Flipkart fakes buzz? Customers unhappy with Xiaomi Mi3 sale

Xiaomi is turning out to create a huge buzz for its debut smartphone Mi3’s launch in India. E-commercial website Flipkart collaborated with Chinese tech-giant and hosted three sale events of Xiaomi Mi3 and has crashed a couple of times. Flipkart claimed that the entire stock of Xiaomi Mi3 was sold out in 5 seconds.

Customers argued as they were able to order even after five minutes from the start of the sale. Innumerable customers were unable to place their order as Flipkart displayed ‘Out of stock’ each time they tried to add their product to the cart. Some said they successfully placed the order by instantly clicking on ‘Add to cart’ option.

At the first time when Flipkart announced the next date of sale, the customers were online since morning just to grab the device from the initial stock. But they complained about being unable to order the device. Is Flipkart the culprit behind mounting fake buzz of Xiaomi Mi3? Are they on the way to hoard the device and over hype it to ensure a humongous sale? Please leave your experience on the same in the comment box.

Xiaomi Mi3 has been assisted with high end features and is launched at the price of Rs. 13,999 in India.

  • harrish

    It was out of stock within 3-4 seconds.cant believe it.

  • Hemanth

    130 crore ppl and just 15000 sales… Whats the big deal

  • RAM

    I too got the device today, i think its the sale is original, even my device is shipped today only

  • dark knight

    its 100000000000000000000% fake fake fake sale!!!!!!!!. the whole thing is nothing but bullshit. If they are willing to give a chance to every customer they should suspend the sale and stock at least the half of registration.

  • Karan

    Its completely ridiculous of matured brands like Flipkart and Xiaomi to conduct in such an unprofessional manner. All I feel is that they are hardbent in spoiling their images as a trusted brand. This is what happened today at 14:00 hrs.

    When I clicked on “buy now”, the same very moment it declared that I havent registrred which was absolutely absurd and untrue as I hadsuccessfully registered three days back.

    Moments after that i.e. around 4-5 seconfs I clicked on “buy now” and it declared “out of stock”. If I wasnt registered, how could they display a msg stating “out of stock”.

    I sincerely hope that the top notch authorities related to these brands would take necessary action after reading these reviews.

  • Siddharth

    Yes, all seems just to create a hype.

    Please write an email to the Flipkart CEO and Founder
    Hint: Theirname@flipkart.com

    Please write an irate email to them. I too have written an email to them complaining and yelling out my anger to them.

  • abhishek ajmani

    i also got one mobile by clicking as soon as the sale begun. Its an original sale. Flipkart rocks. Moreover I have one more mobile added to my cart as another one was bought by my brother for me. If someone interested in buying the mobile, one can call me on 8822812783.

  • Rejith

    There are issues with the timer on some browsers. so some of us lose valuable seconds. best is to refresh browser when there is about a minute left (while actually there would be only 30-40 seconds left). I was able to order one successfully within 2 seconds after which the site crashed. But it was there in the cart to complete the purchase later. All the best for everyone during the next sale as this is a good value for money phone.

  • Sudhir Brahma

    I am not sure why other competing companies dont match this product….will really drive the fizz of out of this nonsense perpetrated by Flipkart and Xiaomi…that is the need of the hour.
    Given this level of frenzy, am not sure how good the after sales service will be…..may be the company does not care?

  • Vandit Gupta

    I got the mobile :)

  • Vandit Gupta

    Nope nothing is fake what can they do when the stock is finished see I got the phone :) . Becoz I was dot on time

  • Vandit Gupta

    I will get it on 6 august by in a day delivery

  • Vandit Gupta

    I agree with u bro i got the phone. No fake

    • WowItIsNotFakeIhaveOrdered6

      wow..yes true. I ordered six and got delivery of all of them. Kept clicking like mad and got six in my cart. Paid for all and got delivery of all in one package just now. Going to gift five to my close friends.

