Man killed by snake bite returns to find his wife married to his brother

grass-snake-60546In 2003, Chattrapal, a 25-year-old man from Bhadwa village in Bareilly was the victim of a snake’s fury. Due to the lack of medical services the family assumed that the man must have died and dumped his body in a river in accordance with traditional beliefs.
Shocked by the knowledge of her husband’s death, she didn’t keep well and despite attempts at trying to have a normal pregnancy, she delivered a still born but she was young and Chattrapal’s family had her remarried to his younger brother and they have had two children since. (Read: The most expensive dog in the world)

Chattrapal finally returned home after 11 years and narrated the story to his family who are in a fix with this messed up situation. Chattrapal explained that he was not killed by the snakebite but he lost consciousness and when his body was afloat in the river, some snake charmers rescued him and resuscitated him using their ‘special techniques’. (Read: More water beneath oceans than on the surface)

Chattrapal’s wife is ready to live with the brothers as her husband but the brothers are yet to come to an agreement on sharing her as their wife.
Weird doesn’t even begin to describe what has happened with this family and because of a small snake bite.

  • Carol Beasley

    Too funny, too weird, too unbelievable to comment!!! ;)

  • arvind

    Wait. Did they say they’re thinking about and haven’t decided upon ‘Sharing the wife yet’?? Dafaq??

  • ravi

    must share
    both have right
    what is wrong
    after all both brothers have lived with the girl
    be modern be practica; dont be pussy
    share share share

  • rajan

    elder brother has right unfortunately
    leave the girl to elder brother

  • saroja

    sharing will solve the problem

  • sama

    dpnt hesitate
    be happy in sharing
    after all it is your elder brother
    he has lived with the ladyand made her pregnant
    why then hesitate
    share brother

  • shamazudeen

    share with elder brother as he is the forst one who married
    share as your wife also feels it as correct
    share as he is your elder brother
    share as it is correct solution
    if u dont agree leave your wife

  • lakshmi

    must share

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