Flipkart crashes, Xiaomi Mi3 bookings cause 503 error owing to high volume of traffic

Flipkart has crashed once again after their previous crash when the Moto E was launched on 14th May, 2014. Flipkart showed a ‘502 Error’ at the time but now it shows ‘503 error’ which the message states is due to a very high volume of traffic on the site. It is advisable to not purchase any products at this time as some people are complaining that after repeated attempts when a transaction is getting past the checkout page, the money is getting deducted but the product is not getting selected.

The main reason for the crash has to be due to the bookings that have opened for the Xiaomi Mi3. Xiaomi Mi3 is being called by some as the half-price competitor to the Nexus 5.

Xiaomi is also known as the ‘Apple of China. The Chinese company has launched their latest smartphone in India and it is exclusively available in India on Flipkart. Stay tuned for more information on the handset and its sales here.

  • Dantus

    I got thought… -:)

  • Parth

    oh you bought it ?
    i struggled a lot but wsnt able to make it..

    • Hello?

      next was in after 6 days.. best of luck ;)

  • Question to Media

    artificially created bloated demand

  • Ramukaka

    Guys ..got one after website crashed…simultaneously logged in mobile app so it worked…at 12.01 pm got mine booked on COD. Received a call from flipkart for confirmation.

  • Krish

    yes above error came multiple times. it reminded me of the IRCTC days, i was getting tensed that i will be able to order it or it will go out of stock. But after multiple attempts i was able to order it. I faced issues with the address completion also, please share any one else also faced the same issue.

    • Hello?

      My fear was about payment gateway where after authenticating the payment gateway and returning to merchant site, there is always a possibility the amount will get deducted and order is still not getting place. This happened today to me…

  • Prem Chowdhury

    purchased yesterday for someone who needed this more than me….. will book mine on 29 jul.

    • vikas

      ya i have to buy this phone

  • vikramaditya

    i also faced the address issues but than finally got the order placed after repeated attempts

    • Hello?

      when it will arrive ?

  • Hello?

    Even I faced the problem. Actually I opened the flipkart page in two browser’s and keep onrefreshing. But I had a tough time passing through the payment. Everytime I was asked to either select the shipping address or enter the address, I entered my address like 30 times and finally after payment is done and returning from payment gateway to flipkart, the flipkart page got reset and came to main page (damn..). Only after 1 1/2 my order got confirmed. There was a neat customer care option in the FlipKart page to track the recent order.

  • Rohan Ilwadi

    Well atleast you people are satisfied with a 502 or 503 error…It saved your precious time..trust me really…Here’s what I got…The page says you have already bought one MI3,
    successfully added MI3 to your cart!Please proceed to payment immediately..Now the irony is the cart says ’0′…when you click the gotocart link at the bottom of above message it says there are no items in your cart…When I called there customer care the lady said that the item will not add to cart you ha..You have to pay directly…I had some hard time with her so I asked her to transfer the call to a senior…after waiting and waiting and waiting I got a reply that all of them are busy and will get a callback after 2 hours…after waiting and waiitng I called again and the lady replied they will send me a mail when I will get a payment link..I logged in 2 hours before the sale started and its been a whole day and still no signs of so called MY MI3 by the flipkart people….really you people disappointed your customers….This is gonna pay as a long time loss to you people…..

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