      • fiz

        6 seriously? Go get a life i have ordered 1 and its one per account. Don’t tell me you have 6 accounts and u clicked all at the same time.

      • Baap

        abe chutiye mil to 1 for 1 raha hai,,,,superman ki aulad hai kya jo 6 id se 6 set 1 bar me mil gaye tujhe………. chutiya ka pattha

    • Pradeep Kumar

      i agree i fist time register & pree s buy button & after 15 min i get message

  • Subin Psz

    not fake, i got one today

  • Ramy

    This is a trick by xiomi and flip kart to see how crazy and dependent the Indian consumers are. With over a lakh registrations and tens of thousands of hits the moment it opens for sale it’s highly likely than only a lucky few get it and all others end in disappointment. This is a trick to create artificial demand and eventually gain more profit at the cost of illiterate, crazy Indian consumers having disposible money.
    It’s time consumers stop falling pray to such tricks and equally ignore such offers eventually forcing the companies to simply start more realistic selling practices.
    I know this is only wishful thinking. For next sale there will be ten times more rush than this one.

  • Vandit Gupta

    U people are such idiots lol

    • alok

      If u think these people are stupid and waiting for this shit since morning , then tell me why cant these people have their right to voices over, I think u bloody belong to this scam, Arvind Kejriwal , pl unleash this mysterious shopping scam.

      • adjsl

        Pefect reply !

      • faheed

        perfect reply alok…

    • IGotItat3pm

      You right. I ordered mine at 3.00 pm. But xiaomi claiming sold out in 1 second is fake. I could order mine at 3.00 pm one hour after it started. And it is on the way.

      • archie

        really?? O.o

    • Ram

      see this caring replies on behalf of flipkart. whne one person says it is fake , 4 commentors are pitching in to say no it is not make, and giving all kind of suggestions. Flipkart is monitoring socila sites ,and giving justifications as real customers.. The pro Flipkart comments in this page clearly indicate that they are all biased …see the immaturity in their comments

  • Vandit Gupta

    Same here bro same

  • Santyman

    I was able to place an order today, initially when It went out of stock with in 5 seconds on the last sale, I thought it was all some gamble. But what I noticed is, to refresh the browser frequently helps in keeping up the timer active and in sync, which I did not do on the last sale. Even if you think practically Flipkart mentioned they received over 150000 registrations, If you consider at least half of them were online trying to place their orders, it will be matter of seconds to sell 15000 phones. So I would say stop complaining and try your luck next time and keep refreshing your browsers before the sale.
    Good luck!

  • Manik Madaan

    same here the sale is complete fake and xiaomi’s and flipkart’s attempt to hype the product.

    • Ashif Hussain

      not fake ! I Got The Phone !

  • Madhur

    not fake, i got it today nd even shipped from their warehouse

  • Estak Mike

    Finally i got Xiaomi MI3

  • Harish

    Certainly not fake, I got my order added to Cart instantly however pymt was not proceeded due to server issue. Later when logged saw the cart still with product and site mentioned pymt can be made before Wednesday . I paid n got shipping confirmation.

    • suresh

      Hey Flipkart.. real customers know that youre Flipkart masked as someone who got the phone by Luck, and commenting here.. as one bro questioned.. if you really got the phone…why the shit should you comment here rather than playing with it.. Flipkart is so misled in guessing that indian youth can be fooled such easily by putting some pro flipkart comments on social sites…

  • 3D

    My question is to all those who were able to book the phone today, on which page you were when the countdown ended , on the MI3 page or the count down (home ) page, and which browser is better to book the phone ?

    • Ashif Hussain

      Mi3 Page ! I Got The Phone !

