Xiaomi Mi3: Round four sale over in nano seconds on Flipkart; next sale on August 19

The round four sale of the high in demand Xiaomi Mi3 sale on e-retailer Flipkart on Tuesday was over in no time. The first three rounds of the sale too received an overwhelming response so much so that the makers had to accept that they were not prepared for the kind of response.

For the August 12 sale a total of 150,000 members were registered to buy the phone which is known for its high end features, although only 20,000 phones are available. The sale is based on first come first served basis and a person is allowed to buy only one phone at a time. Registration for the next sale will open on August 12 at 6 pm.

The blink and miss sale left many potential customers disappointed and they argued that Flipkart was taking for a ride. How can the sale be over in seconds? Customers argued as they were able to order even after five minutes from the start of the sale. Innumerable customers were unable to place their order as Flipkart displayed ‘Out of stock’ each time they tried to add their product to the cart. Some said they successfully placed the order by instantly clicking on ‘Add to cart’ option.

If you missed out in the fourth round, check Flipkart for the next round of sale and register.

  • mi3 winner
  • mi3 winner

    Got one extra one. Mail me at dipindhingra83@gmail.com

  • sahil

    I would like to buy that. Provide me your contact details.

  • maximus

    I have one extra mobile which is added to my friend’s cart. I am happy to give this one with few extra money. email.maximus.coool@gmail.com

  • Sanchit Dixit

    Hey i Want that Please…. Do me a favor …..

    Mailing you … from … sanchit.dixit68@gmail.com

  • Reetwik Roy

    Hey bro I’m interested…. Tell me how?

  • hitt

    I added one extra mobile to my cart of second id . I am happy to give this one with few extra money. anyone interested contact me nigam.hitesh07@gmail.com rupees:15500/

  • Sanchit Dixit

    hey i want one

  • sssss

    selling my two week old mi3 at 14k bought in first stock……if anyone interested contact me

    • mi3 winner

      Why are u selling’?

  • Manish

    i also got one :)

  • VJ asp

    Mi3 ordered successfully today …!!
    one hint.. i just refreshed the sales page around 1:55 pm ,just to make the counter sync with server time, thn clicked soon after it shown “buy” button…

    i failed to purchase this phone last two time when sale openned.. but this time im lucky to order one with SBI cashback offer too.. :)

    • SB

      Congrats!!…I also managed to get one but not able to make the payment using sbi card. Sbi gateway failed for me :(
      Finally paid using other card.

  • andy

    if anyone interested in buying xiomi i have it in my cart …@15000…
    let me know if you wish to order from my cart
    my number 9975611314

    • Reetwik Roy

      Hey man I’m interested….

  • mi3 winner


  • Reetwik Roy

    How much extra?

  • Reetwik Roy

    Oh…. I’m from kolkata

    • mi3 winner

      in Kolkata 17k

  • Cordan

    All gone if few seconds!! Did they ask you to fill in your shipping address at all?

  • Cordan

    Just creating hype!!

  • mi3 winner

    rightly said!!!

    • MH3

      sale off your mother…you might get some money dude!! that’s business too for some!

      • reseller

        nice kind of business you are doing MH3 :) keep it up

        • MH3

          Well posting comments using different IDs don’t make you smart enough! Don’t fraud real buyers if you want your a$$ saved!

      • Anonymus

        Have you born from your mother MH3 ?

      • mi3 winner

        Disgusting!!! is the word for your mental state MH3. How can you even write such a thing? Just got frustrated with failed attempt to buy this phone and you can write anything? Give me your home number, I will tell YOUR mother what her son talks about other mothers. A$$hole!! pray to god to give you good thoughts, you looser!

        • MH3

          A$$h0Le! selling some over hyped product to some foolish buyers isn’t legal on some random forum (you may use some classified like olxm quickr etc) do you know that? And fuKKar frouding novice online buyers for thousand bucks (actually its 15k since you ain’t gonna provide any phone) is as cheap as selling your mother! You better concentrate over that!
          I know my respect and dontt want to earn few extra bucks in any method which is not my profession!

          • mi3 winner

            Go get some life!! or come to me, I will give you death!! M*t*er Fuc*er

          • MH3

            That’s the last note from a looser! LOL’
            By the way did you find any fool yet from this forum? xD

          • Edugaspar

            u sound like some car no
            dude have some life
            if u didn’t get the product then try eBay
            and BTW ppl who have registered first for 22 July sale has got special priority and so the others might have lesser chances

          • mi3 winner

            LOL…car number. hahah MH3 hahaha

          • mi3 winner

            you are the biggest fool, idiot!! you looser failed to buy and now poking your frustration on all
            Buzz off!

