Zindagi Gulzar Hai’s Kashaf Murtaza: 7 things to know about lovely Sanam Saeed

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Pakistani romantic-drama Zindagi Gulzar Hai that wrapped up on Friday took the nation by storm. Since the coming up of Zee’s initiative Zindagi channel, Zindagi Gulzar Hai became the most talked about serial among the Indian audience. And the credit for all the attention goes to the crazy following of the lead actors Fawad Afzal Khan as flirtatious yet loving Zaroon Junaid and his love interest Kashaf Murtaza played by gorgeous actress Sanam Saeed. Fawad has already become the talking point not only for his portrayal in the series but also for his Bollywood debut movie Khooobsurat. As for Sanam Saeed she also boasts of fan following among the guys and also looked upon as many girls’ idol. So we take a look at few things to know about the beautiful and brilliant Pakistani actress Sanam Saeed:

1—Sanam Saeed was born on November 30, 1985 in London, United Kingdom. She returned to her nation Pakistan at the age of six. Sanam Saeed wanted to be an actor since her childhood days. She admits acting was the only thing she ever wanted to do. In fact Sanam was more interested in the theaters. Sanam completed her education from Bay View High School Karachi and A-level from L’Ecole College.

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2—With great height of 5ft and 9 inches Sanam became a prominent face in the modeling world as Sanam started modeling at a tender age of 16. She has been British Pakistani model and had been the face of several brands and commercials. Sanam also won L’Oreal Paris Award for Best Model but quit the modeling world because she went to become increasingly conscious about her looks.

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3—Sanam Saeed started her acting career in 2010 with Mehreen Jabbar’s serial Daam. Her pairing with Fawad Afzal Khan in romantic-drama Zindagi Gulzar Hai, the highest rated Pakistani serial has been well appreciated all over. She portrayed the role of mature and responsible Kashaf Murtaza, love interest of Zaroon Junaid. She won several awards like Hum Awards for her portrayal in Zindagi Gulzar Hai.

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4—Sanam Saeed also possesses musical sense and has performed as a background singer in the popular music show Coke Studio Pakistan. She has also gibe live stage performances in Chicago, Mamma Mia!, Carnage and Dhaani. Sanam remains to be one of the most attractive personalities in Pakistan.

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5—Very few people know that Sanam Saeed started off as comedian in 2001. She worked for the Dawn News for a while. Lovely Sanam Saeed has also played the negative role in Pakistani mystery drama Kadoorat in 2013 for which she was even nominated for Best Negative Actor.

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6—Sanam Saeed has been engaged to a Pakistani businessman. Despite being a popular name of Pakistani glamour world, Sanam Saeed’s name has not been dragged in any rumours or scandals. Sanam is seen highly as a fashion icon in Pakistan.

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7—Unlike the other Pakistani imports Veena Malik and Meera in Bollywood, Sanam Saeed does not want to be a part of any meaningless roles. She expressed her desire to be a part of Indian Hindi cinema only if they have stronger role to offer.

Sanam Saeed has been a model, actor, singer, comedian and fashionista. She captured the hearts of fans across the border with her brilliant acting. The Indian viewers would definitely look forward to seeing more of Kashaf Murtaza aka Sanam Saeed.

  • ganga

    Great job kid , keep it going. You fit so naturally in the role, it just seemed so much of a reality. Lookinf forward to seeing more of you

  • rohini

    kashaf mis u a lot. great work. wants 2 watch u more..

    • Garima Verma

      Awesome serial I hv ever cum across in my life…I am soo vry missng dis serial…mindblowing work done by zaroon & kashaf, natural actors dey are. Superb casting, never felt like I am watching a serial always felt as if a real story is goin around me. Zaroon I luv u so much…hoping 4 zindagi gulzar hai season 2. Kashaf u are a flawless actress lady..luvd ur acting. Also luv d song zindagi khaak na thi…
      Wish both of ull a successful future ahead.


  • Ranoo Ranoo

    Asalamalaikum Apne apna kirdar bakhoobi nibhaya hai

  • Heema from India

    Role of Kashaf played by Sanam in Zindagi Gulzar Hai was fabulous. She is very beautiful. Willing to see her more. Love you Kashaf (Sanam).