  • abhi

    I planned to replae ny mobile after 18 months in this month and had my mind set for Xiamo MI3 but on working day,got to login 5 minutes from sale time and its not there.
    Xiamo using cheap tactics to create demand , Indian buyers plan their purchases carefully and if they do not have supply,they will not be able to penerate Indian market,Xiamo is considered chinese brand unrecognised in India,the reason reason Indians have demand because of value for money,Xiamo is not a brand that anyone would like to carry as Apple ,Nokia,Samsung or sony.
    Flipkart another loser,will loose customer,ecommerce demand in India is to save time,convient shopping and price advantage.
    Who has time to login on working day and wait on your site flipkart,idiots.
    now will purchase sony or samsung this month and thats also from another website,idiots should be taught lesson

  • Anil

    Same Happened for me.
    I have logged in into flipkart before 3 hours of Sell. As I got Buy Now, within a nanosecond I have clicked on Buy Now,then got OUT OF STOCK as response. How is it is possible??. I think it is market strategy of flipkart to create hype of these chinese mobile and fetch the attention of new buyer who may be interested in MOTO G kind of mobiles.

    Even they claimed that there 1st stock sold out with in 38 minutes (1 million) and 2nd Stock sold out with in 5 seconds ( i.e. 15 thousands). I want to know if there were able to sell 1 million mobiles in 38 minutes, why they sold only 15000 pieces in 2nd and 3rd Sell.

  • alok

    I think these flipkart people buying among themselves and selling second hand outside, I think next time I am gonna sit at the warehouse in Bangalore.

  • scoundrel Flipkart

    they are certainly creating buzz of nothing how can one sell 15000 units in 5 sec. I have successfully ordered mi3 today but flipkart was not able to process and it’s customer a pathetic one wasted my entire day discussing there fooling system problem. finally my order got cancelled. They should be banned.

  • Swapnil

    today I was able to buy it successfully

  • ItisAFoolsParadise

    I kept clicking like mad from 2 pm to 2.30. and my system crashed. When i rebooted again afte 1 hour and checked wow I had six pohnes in my order. Paid for them and got delivery just now. Super. keep trying. Steps to get your order next time. Install atleast 4 mouses and 4 monitors on your PC. Hire three people for the day to keep clicking. and if you are not successful wait for Xiaomi laptop in 2016.

    NOTICE: I am not an employee or xiaomi or Flipkart or india. And I don’t have an account on flipkart ;)

  • alok

    Dear hopeful buyers of Xiaomi Mi3 , instead of waiting for the timer go off in Flipkart website, lets gather at the warehouse at Bangalore , and buy this stuff directly on site, moreover this is according to me ,one type of mental and physical torture done by these people, and this becoming more stressful than semester results , if fail then register again to reappear. lol (Moreover if possible , lets go to Rajni sir’s home I think he is the one behind this “out of stock “thing).

  • Reetwik Roy

    I registered before sale but when I tried to order it it says you didn’t registered…. What can I say..:-/

    • alok

      @#!% them.

  • Reetwik Roy

    China wants war…. :-P :-P

    • Sanchit Dixit

      Yes thats Right…. we are Ready…. And This time we’ll do it Right …. All Frustation of Xiaomi could Focused on CHina … all Mi3 Innumerable Buyers or not could do that

  • amit

    Guys… Here is the trick…
    Synchronize ur device clock with google clock… And keep refreshing ur page till last 30 seconds left for countdown… Exactly at 2pm u will get add to cart option… Click on dat and mi3 is yours… Nd just u hv to pay for d device within next 24 hours.
    I hv got mine in first attempt…
    U can purchase mi3 even with decent 2g connection…

    • swag master

      Me too

      • swag master

        Aka akahay in the previous posts the boy with the brain

  • Gkay

    Xiaomi Mi 3 is a beast with hardware to vouch for.
    As everyone was eager to grab the phone, even i was glued to flipkart.As soon as the timer came to 00:00:00 @2pm i booked the phone and confirmed the order.
    During the payment phase the server went for a toss showing message “Something went wrong, try after sometime”. after desperate trying i was able to confirm and generate a order number at 02.39 PM. Almost 39 Mins after the sale started.
    As first come first server basis counts, There may be technical glitches as thousands or may be millions of users trying to get in at the same time.The phone is a master piece, maybe flipkart is cashing the popularity of Mi3.Everyone does that.
    The trick is to click on purchase ASAP timer clocks 00:00:00 and confirm order again this adds the phone to your cart. Once added to your cart you can confirm the order and choose the payment option, if fails keep trying again and again.If lucky or any user gives up you might be able to confirm your order.