  • Sanchit Dixit

    Bro Batao Aap … mere chhote bhai ko0 dena hai…. aur dost aap Jaldi se feed karo….
    If you want some extra bucks then it can be made throw… Kindly let me Know….

  • CNU

    lol plz tell me you guys are not bidding

    • Puneet Ghai

      am about to declare a bid though… :3

  • mi3 winner

    even i am selling mine. no fault. just personal opinion

  • hitt

    I added one extra mobile to my cart of second id . I am happy to give this one with few extra money. anyone interested contact me nigam.hitesh07@gmail.com rupees:15500/

  • guest

    I bought two phones.. ( simultaneously using different login ids on different computers) and my transactions were successful. The key here is to have a real strong internet service and to click on the ‘buy’ option the moment it is available. If you delay by even a few seconds you will loose the opportunity. i had both my screens on the MI3 page open for atleast an hour before the phones went on sale.

  • mi3 winner

    //Mi3// 2 days old// Unused// Upacked// Selling at 16000// dipindhingra83@gmail.com

  • nishant

    i have a mi 3 ..if you want then contact me at


  • guest

    i opted for paying extra 90Rs. a piece. getting my phones delivered tomorrow.. yes.!!!

  • Rockstar

    I have an extra piece in my cart. mail me @virgoankit09@gmail.com

    • Reetwik Roy

      I’m interested…….

      • GURU

        Hi Roy, I am also having MI3 on my cart. If you want it @15000 Pls contact me. I will send to your address by COD through flipkart and u just give e-Gift Voucher of flipkart for 1k. ping me in gurukant143@gmail.com

        • AR

          If you had already WTF is you doing. Just spoiling other’s chances of getting the mobile??

          • MH3

            Well, FYI those all co called salers are froud and one person using different ID and scamming here over fool buyers! None’s going to have a phone after they transfer money to the saler’s account!!

          • Sanchit Dixit

            yes you are true….. but we can use it if they provide C-O-D

          • MH3

            How exactly an INDIVIDUAL can provide COD? Make some sense!

          • Sanchit Dixit

            I meant that Flipkart will provide C-O-d man …. Why some people like you think that Others are Wrong always and have judgemental feeling about others…. common sense is better….

          • Sanchit Dixit

            and Bro I’m interested In Mi3 not anything else… Is there is someone who can provide me and I’ll give him Premium for that

          • MH3

            WHY and HOW someone will provide you the product which is exclusively available on particular online retailer and have million of users looking for the phone. What i said is all are here claiming as a phone saler are FAKE and FROUD. You ain’t get a way to get your money back if they cheat and you can’t lodge a complain of cheating to Consumer court as they are not registered saler and neither you have any agreement of pruchase. So beware of wasting money to those cheap frouds!

          • Sanchit Dixit

            NOPE … Bro thankyou Very much for Clarifying me …. But I’m Not asking to buy from used or Received phone…. I meant That PHONE if added to Cart by someone and NOT grabbing the Opportunity to Buy That…. Then if he can provide me the kart … I’ll Give him the Premium as Profit Margin……

          • MH3

            I still believe waitinf for next few week would be a better practice. :)

  • Rockstar

    drop me a msg on 9766 072 807

  • Ankit

    offered @ 15,000 mail me @ fxankit@outlook.com…. Be quick

    • Reetwik Roy

      Where are you from?

      • Ankit

        Bangalore….if u want it will be delivered at your address CoD

        • Reetwik Roy

          How much?

        • Reetwik Roy

          For 14k?

        • Vignesh VA

          I’m from bangalore. only if the box is sealed i’ll think of buying. give me your number.

          • Ashish

            Please drop a mail. Will revert with number. Sealed Flipkart packaging.

  • guest

    I have got one today. If any one wanna this then contact me at ravishblue@gmail.com.
    The final price will be 18K.

    • Rajan SIngh

      I am interested.

  • Asif Khan

    am intrested

  • Kumar

    Hi All, I am also having MI3 on my cart. If you want it @15000 Pls contact me.

    • DSK

      I am interested, sms me at 9029007848

    • Ashish0202

      Hi i want to buy it pls ping on 09828064475

  • GURU

    I have one in my cart…If anyone interested in buying in Mumbai for Rs.15000/-…..Only genuine buyers

    • Asif Khan

      im from hyderabad . i want it. give me ur number

      • GURU

        will send to your address by COD through flipkart and u just gift e-Gift Voucher of flipkart for 1k. ping me if interested.

