Why Comedy Nights With Kapil sucks

Comedy Nights


Kapil Sharma was hilarious in all the version Comedy Circus that he was a part of and to no surprise was the driving force behind the success of the show mainly due to his improvisation on mistakes to still make a hilarious scene.

His fame reached such heights that a channel offered him a show with his name as the title which has also become so popular that celebrities are dying to get on the show to plug their films. Why is the show so popular despite Kapil becoming a sellout with crappy humour as compared to the continous string of ROFL jokes in Comedy Circus?

The Indian audience can’t be blamed – for anything, from loving movies like Gangs of Wasseypur (Part 1 and 2) and Dhoom: 3 to watching the mindless, scripted show like Bigg Boss (whatever number of season is going on right now), the Indian audience doesn’t need good scripts or logic to make something a commercial success. This makes the job very tough for producers and ‘creative directors’ to feel the pulse of the zombies who watch TV.

Films like Kahaani will work but by no way will it make 300+ crore rupees like Dhoom: 3 despite being a better film in every sense.

Is it the Navjot Singh factor who started the trending of never stopping talking while laughing uncontrollably from a second before the punch of the joke comes. His laughing is like the athlete who always starts running a second before the race begins.

Is it the audience who are clearly rejects from Aap Ki Adalat, they are such mindless people who are handpicked by a special team of researchers so that they are sure to make fools of themselves whether it is while talking to Kapil or the guest of the show.

Is it the support cast? Guthi was probably the best thing to watch out for on the show with her versatile acting and by Guthi we mean the old Guthi played by Sunil Grover but the makers of the show managed to get rid of her somehow. Daadi played by Ali Asgar does bring a great amount of comic appeal at times but has started getting monotonous with his/her drunk scenes. Sumona is as useless as she was in Comedy Circus. She is a liability and a dead weight that Kapil has always been carrying for unknown reasons mostly related to what happens before and after the show.

Upasana Singh also had a very novel charm playing the spinster but she also starts to bore you with her same plot of acting episode after episode. The other supporting cast is like an Indian made pistol, you never know when it may fire accurately with most of the time you ending up unintentionally burning your own hand.

The Kapil Sharma produced show seems to be topping the ratings but when will the comedy that made Kapil famous return?

  • Em Kak

    I don’t see what point you are trying to make. I mean Kapil Sharma is a good comedian, has an impeccable comic timing but is not the greatest. I mean people like Jaspal Bhatti, Johnny Lever etc who could create humor out of any situation are often given much less credit than what they actually deserve. Kapil is backed by tremendous marketing and Social Media backing which catapulted him to the zenith, but I thnk he is over-hyped!

    • Manish Rathore

      Where has the writer mentioned that Kapil is the greatest? He is simply pointing out how he has become more successful but lost the reason for his success.

      • Em Kak

        the lesser said about the writer the better it is. He has problems with Kahaani not hitting a 300 crore but for me Kahaani had had one of the most stupid climax ever! I

        • Manish Rathore

          This shows you must be one of those fools who are ‘paid’ to get trolled on the show. Loved Dhoom: 3 did you for the story?

          • Em Kak

            I didn’t say anything about Dhoom 3. I haven’t watched it and don’t want to. Same goes for Chennai Express, that’s not the point. The point is CNWK and Kapil Sharma are not the biggest things in the Indian Comedy Arena and Kapil Sharma is talented but not great bcoz almost every other comedian can do comedy by insulting, trolling, mimicking. Kapil just happened to be lucky to get his own show to do it……….backed by some fierce marketing strategies!!!!!!

          • Manish Rathore

            I am sure there are talented comedians who still haven’t been able to come to the limelight due to the lack of the right stage but that is beside the point of the article. The article is about how a great comedian is concentrating more on the packaging rather than on the product.

          • Em Kak

            and I am not from Mumbai so your assumption that I also get paid to get trolled is is quite amusing for me! I m actually surprised u didn’t know that live audiences get paid

          • Manish Rathore

            You are not from Mumbai but you assume that the entire audience is paid? Really man, the Indian audience is pretty dumb and is ok with being insulted also as long as they are on TV

          • arvind

            comedians insult audience everywhere … even in your beloved western world …

      • Em Kak

        moreover one of the biggest high point of CNWK is the interaction of Kapil and the Guest with the live audience which even if they are “mindless” is hilarious.Plus the live audience get paid for that and get trolled out of their own free will!!!