  • Vijay

    It is shame that Flipkart is playing games with customers. It will pay a big price for this. Lot of people are already put off and going for alternatives. Of course, soon after Mi3 hype is over, they will create another with Mi4 and by the time that dies down, Mi5 would have been released. There is something fundamentally wrong the way they are doing things. How can the website show ‘out of stock’ even those who clicked almost instantly.

  • zeeshan

    This is true. I logged in an hour before time and was refreshing page many times. Exactly at 2 PM it displayed out of stock. I am not going to buy it now.
    Even if there are less phones flipkart should allow people to book it in advance instead of register and let me know when to expect device.
    It is a gimmick where flipkart is really losing credibility.

  • Srinu

    Absolutely swati. U r right.

  • Geek

    If you think flipkart is chutiya, y the fuck did u register n y d fuck did u try to book the mobile. Its ur chutiya pan that u did it. This is a marketing strategy wat they are doing and people are falling for it. If you don want to buy, don’t buy. As simple as it sounds.

    • akshay

      Well said sir:)

      • Pradeep Kumar


    • aslam

      its like haula lauda jung ku dauda

  • akshay

    Mi3 is awesome nor is flipkart fake its just tat the flipkart time differs with the local time .my father refreshed the browser again n again n added It to the cart
    Once u add smthin to ya cart tat is reserved for u until u buy it or remove it out of your cart
    - with brains
    A 14yrs old awesome boy

  • akshay

    U ll complaing bout flip kart r just jealous /angry tat u didn’t get it .
    Its ya I’ll fate .there r many ppl who got it allredy there r many ppl who joined this conversation got it including me !!!
    -with brains
    A 14yrs old awesome boy
    N this is 4 ppl who scolded flipkart
    :P n get ya self a better brains sirs n madems ”

  • akshay

    If tats tru u r getting w title of a fool by all of us who got the phone sir . many of them got it its just tat I were not fast enough.
    - with brains
    A 14yrs old awesome boy

  • akshay

    Sir now buying is not about payment . if u add smtin to ya cart its reserved for u n payment is next step when u r going to buy smtin u add it to ya cart n its urs until n unless u buy it .
    -with brain
    A14yrs old awesome boy

  • Praveen

    I also bought one in Aug 5th sale. In the first click itself I received ” Congrats The Mi3 is added to your cart” message. But after that when I tried to view the cart it was giving 502 error. One repeated trying after some time I could confirm that one item is added to my cart but was unable to access the ‘place order’ menu for a long time. Every time it was giving 502 error and try again message. I was successful in making the payment and place the order only at 6.00 PM. But flip cart has given me the option to make the payment till 11.59 PM on 6th of Aug.

  • alok

    Oh Mr. Vanity bag, why u wasting your time here, If u really got your phone, then you should be laminating and playing with it , so as of now you are eager to reply and support Flipkart, then I am damn sure, your the real scammer Bandit.

  • fazal

    yess i also agree for that. i also got the same problem in placing the order.
    if MI 3 is available in some other store then this time i got that. and dear flipkart if you dont have stocks then dont show the mobile in website.

  • RK

    I do agree. Flipkart has lost its credibility by creating fake sales for Mi3. I tried to book Mi3 all the three times and with in fraction of seconds got message saying Out Of Stock. I work in IT for last 20 yrs and very well know how much min. seconds required to complete a single online transaction. Some body should screw them in consumer court for false promise, I would have done it but not having enough time.

