aware from experiences, Flipkart crashed again. The last time when Xiaomi was on sale, Flipkart witnessed huge traffic and that resulted in crashing of the website. Xiaomi promised to resume the sale today, and as previously, the sale was concluded in a minute. Reportedly 15,000 units were there on sale today, and all were sold out like hot pancakes. Many of the customers complained and alleged this as a fake sale to increase the buzz of the device.

The remaining buyers will now have now to wait till August 12, 2014.

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Xiaomi Mi3, backed with high-end features is a hot favorite among tech-savvies. Launched at an affordable price of Rs. 13,999 Mi3 is boosted by 2.3 GHz Quad core processor and 2 GB RAM. Tagged as the fastest phone, Xiaomi Mi3 is touted as an arch rival of Nexus 5.

  • Guest

    Can you able to see your order in my order section of flipkart..

  • deepak

    as soon as the countdown ended, the message was displayed “out of stock”. This happened withing a fraction of a second. Looks like its all sham! Xiaomi really does not want to sell too many handsets at this price.

    • pp@pp.pp

      true me and so many friends of mine faced the same issues.. as i clicked on buy now Out of stock message displayed.
      its fake those who say they are able to buy

  • corrr

    15.000 not 1,500

  • ab

    It’s all fake….flipkart & xiaomi is fooling people…how can 15000 handsets is out of stock as soon as countdown ended. Not even a second….biggest e scam ever

  • IgotMine

    Author: it’s 15,000 and not 1,500. Get your facts right.
    Luckily I had ordered mine on 22nd July itself. I had whole 39 minutes to look, check, buy and pay..
    I don’t think this is a scam..thousands of people are probably online..and maybe once it’s placed in the cart, it’s termed as ‘sold’

  • Anonymous

    you should be able to pay now

  • Mi3 winner

    Guys, I posted same comment last week, that this sale is fake, but luckily I could get it this time. Its not fake, you just have to be smarter than the marketing guys around. I used multiple email addresses and asked my few close family membes to be ready at 2. and luckily it worked for one of them. Just imagine, 5 people clicking on “buy now ” at same time from one house, has more probability than 1.
    I got it !!yipee. will be delivered soon

    • kishore

      when we should enter address details and make payment

      • mi3 winner

        try to login on flipkart on another computer, and then you can proceed for payments. i chose COD

  • pp

    true me and so many friends of mine faced the same issues.. as i clicked on buy now Out of stock message displayed.

    its fake those who say they are able to buy.

    • Amit

      I have successfully ordered. It is not fake bro. Believe it. It was added in the cart and then after i have ordered.

    • mi3 winner

      u want one? 20k..

  • Narinder

    I got to too!

  • Amit

    I need this one
    please //.8407977229

    • Amit

      I actually need this..bcz its third time when i didnt got..

    • mi3 winner

      can u pay 20k

  • Harshal

    I got it today… :) clicked “buy now” at exactly 2 p.m. and I bought it via cash on delivery……

  • Harshal

    I also got the same message….but then I opened the flipkart app on my mobile and easily completed the transaction. In the app mi3 was already added to my cart

    • cd

      I am not able to see it in the app too.. don’t know what’s the problem.. the message still continues to show that the mobile has been purchased.. and when i view my cart, it’s empty..

  • kishroe

    After busy will it go to entering details or we need to fill detaila later and make payment.



    • mi3 winner


      • akoi

        Chutiya hai kya..17 k ka toh e bay mein milta hai. Ullu kahika..huh

  • Ray

    I bought 6 of them, not fake, im now selling them at 20K.. if you are interested in buying let me know.

    • mokesh

      I need one . .8015020707 ping me up

    • akoi

      Teri gaand mein dalo sarein ke sarein. I gonna complaint it to Mi India.

  • Aneesh

    Guys, I got it this time around. I was a party to abusing flipkart last time due to my unsuccessful attempt :D . However i got one today. Hurray!!

  • mi3 winner

    i got it today. coincidently, my wife also booked one more. so now I have one free.
    but I got this one after taking one day off from work, so I will be ready to sell this one in 20,000 Rupees, if anyone interested.

