Zindagi Gulzar Hai: Top 7 reasons why this Pakistani serial is a big hit!


Zindagi Gulzar Hai, a Pakistani based romantic-drama that captured Indian audiences’ hearts on Zee TV channel Zindagi will wrap up on July 18. The final 26th episode will be aired on Friday and we will see the lovely couple of Zaroon Junaid and Kashaf Murtaza coming together for the last time! So what was so unique about this particular show that made us sit glued to our TV sets? Was it the chocolate boy Fawad Afzal Khan’s charismatic personality as Zaroon Junaid or was it the different plot? We take a look at seven reasons that made Zindagi Gulzar Hai a big hit:

Fawad Afzal Khan as Zaroon Junaid


However you may disagree, but a majority of us started watching Zindagi Gulzar Hai after taking that one glance at the main lead in glares! Fawad Afzal Khan as Zaroon Junaid came as the man of your dreams – suave, great looking and with an amazing voice! Pakistani actor Fawad Afzal Khan became a massive hit among girls since the first look hit the telly world. His charisma completely wooed the audience and they looked forward to the show. Fawad is also making his Bollywood debut opposite actress Sonam Kapoor in 1980 remake Khoobsurat.

Sanam Saeed as Kashaf Murtaza 


The fashionista of Pakistan, Sanam Saeed’s portrayal of simpleton Kashaf Murtaza is hands down the best acting you have seen in a while. Playing the role of a girl who is constantly in war with her fate, Sanam is brilliant. You actually feel her situation and know she is not doing what we call ‘over-the-top-acting’.

Fixed number of episodes


It’s been a while in Indian telly land that we had fixed number of episodes for a story. Now we see many serials celebrating the millionth episode’s success! The good thing about Zindagi Gulzar Hai has been the knowledge in the viewers’ mind about the number of episodes. So they looked forward to it even more.

Close to reality


Full points to the makers for keeping the story depiction as close as possible to the real world. With due respect to the Indian serials, Zindagi Gulzar Hai did not show a lower middle-class family in a seven-room cottage or an upper-class guy cracking Rs 1,000 crore deals. There were no far-fetched stories and everything was relatable. This is no typical saas-bahu drama. And thank god for the first time we had no bitchy monster-in-laws in their gawdy make-ups. They did show saas and their ‘concerns’ but to a limit and something you believed.

Opposites attract, but this was not your conventional love story


Zaroon Junaid is shown as a big time flirt during his college days while Kashaf is your serious and mature girl. Two people with a widely different nature falling in love is something that has been done to death, with the lead actress falling umpteenth number of times on the hero and several rain dance sequences. Honestly this does not happen in real life! In Zindagi Gulzar Hai, you love the subtle way of expressing love and gradual falling in love, which is what happens in real life!

Sub-plots are interesting and nicely woven


To have a successful show you don’t need to show the lead pair in every frame. This is exactly what Zindagi Gulzar Hai does. They have interesting sub-plots involving Kashaf’s father and step-mother’s family, Zaroon’s sister Sara’s life. You totally want to know what happens in their life as well.

Brilliant supporting cast


Apart from Zaroon and Kashaf, we are sure you must have formed a love-hate relationship with Ayesha Omar as Zaroon’s sister Sara. You totally hate Mehreen Raheel as Zaroon’s manipulative ex-fiance Asmara. And you have definitely been dicey about Zaroon’s best friend Osama played by good looking Sheheryar Munawar Siddiqui. One word for the supporting cast – brilliant!

We are sure there are more reasons for you to catch up with Zindagi Gulzar Hai. But do not you worry as Zindagi is set to be replaced by another show Maat. Tune in to that every day at 8 pm on Zindagi channel.

  • Areej

    I am really a big fan of pakistani dramas.sure they are close to really n one can relate.i loved this show n feeling bad as its ending.i luv fawad and sanam too but fawad is too handsome.cast n story all were good.and yes no more stretchy eliments unlike indian serials.
    Looking forwad to mire serials and shows of fawad and sanam saeed

    • Khizrum

      yaar wait karo yeh tou kuch bhi nhn thha

  • riya

    zindagi gulzar hai is the one reason that I’ve been watching a lot of tv lately…..i look forward to that part of the day when i watch it!