        • pjr

          i am interested

  • Paji

    New Xiaomi Mi3 Packed Piece from Flipkart, Rs 18,000 cash and carry Mumbai e-mail pamals@rediffmail.com, just two left

    • Pinto

      I wd like to purchase if cash and cary only as i got cheated before lost my Rs 15000

  • NK

    I have extra mobile Mi3 lying on the cart.If anybody interested for Rs.15000 please contact suvjosan@gmail.com till 10 PM tomorrow.

  • akar

    Hey I’ve extra phone in my cart. If anyone is interested email me at akar14011991@gmail.com

  • akar

    reply asap

  • ak

    Hi guys

    No need to login before hours. I logged in just 5 mins before 2:00 PM and got one. You have to click the buy button as soon as the timer ends. Thats it. Faster net connection ll help.
    Cheers :)

  • GURU

    Hi All, I am also having MI3 on my cart. If you want it @15000 Pls contact me

  • Mukesh

    Hi bro, m interested…

  • aviral

    i hve got one extra!
    ppl intrstd whataap me
    price 17k
    3k for my hardwork :D

  • Narayanan

    mate been trying since the first sale! :P
    narayanan.n010@gmail.com / 9953607501..get in touch if you still have it! ;)

  • GURU

    I am also having MI3 on my cart. If you want it @15000 Pls contact me. I
    will send to your address by COD through flipkart and u just give e-Gift Voucher of flipkart for 1k. ping me in gurukant143@gmail.com if interested.

  • Narayanan

    willing to buy, 9953607501..ping me..

  • akar

    Still no buyer??

  • vikas chauhan

    Brand new xiaomi mi3 mobile. Seal packed with bill and all accessories. Order date 12 August 2014. Rs. 15000/- Fixed price. Contact Vikaschauhan1234567@gmail.com..Delhi Only.

  • manoj

    I have also a mobile in my cart, I want to sell just 500/- Premium, contact me mkmundhra@gmail.com

  • vikas chauhan

    Brand new xiaomi mi3 mobile. Seal packed with bill and all accessories. Order date 12 August 2014. Rs. 15000/- Fixed price. Contact 9717002342 Delhi Only

    • vikas chauhan

      Brand new xiaomi mi3 mobile. Seal packed with bill and all accessories. Order date 12 August 2014. Rs. 15000/- Fixed price. Contact 9717002342 Delhi Only

      • sam

        will u ship it to mumbai.. il give u 16k

      • james

        Is the offer still open?

  • r,rajkumar

    f**k u flipkart

  • chandrappa

    Flipkart has not matured enough to handle such a huge customer. simply it wants to maintain hype rather than gentle service. If Flipkart is profettttional, let them take 2lak(may be 5lak) register and start providing devices. they should not do any register untill they provide devices for 2 lak customers. Instead they are making DRAMA to maintain HYPE.

  • prashanth kumar

    xiaomi in flipkart cart @17000,,,,contact prashanthd1205@gmail.com

  • Mh3

    wow! such a smart a$$! and unfortunate this a$$h0le too received some responce from tht guy Narayanan!!!

  • MH3

    Just a note to the fools willing to buy the phone from some CHEATERS over here for few extra bucks! You ain’t gonna have the phone, I did lodge complaint to Flipkart and MI admin as well, they claimed this is illegal and the 2nd buyers will not have the warrenty and post-sale service!

    Another warn, all those salers are big time frouds/scammers, so don’t expect a phone in case if you ‘re trusting those cheats!

  • Rhaveen


  • jayaram

    sale is true.i have placed as as soon the seconds part in timer is zero..

  • Sayan Brahma

    Hey Guys Listen Up,

    The next flash sale might bring some luck..!! Trust Me..!! It’s damn simple to get hands on the most POWERFUL BEAST on planet (Keeping the Price Bracket in mind) – The ‘Xiaomi #Mi3′

    Ground Rules: -

    1. No need to be hyper & also there is no need to log on to Flipkart 2 hours prior sale. (Don’t spoil your good sleep)

    2. Just simply log on to Flipkart from your PC/LAPTOP/MACBOOK by 1.20-1.30pm on the sale day.

    3. Do not forget to download couple of browsers in advance (Mozilla, Opera, Chrome are few great options avl)

    4. Register yourself with different ID’s on Flipkart before the registration closes.

    5. Log in (One ID per Browser) & cascade all of them onto your screen so that you can see the auto timer without any issues.

    6. 200% chances are there that you’ll be able to find few seconds lag one over the another timer, hence it’s always advisable to keep refreshing the browser, which shows you the utmost latency.

