Perseid meteor shower after Supermoon will be visible, difficult to distinguish

Perseid meteor shower will be seen the brightest right before dawn on August 11, 12 and 13. Despite choosing the pre-dawn hours to enjoy the meteors streaking through the sky, the Supermoon will not provide the best suited night sky as it will illuminate the sky much more than is ideal for gazing at the pretty lights shooting across space. Google has honored this marvel of nature with a Google Doodle.

With the moon rising soon past sunset, the Supermoon will illuminate the night sky making it tricky for spotting the angelic event. Don’t be disheartened if you wanted to photograph the Perseid meteor shower as there are several more meteor showers this week from the elusive Kappa Cygnids to the more abundant Aquariids. The Perseids meteor shower is the best hope with clearly the advantage in sightings you can manage every hour but the others can also be gazed at if you can get the timing right along with a bit of luck from the universe.

Perseid meteor shower is known for its profuse and lavish degree of optical pleasure for those waiting on Earth. The meteor shower is formed from the debris off the tail of the Swift-Tuttle comet as the meteors shoot across the star lit skies. The meteor shower gets its name, Perseids, because its point of origin symbolizes the Perseus constellation and from the Greek word Perseides, the son of Perseus.

The Swift-Tuttle comet has a 133 year orbit and the debris from the comet’s tail is recognized as the Perseid cloud. The meteor shower can be seen from the middle of July onwards but the best time to catch a glimpse of this amazing spectacle is from August 9 to August 14.


  • namikshaa

    Ohhhhh thats the reason I saw 2 shooting stars in 20 mins day be4 yesterday :-O

    • vikash.M muthu

      At what time did you see???

    • harshit

      yes tell the time..???

  • Sakshi Kapoor

    what will be the timing for the same ?

    • RUZ

      2 am onward…

      • rupam(ruz)

        just buy a scope and wait for night.

  • dimples559

    waiting on the meteor showers today 8-11-14 they said it would be after 2am hopefully we see some good ones kids are excited and awake awaiting 2am :)

  • Chitwan Gupta

    It will be best on 12 Aug…and its my birthday :)

    • 24minutes

      Mine too! Happy Birthday

  • Sam Wilson

    Rains would be a problem in mumbai !

    • Harshit

      do you know estimated time for india…???

  • Harshit

    what’s the best time for today in india…please tell me…i want to see this….

  • Gursahib

    What is a good time to see in New Delhi?????

  • Ananya Sarkar

    plzzzzzzzzzzzz tel me would it be visible from kolkata plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz let me know

  • Aditya krishnan nair

    can u plz tell at what time will it be visible at bangalore and time too.

  • harshit

    what is peak??

  • Om mahalle

    what is the timing?when do we can see meteor shower in Nagpur, Maharashtra OR closer to that region? Plzzzz tell me anybody!

  • shagun

    will it be viisble in mumbai ?

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