Rahul Gandhi’s interview with Arnab Goswami: The best tweets and jokes

Yesterday, Rahul Gandhi came face to face with any politician’s biggest threat – Arnab Goswami and gave perhaps the most hilarious political interview of all time. Here are some people’s tweets after watching Rahul Gandhi mouth the words ‘process change’, ‘RTI’, ‘Candidate Selection’ and ‘Women Empowerment’ again and again:












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  • dr.deb

    stop thinking of creating new system, first try to follow the existing one sincerely

  • RamaKrishna Mandapaka

    Rahul, when you criticize the system and talk about changing it, how much of a blame would you accept on behalf of Congress party, for making such a closed system…as Congress was in power for most of the time and is responsible for the systems that we now have….

    • Buddu

      He was not actively involved with Congress, when the system was being made. Next Question ;)

    • r gandi

      we have established the RTI ;)

  • BhejaFryVideos

    More Hilarious than Real one

  • dr b k mishra

    this interview has revealed the hollowness of congress vis a vis the bharatiya janata party.hope the amm admi of the country is watching.

    • Kalpesh

      I’d rather support the inexperienced AAP than vote for RG.

  • Wishesh EMedia

    Walk the Talk…..After #Rahul, it’s time for #Modi to face Arnab Goswami – will he? ……http://www.wishesh.com/top-stories/33491-after-rahul-its-time-for-modi-to-face-arnab-goswami-will-he.html

    Rahul Gandhi, the young Congress vice-president not only shushed some
    of his detractors by giving his first television interview….

    • Soumya

      shushed ?? He left them laughin and rollin on the floor !!!

  • Hegde

    One reason I am grateful to Rahul is that he is effectively ending the dynastic rule in india

    • pabby

      Very well said. Rahul may be the last fake Gandhi to grace Indian politics.

  • neetu

    Oh God such a big Buddhu. How can he even think of ruling the Nation when his own fundas r not clear and i feel pity on elderly congress leaders who says very proudly that they would love to work under Rahul Baba

    • pv

      All the congressmen and MMS know something about rahul gandhi and his great leadership abilities that none else in the country is able to see or even imagine. Great going Congress!

  • Priyank Shah

    Feku now selling Tamatar in


  • Priyank Shah

    Feku selling bhindi’s in Europe


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