  • priya

    nice seril.i love the seril plz… do anther seril same zidhagi gulzar hai.season2 plz.. make it am waiting love u both of u.

  • madhu

    I love your voice , miss u kashag . Dairy writing section is amazing

  • Lima

    She is one of the most disliked Pakistani actresses in her country because she is a rude rich snob. During her VJ stint she used to be very rude to the fans and callers and always had attitude problem. Even URWA of yeh shaadi nahi oh sakti is like that. Even though she is talented her personality is rely crap. ZGH would have been a much huge hit if she wasn’t in it. Even the producers of the show got worried once it aired that it was not getting as high trp as expected. Fans just dint like her. I hope she changes her personality as Being a uk born she looks down on everyone she has that complex typical to an expat Pakistani.

    • Tahira Naveen

      no way URWA Loves her fans – Urwa hamari hamesha baat sunti hai and Urwa ne bohot dafa apne show mein apne FANS ka name liya hai ! Urwa says ke mein apne fans ke begair kuch nahi – idk about sanam but urwa bohot sweet hai urwa thori si rude dhikhne mein lagti hai but woh hai bohot achi

    • Roshini Khan

      being straigtforward doesn’t mean rude & in our teenage days we all are like that to live life on our own terms but now mature Sanam Saeed is reserved not rude … her fans love her… my cousin met her recently she said ‘about sanam ”Sanam is tall ,pretty very soberly dressed i found her
      humble & little shy & i was surprised when she told me that
      Sanam Saeed don’t take her stardom/ celebrity hood too seriously she
      mingle with people nicely ” … Sanam Saeed don’t have a attitude problem she had a strong personality which people can’t handle
      and coming back to ZGH … Kashaf by Sanam is one one of THE best female performances in recent years in my honest opinion ZGH was hit because Sanam Saeed was in it as Kashaf Murtaza Sanam Saeed ‘ s first role as a leading actor was Kashaf. She was always the supporting actor in all of her shows prior to this…and
      never received her due.Sanam Saeed was a HUGE factor in ZGH. Even Fawad didn’t have as
      much of screen space as Kashaf. At times, Fawad came across as the
      supporting actor meanwhile Saeed seemed to be more of the lead. Yes,
      Fawad’s starpower helped ZGH..but portraying Kashaf was a different
      thing altogether and there Sanam Saeed deserves a lot of credit. I
      truthfully feeI & don’t see
      anyone who could’ve pulled off a Kashaf…it’s only Sanam Saeed and that says everything.

      • priya sharma

        xactly roshini khan ‘m agree wid u…love you sanam nd i love you voice quality nd kashaf’s role was very well suited you :*

    • Hammad

      Are you a joke? Why are you hating on somebody for no reason? Did she steal your goats? Pathetic loser!!

  • Fatma

    One more fact you don’t know about sanam saeed, she was not acting in the drama, she actually is unfriendly and sarod and rude in real life, producers chose her for the role because no one is more famous for being a chorail as much as she is in fact she was very natural on screen as she was just being herself :p

    • Roshini Khan

      what a joke ROFL .. the director Sultana Siddique her self said with a conversation with Paper Magzine writer that ”I wish more women in Pakistan were like Sanam Saeed.” & recently during a talk show ToniteWithHSY when Sanam Saeed picture was shown Fawad immediately said Love & my cousin met both Fawad & Sanam …she met Fawad during Khubsoorat promotion she ask about Sanam Saeed Fawad Khan replied ” she’s
      reserved just like him, but excellent at what she does & Fawad also said sanam is one of her favorite co-stars including Mahira Khan & Sonum Kapoor but he enjoyed working the most with Sanam Saeed…. my cousin met Sanam Saeed too recently at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital during Breast Cancer Awareness Programme.
      my cousin said Sanam is tall ,pretty very soberly dressed i found her
      humble & little shy & i was surprised when she told me that
      Sanam Saeed don’t take her stardom/ celebrity hood too seriously she
      mingle with people nicely ….. so stop spreading nonsense rumors LOL
      & get a life girl & growup ..

  • http://www.twitter.com/MeerAli18 Meer Ali

    i love acting

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