Xiaomi Mi 3 sale: Will Flipkart crash again?

Xiaomi is all set for a sale again on Flipkart! The phone has created a huge buzz after its launch in India. After the webstore giant crashed all three times when they organized a sale for Xiaomi Mi3, customers were quite unhappy with the responses. At the last sale, Flipkart crashed and later claimed that their entire stock of was sold out in 60 seconds.

However, the website is all set for a new grand sale which will start at 2 pm today with some tips for the customers. Home page of Flipkart suggests that people wishing to buy the phone should be logged in to their site 2-3 hours before the sale actually begins. The registration for the sale has now been closed which will allow only the registered members to try their luck to get the ‘Dragon in your pocket’.

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Until now, a total of 150, 000 members have been registered to buy the phone which is known for its high end features, although only 20, 000 phones are available. The sale is based on first come first served basis and a person is allowed to buy only one phone at a time. The next sale is organised the same day, August 12 at 6 pm.

With time ticking away and the first sale of Xiaomi ending in 5 seconds, Xiaomi lovers are surely going to have their luck tested.

  • vittalroy kamath

    I Could finally book my Mi3 today!!!

    • Sudhakara

      Any smart way to follow?

      • vittalroy kamath

        I used chrome browser and once the timer was below 1 min i kept refreshing the page every 10 seconds

      • Guest

        ed chrome browser and once the timer was below 1 min i kept refreshing the page every 10 seconds

    • varun bekal

      Damn!! I couldn’t make it this time either.. I badly need this phone and if you interested i can offer u 2k more, can u change shipping address to mine ??@vittalroykamath:disqus …

      • vittalroy kamath

        Sure bro.. how can i contact u?

      • prabu

        If u need it madly I could help u. Call me 9789127262 immed else then I cant help

  • JayMankind

    It is very much possible. The web server queues requests and as soon as the offer opens, the queued requests are processed. Once the limit is reached, it closes the offer. This could happen in milliseconds. The real problem is, the stocks are too small. 15000 and 20000 phones are nothing for India’s market size. Why should Flipkart ruin their reputation by making it a farce? It is not like they are making thousands of crores out of this. Their margin is quite slim.

  • rtrrr

    its not fake..earlier i thought same as i was failed 3 times..but trust me its nt fake..today i successfully place the order..if any1 want i can show u the proof..its nt fake..

  • Ankit Agarwal

    I got 1 in each round. wanna buy? contact: ankitbgm@gmail.com. price: 16k. Non negotiable

  • KT

    is anybody willing to sell xiaomi mi 3?!??? Pls drop a mail at komrockz@gmail.com thnx

  • Ankit Agarwal

    i have 1 extra. ready to crack a deal. contact ankitbgm@gmail.com

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