    7. Also you should keep refreshing all the browser after each min/alternate mins atleast.

    8. Just 2 mins before the sale begins, kindly observe which timer is running fast & keep refreshing the same on a repeated note!

    9. Again 100% chances are there that the other browsers might pick up pace & this is gonna be the absolute moment; that you should not waste time behind refreshing, just close all other browsers & continue with the fastest one.

    10. As soon as the clock ticks 00.01, keep your mouse ready & hit it on the ‘BUY NOW’ tab.

    11. Be rest assured that you’re gonna nailed it, if you have a decent amount of internet speed in your locality.

    12. Now as soon as you see ‘CONGRATULATION’on your screen, please do not click anywhere, just let the portal takes its own time.

    13. Also as soon as #Mi3 shows in your CART, request you not to hurry for any reason, just take your own time & click on ‘Place the Order’ tab after 5-10 mins, so that the initial amount of traffic can be dispersed & you can shop quite ‘AARAM SE’!! :)

    14. Meanwhile if it shows any ‘INTERNAL ERROR’ at any point, don’t you worry, cause your brand new #Mi3 is already added to the Cart. So, just Relax & take a big chill pill or, probably you can pat your back for winning such a high end battle.


    Twice, I’ve booked #Mi3 on the very first go itself (First One: 5th Aug & Second One: 12th Aug) and did not face any issues at all, also there were no such blocks/issues on their giant infrastructure.

    Neither I used any Flipkart app for God sake (a Myth indeed), nor I’ve opted for COD option. Debit Card payment is the safest one, as the chances of getting your order cancelled is very rare.

    So, Good Luck & Happy Shopping!! :) :) CHEERS :)

  • Sayan Brahma


    Guys am not a Flipkart servant or a fake promoter, however I can only tell you that #Mi3 FLASH SALE is truly genuine & the online mega store is not promoting/conducting any such scams herein.
    As per my views are concerned, I think the chances of nailing the upcoming Flash Sales are very high, as Xiaomi is slowly & gradually increasing their supply from 10000 – 15000 – 20000 – & So On.

    So, the only thing required here is ‘LEVEL OF PATIENCE’..

    Also here is an exception, the SUPPLY can not ever match the Current DEMAND level, as #Mi3 is truly a premium product at an affordable range! Understand that part too!!

    Cheers :)

  • Ankit

    anyone in Bangalore want it for 16k (fixed price), then contact. Payment only after getting sealed pack. Need to collect from MG Road.

  • Ankit

    anyone in Bangalore want it for 17k (fixed price), then contact fxankit@outlook.com.
    Payment only after getting sealed pack. Need to collect from MG Road.

  • First time lucky

    I got lucky on the first attempt today. This will be my first Android phone. Hoping for a nice start!!
    However the selling strategy of Xiaomi / Flipkart has to change. Perhaps they should bring a computerized lottery system or Fisrt in First Served based on registration which will give a little more respect to the buyer. Flash sales for more than four weeks is too much.

  • Aayushii Ghosh

    Lol… I got through… Can’t wait for the delivery! :D

    • Sanchit Dixit

      hate u

  • sagar konnur

    i m really lucky to be able to buy the phone in my first chance itself, i guess i m fortunate enough !!!!

  • KT

    Is anybody willing to sell xiaomi mi3?? please drop a mail at komrockz@yahoo.co.in. Thnx

  • Sanu

    Mi3 for sale…ordered today…banglore only…please make offers

    • kr

      Since its a second hand can you give me a discount? From bangalore.

  • Ankit

    Received brand new mi3 packed in flipkart box.. Any1 from Bangalore want it ..plz mail. fxankit@outlook.com

  • Amit

    hey guys!!!

    I had ordered the mobile in 12 Aug Sale and made payment on same day, but the mobile yet not shipped by Flipkart!!!

    Please tell me are your mobiles shipped???

  • sriraj varada

    I have new Mi3 for Sale, direct shipping from flip kart. Any one intrested?

  • ravishblue

    Will ship to Any where India.

  • Ankit Garg

    Hi.. I have a mi3 piece. seal packed.. even flipkart packing is not opened. let me know if anyone is interested.


  • Ankit

    i have a brand new seal packed mi3. even flipkart packed in not opened.
    let me know in case anyone is interested. :)

  • B’lore

    Hi All, I have 2 Mi3.. any one intrested??? Location: B’lore

  • xiomi

    Having mi3 in my cart…anyone interested kindly mail at grabxiomi@Gmail.com… Hurry up…dated
    8 October 2014

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