Watch: Arnab Goswami is always right

Arnab TVF

As if the torture of interviewing Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi was not enough which pissed off Adolf Hitler too, we now have another video on Arnab Goswami and his daily show. The panelists include representatives from three political parties and if your current affairs is updated on a regular basis you will identify who they are.

With Arnab Goswami tweets taking Twitter by storm, the video shows the treatment panelists get on Goswami’s show where he imposes his views on the panelists and presents his personal views as a question to fool the viewers.

The issue under discussion is if the Bollywood Aam Aadmi Party will be able to fulfill its promises. The anchor and the panelists slug it out in a verbal shouting match where the anarchy of the anchor and his imposing ideas gives no chance to sane and logical comments where as people with vague ideas are indulged in pointless debates like it happens almost every night 9 pm onwards.

Somehow it all matches in the scheme of things, be it Arvind Kejriwal’s dharna on every other issue or Rahul Gandhi’s interview, which ironically gave him the most amount of fame for all the wrong reasons.

Poor Uday Chopra becomes the punching bag again. But if you watch carefully you will understand who is the politician at the receiving end.

Watch the hilarious video on the pathetic situation India faces today.

  • qaiser

    arnabgoswam is looks likei rss bjp spoksksman rather than an anchor.he always favors bjp rss ideology and gives them enough chances shame on arnab be independwnt journalist

  • mimi

    how have Arnab tortured Rahul Gandhi..he was just asking simple and direct question to him that too very politely…

  • shiva

    it seems it has been posted by some congressman…

    • howler_of_a_judgement

      jeez…BJP and theyre conspiracy theories and their sister raping habbits, and theyre black money overseas and theyre religious bigotism……..fukkin faggots

  • Dr.Ajaya kumar Nanda

    Sorry to say the way the discussons shown in the VDO clip is beyond the sanity human norms.If everyone is garrulous,iI think the basic facts are to slip out and thre would be no point in observing such very good scenes.This points towards seer wastage of time and vison.

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