Lok Sabha Elections 2014: BJP, AAP workers clash over debate in Pillibhit


Pilibhit (UP), Apr 2: BJP and AAP workers clashed with each other during a debate organised here after the latter accused the former of carrying illegal arms, a charge found to be baseless by police. Following the scuffle between the workers of the two parties, some of them were taken into custody and later released, police said today.

The debate among leaders of all political parties had been organised by a private news channel at a college ground here last evening during which AAP workers alleged that the BJP workers were carrying illegal arms which led to a clash between them, police said.

Police said AAP workers also clashed with them when they arrived on the spot and found their charges to be untrue after checking. The AAP workers alleged that police gave BJP party men time to hide their weapons.

Police later brought both the warring groups to Kotwali police station where they continued leveling charges against each other, following which some of them were taken into custody and later released in the night. Complaints of both the factions have been taken and the city Circle Officer has been asked to conduct an inquiry.

  • Asha

    Both AAP and BJP Aggressive Parties

    Both BJP and AAP are aggressive parties and both are good at telling lies and good at taking public for a ride with their attractive/arrogant and mocking speeches on their opposition parties. AAp says that if they come to power they will send many leaders to Jail. similarly BJP Uma Bharathi also says in the rally that if they come to power they will send Vadra to jail and Amit Shah says their govt will disqualify Akhilesh Singh Govt the moment they come to power. Do we need such parties to run the govt who are interested in revenge politics. Both are aggressive and use personal attacks.
    Take the example of BJP member Vijay jolly who painted Shomas name plate and their enterance gate with black color on Tarun Tejpal event and Anurag Thakur break the barricade of Rahul Gandhi’s house to oppose Virbhadra singh’s corruption in Himachala Pradesh. He should protest in front of VirBhadra singh’s house in Himachal Pradhesh. These two parties always search for the reason to go on protest with some reason or the other does not believe in parliament debate. AAP party does not believe in consensus with other parties to table any bill and adopt myway or high way. AAp party always target Congress and BJP equally. Arvind kejariwal and company campaigned against Sheelaji and Rahul and DR ManMohanji in very ugly language but none of the congress worker attacked them nor slapped them nor thrown ink at them on the contrary they congradulated him on his victory in Delhi’s Assembly election. Kapil Sibal exchanged good gesture with AKejriwal when he met him in the masjid on eid day. where as BJP
    have been badly targetting AKejariwal the day he decided to contest in Delhi’s Assembly election right from that day they are being constantly attacked by BJP especially after Delhi’s assembly election. AAP party should stop blaming congress for petty reason and fight politically in a civilised manner.
    The public are blindly supporting Modi without knowing the consequence of his reckless attitude. Congress is more matured in running the govt and they should have tackled CAG charges on 2G, coal mine etc with them to sort out the objection raised by CAG . How can people forget NDA corruption cases in their 5 years rule on sugar scam, petrol pump scam ,UTI scam, stock exchange scam , coffin scam etc etc .

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