  • Xiaomi Mi3

    Guys whomever now hold the new handset, a lil suggestion needed from them , I was actually looking for black or blue color model , and it aint available in Flipkart, but those of you who got the set, does metallic grey looks great instead of the two color I mentioned and one more thing If I buy the metallic grey one , do I have the option to replace the backside of the phone with black color. Thanx

  • Naren

    Bro, whats the best way to ensure we get it on the next sale date? Do we need to keep the product page open before 2pm and right a second before 2pm keep trying to add to the cart ? or keep trying to click on buy ? can you give some points to help us secure a peiece of this hot cake? also are you happy with the phone?

  • Harry Kainth

    Thats not true as i bought 1 on first day of sale…and second device on Day 3

  • ExxxT

    Pankaj Tiwari cry baby dont buy if ur not fast, dont blame flipkart for your problems

  • ronak


  • MKB

    While the market is hot and marketing for “smart” phone is already done by flipkart and mi3, it is a nice opportunity for the other vendors like micromax to release their similar feature phone for the same price. I am sure that they will click ! :)

  • Ashwani

    Flipkart is a waste of time app and doesn’t deserve my time anymore, I promise never to buy any product from flipkart app, and I wish all my previous 27 orders to be returned, but only one is in the return period and I just used it, fuck U flipkart Never ever see u again, never going to by xiaomi in my life if Flipkart is the seller.

  • MK

    Flipkart may not be fake but making us fool at any cost by creating hype for the product. if not they can sell this whenever stock is there directly instead of keeping special time.

  • raj

    No fake sale…just need luck..

  • raj

    ya..wat sahil has said its true…open 2 browser firfox n crome 5 mins befor countdown ends..keep refreshing u will see difference in time…once countdown ends u have to be fast click buy..as there r soo many people trying to grab the deal..its nt fake..dont blame flipkart..i placed ma order today n it will deliverd to me on 19th…

  • Siddhartha Goel

    Waste phone…..I can bet many other phones in the Indian market having similar specifications and even better having a lower price tag…this is all a marketing gimmick by flipkart to make higher margins on these chinese manufacturers…XOLO is a much better phone as compared to XIAOMI but people start comapring it with samsung then……Hahaha…heights of hypocrisy

  • Siddhartha Goel

    That’s what we say…it is a Chu****a banao aandolan going on with Indian consumers

  • Amit Upadhyay

    i think flipkart doing dis only for nd oll about public city for there website nd nthng else y we have to register time to time for buying the product and yes flirkart lossing public believe nd making a fake saying outoff stock.if we are wrong den dey have to proof .
    dey re sellng the product, not for appointment the people,so der is no need to registration we r not coming for interview.

  • Shreya

    seriously how can 15000 phones be sold out in one second.. Stupid Sale…

  • Vijay

    This is a fake selling what flipcart did , as per their web clock they announced out of stock before two seconds , no phones were sold today (tue 19 Aug.) they are just fooling around and making the fool of others,,, this is totally fake…

  • Nirbed

    I was online from morning..depressedd..i didnt wasted a second …still it said “StockOut”

  • Pradeep Kumar

    its may be flipcart behid the scenes,but i get phones /

  • http://wsofi.com Arun Govind Rao

    Its fake sale..

  • ak

    Even i got one after trying unsuccessfully for first two flash sales. Infact in the third sale. Item was out of stock within 1,2 sec.

    I was lucky :)

  • Jayesh Mehta

    Every Indian knows what is national fruit of India Chutiya Banana this this game is paying by flipkart and xiaomi

  • Chutiya flipkart

    Farzi site……..only make traffic and advertisement on site by making grapevines of such a fake stories of registration and availability……… Even i use the fastest internet that will available in India. click on buy tab within micro sec and got result “OUT OF STOCK”. Ghanta sale abhi kahenge ki 5 sec me out of stock hua…chutiye 10-12 handset leke sale karre aur kahre 20000, salo aukad ni hai tmhari compare karne ki amazon se…chutiye flipkart.

