Hilarious Rahul Gandhi memes after the ‘confusing’ interview with Arnab Goswami

For the first time, Congress vice-president and poll campaign chief Mr. Rahul Gandhi opened up to a never-before sit down interview with Times Now editor in chief Arnab Goswami.

Rahul Gandhi took direct questions on wide range of subjects on Frankly Speaking with Arnab.

In the biggest political interview of a fresh new year Arnab asked several questions that India wanted answers from the Gandhi man.

It’s been 10 years, since the Gandhi scion gave an interview, AND WHAT A MESS IT WAS! Twitter has been flooded with jokes and riddles on him. Rahul Gandhi is famous for sure. Much more at least.

To check out the memes, click here…

  • ssd39

    During the interview Rahul kept glancing to his right after what he thought and felt was a profound reply. Wonder who was in the wings, promptor or script writer. May be Digvijaya Singh!!! For all his bragging of his own skills Arnab missed this and did not probe the reason Rahul kept repeating Women and Youth Empowerment as a response for every other question. Over time it is obvious Arnab’s and Times Now’s political party preference and is that why INC chose him to be ‘honoured’ with Rahul’s first interview. He reminded me of the Barking Dog Syndrome!!!

  • Rajavel

    Watch the interview in YouTube! Read my post on this!
    Would be a different perspective!

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