  • Ms. Dilemma

    The show is over-hyped, celebrities obviously pick it coz it has the highest no. of TRP. Kapil has more of sarcasm than healthy humor. Not to forget, Dadi i.e. Ali Asgar is a disappointment. Gutthi, yes sometimes was funny but not hilarious. The whole point of Comedy is to ROFL or atleast LOL.

  • ajay

    people who are criticising this show sucks…….

  • tinkertoy

    We never ever watched kapil’s solo show. His humor is insensitive, rude and offensive at times. The general public however, adores him it seems. Anything that has kapil sharma in it is sure to be a hit, regardless of the content. Sometimes I think people just laugh at whatever he babbles, even if it is a burp.

    Comedy circus was good in the sense that there were other performers in it, so there was variety. And what is this obsession with males dressing up as females??? In western counteries they are called cross-dressers and well in India, we have eunuchs who cross dress. Come on people.. that cannot be funny!

    • arvind

      what about russel peters ? i bet you think he is funny ….

  • ashar

    2 words for u rishabh chakravorty…

    FUCK OFF…!!

    nd plz find oder ways of gaining publicity instead of writing crap abt someone..
    go get a lyf..

    • Rishabh Chakravorty

      Instead of bitching about the article, why not pro e your point rather than repeat the two words what people keep saying to you when you keep mouthing off.
      You think this is a publicity stunt, you are so naive my friend.
      Get back when you finally roll out from the rock you are living under and check out publicity and take your own suggestion and

      Thanks for writing.

      • New Age

        That was probably Kapil Sharma posting as ashar. You really hurt his feelings. Hey stop it! Most of India finds his stuff funnier than before – that makes him “more” funny! He is never coming back to the truly funny stuff you find funny because he is making more money off of the new funny than the old funny. you’re my pumpkin pumpkin hello honey bunny honey bunny.

  • Manish Sharma

    WTF is this Rishab Chak..to write some nonsense article on CNWK???…this show rocks, may be u dont hav any idea that how much it is difficult for a person to make someone laugh on every single punch..this guy Kapil is doing it and he is making audiences laugh..he has reached the hights where no comedian has ever reached..plus it is good for other comedians getting to know that they can also reach the heights of stardom..otherwise comedians were counted as just some small potatoes of the industry and if u think that Sunil(Guthi) is better than any other actors in the show then u must know where Guthi has landed now..if u dont have any idea where Guthi is than just fallow these two show’s(CNWK and Guthi’s Mad in India) official vdos on youtube and take a look at the numbers of viewers they have..you will find out who’s best..and plz dont tell us that they pay to followers of you as well..you are lucky that u have an opportunity to write and publish..make it worth it..before u publish try to ask some of close ones to look at it..may be you will find that it’s only ur view..may be ur way of thinking doesn’t match with others..think before u write something and write it genuinely..CNWK rocks..:):)

    • shailesh tripathi

      i agree with u manish,kapil deserve to be star becaosuse he has that quality, jis me koi gun nahi hota wo dusro ko bhi avgun hi manta ahi

  • Mike

    I think “Comedy Circus” is much better name than the Comedy with Kapil because there is no any humor one enjoy and laugh instead audience still laughing means its a real comedy circus that make people laugh without comedy.India has a lot of Talented comedian so why they found only this faked comedian ???

    • shailesh tripathi

      dear mike ,the jokes in comedy circus ar so idiotic and vulger that u cant watch that show with family,

  • harry

    dude kahani was a small budget release with fewer screens. so it is not even possible to earn 300cr.. but still it was the biggest sucess of 2012. and if the audiences are zombies then you probably are some asshole.

    • arvind

      what is bad about gangs of wasseypur ?

  • rohiiijeee

    who is this author?…maan hes some literary skank ….how is gangs of wasseypur crappy to you?…jeez you must be some bengali with a serious complex…that explains why you rate kahani so high….total nonsense of an article,,,,,atleast mask your crappy regional and language biased opinions somehow

  • Jaydeep Singh Matharu

    I have to be honest, I totally agree with this article. The show is over-hyped, and it is especially showing now. Our whole family started watching Kapil when he was on Comedy Circus, and thought that he was the funniest comedian on that show. While we had some liking to the other comedians, we watched that show just for Kapil. His improv was amazing to say the least. I think the issue with this show also has to do with the writers. The writers on Comedy Circus was much better than the writers on Comedy Nights with Kapil. At this point, none of the cast members are funny anymore because they have nothing to work off of. Although there are some castingsthat are not great (I’m not a big fan of Ali Asgar), they are not at fault as they have no new material to work off of.

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