Mermaid found at Porbandar and Karachi beach, oh really?

For those of you who grew up following the conventional wisdom of ‘you believe only when you see’, these images could be startling! In today’s day and age when computer imagery and special effects are employed to make any visual jazzy, and exciting, if you believe only because you see, and then spread the information, you could possibly lead to more confusion and chaos. Read here - Mermaid Real or Fake: Top 5 sightings from around the world

These pictures, supposedly of a mermaid (or Jalpari), apparently found in Karachi, Pakistan, and subsequently spotted in Porbander, Gujarat, has caught many eyeballs in the internet space. Here’s she, the angelic Ariel, the in-flesh version of the cutesy mermaid of Disney’s The Little Mermaid series. But is she for real? Or are these some leaked out pictures straight from the sets of a Hollywood movie? Or is this just a prank to elicit ‘look- how-I-made-em-fools’ reactions? We, for sure, have no clue!

What we do know, for sure, is that while Miss M’s fin and her axial appendages may make the visual look real, her sharp facial features, her carved lips and high cheekbones make her the glamorous beauty of the underwater world. “Oh, she must be the sexiest mermaid around,” squealed someone. Maybe the ‘mermaid’ has just taken a leap of faith, after realising her rare beauty, landed on our shores, perhaps to participate in our de rigueur beauty pageants!

PS: Though Miss M’s shiny diving suit looks pretty impressive, we wonder where her oxygen mask is.

  • Mahesh

    If you are not sure than why are you writing such a scrappy thing …
    simply you misleading more number of people …

  • Ahmad

    This happened in Lebanon in Mina.

  • Mohan Sharma

    this is nt real only computer creation. if this kind of real thing found in this earth it would be the front page news. i never read never see on media . bcose i believe this kind of fish found in ancient time but not now a days.

    • aditya ruikar

      If this is so then the biologist would get lot of scope but I think that this is only science fiction and cannot be real so I request not to mislead the people

    • Meh

      I doubt that it’s real but if it were it would not be all over the media.. Or if it would be cannot be determined. humans are sneaky bastards.

    • meet

      Hey I hope u don’t mind to checkout YouTube and type mermaid on rocks found..seeing tht u might have idea about the mermaid thing…..

  • Komal Mishra

    its so bad for her

    • Vanessa Hernandez

      Why mad….. its going real mad cuz people dont believe in her

  • payal

    go home ur drunk bro… u urself dnt know the truth then y u’r telling us without even bieng sure … btw she IS so beautifullllll …

    • Vanessa Hernandez

      I know……. but people think she isn’t

  • Saree

    Am ok going back to beach tomoro lol

    • shambu

      6jakadeki kya ye real hai


    some people don’t believe, but the thing is, in this world,,,there are lot of amazing things that only those who were close saw it,,,but when they tell u,,,,u wont believe at all

    • jbm ,.

      m kn/.;.

  • Boredom

    Light fracture on the left cheek was shaded by photo shop. Were is the rest of the picture?

  • Marwan Yadri

    hhhhh can i make sex with her

    • Shtis

      MAke sex with her the same way you do it with your mother. Fukin low life. Is that all you can think of?

      • Zubair Ahmed

        hahahahah super response

    • Vanessa Hernandez

      Wow stop thing about sex and say she is real god

  • Ravi HBP

    Yes its fake.. if it were real, it would the front page of news, they all befooling the others peoples but they shouldn’t do this..

    • James

      No it wouldn’t be on news fool’s I know govt will always cover it up tonight and study them

  • pranay

    wow is this posible ……………

  • deepak

    this is made in chine

  • Andrea

    Its totally fake here in mexico they said they found exactly the same mermaid but this is actually part of “the pirates of the caribbean on stranger tides” special effects

  • Lynn zalez

    Is it bad that I want them to disect her to find out MORE……..

  • anu narzary

    I dnt knw its real or not bt u ol shud hv to blv that thr r so mny thngs on d wrld dat we cnt see we only heard abt it so it cn be tue olso cz on erly ages thr r mermaids nd faries dn nw y thy cnt…thy cn be…

  • MarHutchy

    I read that it’s a prop from the Pirates of the Caribbean film.

    • Christopher C Ogbuotobo

      Believe it or not I have seen a mermaid close up and real the only reason science won’t bring them to you is the reason why a black man today is not in a cage humans are destructive the will find a reason to hunt them so its best if u don’t believe at least you will leave them alone

  • tony

    mermaids are real, it’s not fake. animal plant channel made a documentarian on mermaids. And also ancient indian temples are have the art of mermaids,

  • SA citizen

    My President keep them as his pets,,,hahahaha

  • rafeeq.rashid24

    If it was a real one found in India, it will add a new goddess to worship among the countless gods in the name of sea matha… lol. So its fake.

    • Ravi

      Don’t say anything about the Hindus. . .
      Our religion is more ancients than yours. . .

      • rafeeq.rashid24

        I haven’t pointed anything here in the name of HINDU.. if a temple for the congress leader is Hindus’ culture? a temple for a cine actress is also a Hindus’ culture?? Is it the ancient culture that you are demanding?? If you have believe and faith in god, only one is enough instead one for happiness, another for sorrows, another one for kids, another one for mother, next one for father, success, enemy, etc etc…

        So, sit, read my above comment again. Then think about it. relax…

        Note: I believe this answer is required to justify a person like you that I haven’t invited such a reply from any one. So from my point of view, your statement is non-sense and absurd. Also I am not liable to reply on such stupid comments for the future.

  • Vanessa Hernandez

    Well I think she is real mermaid

    And people stop saying shit about it if you dont like than stop say things!!!!

    And thanks for reading?!

    And she is pretty!

    And bye

  • Kartik

    It pulls to believe that Mermaids are real, from childhood i have read and seen may of movie of mermaid, but i thought, how beautiful it would be, but got to know that its a mystical myth but after seeing this pics and internet servey i think it can be real and i m so much happy that this creature are real and this is in the coastal part of asia.

  • Jignesh Solanki

    it s bad…news….

  • kennetho por liembok

    Daughter of the God of the Sea People.. pretty sure her father will come looking for her and when he finds out hes daughter is dead, there will be no more sushi on our tables.

  • brady

    May be its true in epics mermaids are there.

  • Parika Gumber

    Is this really true because as much as i have read according to me mermaids live a long life and theyvdo not die till someone kill them or they are attacked

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