Moto X is now available for Rs 23,999 on Flipkart

Motorola_X_35823022_05As we reported yesterday about the Moto X, Flipkart has opened the floodgates for orders of the latest Motorola flagship smartphone to come to India. The 16GB variant is available in black and white for now with the other range of colours up for pre-order which will start reaching customers from the 2nd week of April.

There is also an option to order the smartphone with a wooden back panel which will cost Rs 2,000 extra taking the cost of the device up to Rs 25,999.

Earlier the smartphone was supposed to have Android 4.2 Jelly Bean but it now comes with Android 4.4 KitKat loaded when you power up the device. Find out more about the device here.

  • sarang

    price is very high. moto g price was good but moto x not for indians

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  • Soumya patra

    This phone has features that no other phone has.
    1) Active display (
    This feature is so addictive that I am not buying any other phone that
    does not have active display. It is this significant. Just lift the
    phone, or take it out of your pocket and the screen shows all the
    information you need in a battery efficient way without you having to
    press the power button.
    2) Touchless control (
    Give commands to your phone without turning the screen on. While going
    to bed, and my phone is lying somewhere else in the room, I just say “OK
    Google now, wake me up at 7 AM” and that’s it. No need to touch the
    phone. Also just say “Ok Google now, what’s up” and the phone will say
    the time and read your notifications :)
    Note : This feature requires Internet connectivity.
    3) Flick wrist to launch Camera (
    This is not a gimmick and works everytime. Need I say more. You can say
    this can be achieved by other apps but the key here is achieving this
    without sacrificing battery life.
    4) Motorola Spotlight stories (
    Moto has teamed up with Pixar animation studios and produced wonderful
    animated stories. Nothing to add to the features of the phone but it is
    something that will make you smile, and everyone else will just look in
    awe and surprise.

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