  • Samraj

    That’s true same thing happen with me. i try to place order but it got out of stock just in minute couldn’t even displaying the buy now button.

  • Xestro

    If you have ever tried to book movie ticket you might know why flipkart can be true here. If you select your seat and go to payment options and then those seats are blocked and even if payment fails (via 3rd party gateway) or cancels, application do not un-freeze those sold seats right away, it waits for timeouts/notifications. In Xiomi MI3 sale, it was true. Flipkart knows well, any wrong practice for another product will cost it heavily. Editor should get some technical sense before passing judgement om something.

  • saran

    Flipkart going to lose the customers soon…its true. bcoz of MI3

  • Utkarsh Suryavanshi

    How can it be fake? There are people who have bought it and are happy with it. 15,000 units in a country of 1.2 billion, even with a penetration of 5% will be sold out in less than a couple of seconds.

    The phone comes at a price point that almost anyone in the huge 400 million middle class (including lower middle class) can afford.

    It is unfortunate that Xiaomi gives limited pieces to sell but keeping its operating and sales costs down is the first reason why it is so cheap despite powerful specs.

  • shunmugapriyan

    i request the flipkart to start the sale again with huge number of product in stock as soon as possible. since many are eager to buy the product flipkart must not wound the heart of there customers pls start the sale as soon as possible

  • tomtomrider

    they won’t get free PR if it was just a normal sale, you have to flare up the base instincts to be in lime light

  • Kavita Sharma

    the orders are fake and bogus. Flipkart and Xiaomi has tied up, but being flipkart employee, we didnt found any xiaomi orders in the system

  • Kavita Sharma

    Booking & payment hardly consumes 2 minutes to complete………., Even 2000 tickets are booked on IRCTC, so how flipkart sold so many in 5 seconds

    Being an flipkart employee, I feel ashamed,

  • suresh

    we know that you are a Flipkart hired commentor…you are caught.

  • Prashant Donekal

    Now the same issue with the xiaomi redmi 1s which I was registered to buy a 2 pm. At t+1 sec, it said I was not registered and when i refreshed the page, it said out of stock. Called customer service and they went on record to admit 20,000 phones have been sold in 5 seconds ?!!!! I am dragging them to consumer forum based on their email inviting me to buy this phone. I refuse to believe they sold 20,000 redmi phones in less than 5 seconds

  • Prashant Donekal

    90% indians are idiots – Justice KAtju

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  • sk rao

    Hi all

    I would like to add my comments on the direction the whole e selling is going.

    firstly brands ditched there stores who stocked the products and sold online cheaper

    now to buy online u have to win a race register for a marathon and click like mad to win all this to buy a phone which is getting sold in the first place online no store MRP no advertising nothing so they are suppose to be cheap and ur taking risk with replacement warranty ect ect

    all of you have encouraged mobile co to sell online by buying phones online now they got ahead of you by setting up all of u in a race and if u cant win and u are obsessed with all the online hunting then go online and buy in black market under used phone banner with bill not in you name hey u cant be a looser so if u dont win the race buy in black to keep ur ego and ur reputation up.after all this i don’t know who wronged us here the egg or the hen.

    established Brands dont do this all the name less brands will do any thing to get ur bucks now if ur ready to run to buy unknown brands how come we are blaming the brand less no reputation to guard sellers…

  • vivaan kumar

    Flipkart and snapdeal is even worst for seller who sells manufacture warranty products.
    They accept return’s from buyer with there 10 days policy and hand over to seller as if seller has made the product. People often comes to e-commerce sites thinking big atlast what they make is losses and hugh item stuck in trasnit lost in transit . I my self loss 3 lack in snapdeal and 3.5 lack in flipkart.

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