  • mi3 winner

    19,999/- last price

    • mi3 loser

      my dear frnd, i appreciate ur great effort in grabbing..Mi3 is available in olx for just 15000… ;-)

  • mi3 winner

    can u pay 20k?

  • mi3 winner

    u want one? 20k

  • mi3 winner

    20K. Anyone?

    • ab0mination

      Zimbabwe Dollars ? Sure

  • jittu

    i have extra one any one needed

    • pravendra

      i needed dis one.

  • amit

    bhai 14000..

  • akoi

    Naya hai toh 6 hazar jyada lena zaroori hai ..itni lalach acchi nahi hoti. sell it for 1500 or max 2000 Rs. Xiaomi world sells it for 18000k and with tax etc its 19000 rs …huh

  • happy

    I have ordered two ….. first come first serve..!

  • akoi

    Guys…dont guy by these buggers selling it for 20000k. Go to facebook page Xiaomi Mi India…its a fan made page where people sell Mi 3 as well for just 15500 or max 16000 Rs

  • amit

    Guys I think we should wait for ONE PLUS ONE …dont go for MI

  • amit

    please give your number ..msg me your number..8407977229

  • Jai

    Anyone in Hyderabad who has got an extra phone

    • youknowwho

      yeah, i got 2.
      but you need to come to futures first’s office to collect it, faggot !!

  • Bullu

    Can you mail to TN? I’ll pay for the delivery.

    • amit

      please give me your number..if u realy want to give..my number..8407977229

  • Extra

    I have extra phone, the first person to mail his/her address can get the phone from FK directly, mail is extra.mi3@outlook.com. Its COD , so you pay and take it.

    Address should be sent within 30 minutes

    • amit

      atripathi37@gmail.com..or call me 8407977229

      • Extra

        I already gave my email adress, y do u want me to call…… im not asking extra money…… im saying pay and take it from FK directly…..

        • Extra


    • anand singh

      i send you a mail , please see this and send me

  • Extra

    No one intrested in getting it for 14k? from FK…… strange….. i will wait for another 30 minutes and then cancel the extra order.

    • amit

      have already mailed you

  • mhs

    I have one flipkart a/c with mi3 added to the kart.

    Will sell the flipkart a/c for 1000 bucks.

    anyone interested ?

    • bkd

      ok. Hw does this work?

  • Abbilash Jagannath

    Guys,i hav an extra mi3..will be getting later by evenin..anyone in need????pune ppl ??email me to abbilash24@gmail.com.

  • Abbilash Jagannath

    I hav one extra mi3..
    im in pune..contact to the below email

  • bkd

    anyone whos got an extra set and willing to sell in bangalore?

  • bkd

    i am in bangalore. Is it still available?

  • Mission Impossible 3

    does anyone have a phone in their cart still ready to sell.. ping me?

  • amit

    Thanks :)

  • mi3 winner

    bhai. lalach ho gya tha. Ok i will sell it for 17000. Wanna buy?

  • mi3 winner

    Mi3 selling in 17k INR. Will receive today. Anyone in?

  • Jai

    Hi Ashok,

    Do you still have the extra pieces.

  • Jai


    Do you still have the extra piece,if yes let me know on 9885454866

  • Yogendra

    Any one wanna my undeliverd mi3 else going to cancel today my price 16K
    contact me on intexyuva@gmail.com

  • mi3 winner

    then why u are on this blog. get lost

  • mi3 winner

    give me ir contact

  • mi3 winner

    Guys selling mine now in 17k. Still undelivered.!! Anyone in?

  • Sarath

    Got an extra Mi3(not unboxed).. :)

  • mi3 winner

    I got one mi3 today, anyone wants?

  • Gwen

    I need it

  • Guest

    First time I am seeing GSM with a very pale review, it looks like GSM was prepared to give this phone only a single penny….I am damn sure that camera would perform better than what GSM states, by looking at the photos I can simply say that they were lazy to use the camera! the types of clicks are inappropriate to test a phone’s camera, mind it, it is not a DSLR…..I was expecting a close up click to reveal all the details which they normally do it……

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