    • Khizrum

      There is much better to come :)

  • aalia imam

    plz dont end zindagi gulzar hai, I am a crazy about fawad afzal khan robust looks, dying to see his another show on zindagi

  • Mammona Shah

    So natural, so close to reality and Brilliant. One can easily connect with the character. Story + Direction+Background music+Acting+Supporting Cast and URDU…ufff
    Hats off to makers

  • shariq

    zindagee must have replaced zindagee gulzar hy with humsafar…it was bigger hit here in pakistan with awesome chemistry of lead pair.

    • bobby

      I have watched Humsafar, it’s good..But I liked Zindagi gulzar hai more than anything :)

      • shariq

        most of the people watched humsafar 1st so they like it more,infact both dramas were superb,u like more which u watched 1st…agreed story of humsafar was very simple,there was nothing special in it but it was a huge hit…

      • anonymous

        yes I agree.

  • rupali

    I am in love with kashaf and zaroon…. feeling bad that it is going to last after two days.never thought that one can get too too much attached with tv serial… I wish there could be more episodes.

  • Sadaf

    Dil-e-Muztar and Mere zaat zara e bai nishaan are remaining :)

  • priya

    i will miss it a lot.

  • Sapna

    Superb – mind blowing n my first fev serial……..kashaf n zaroon so cuteeee…

    • Khizrum

      ap intizar karain aur acche aynge abhi

  • saif

    Excellent serial, no match ever ! Feeling sad on its ending but yes wanna thank the zindagi TV to teach us many moral values through it !

  • Ananta Dhar

    Very engrossing story . The dialogues & urdu diction is superb.
    Zaroon has a very expressive face. His expression changes in a heartbeat. Kashaf’s .philosophy is deep -depicts a brilliant mind as is shown in her character. both have such rich vibrant voice. Credit is due to the story writer , the script writer & the actors who have portrayed the characters so amazingly.

    • Captious No-good

      Perfect Urdu diction? Like you, I was also expecting to hear chaste, properly enunciated Urdu. However, I had to lower my expectations after the first few episodes, by which time I had heard, on more than on occasion, some of the characters pronounce “zaldi” as “jaldi,” which must rank as one of the most annoyingly common errors in Urdu pronunciation.

      • Urdu Speaker

        It is Jaldi not zaldi. why not look into a an urdu lughat (Dictionary). And Yes my mother tongue is urdu and I have studied it for more than 12 years.

      • Sania farooqi

        My friend, you have absolutely NO idea about Urdu. It’s better that you learn it.

        • asad

          its “jaldi”
          -love Pakistan

          • asad

            -with love from Pakistan ***

      • rockstar

        hahah…u say its Zaldi not jaldi,hahahhahaha. If you want to correct someone please 1st make sure what is right.

  • AUH

    For all Indian fans keep your eyes set on HAMSAFAR. If you liked Zindagi Gulzar hai, you will LOVE Hamsafar.

    • libsrocks

      I have already watched few episodes since i could not wait to watch more of Fawad Afzal Khan….i love the show and even the main lead couple looks as good as the couple of ZGH

      • AUH

        If you keep on watching you will see that HAMSAFAR couple has even better onscreen chemistry than couple from ZGH (not that ZGH was any less in itself )

    • bobby

      I recently watched Humsafar, episodes 1 -11 are too good, what I liked the most is, Lead actors are too good as far as the acting is concerned.
      from episode 12, I guess director drags it a bit, but last episode is good. all n all it’s a good serial.

  • Salim

    Loving every bit of it. One of the best serial I have seen. Will miss it a big time. Tomorrow is going to be its last episode. :(

  • mugdha shidhaye

    Zindagi gulzar hai truely left me speechless.the lead actors and the supporting cast each one of them have acted out their part beautifully.This is one serial that i thoroughly enjoyed watching.Excellent work

  • Salman

    To all Indian Guys ! If you like this drama then also watch Hum tv drama “Humsafar “…It is superb !

  • fiza

    I love zaroon….. Dis program is really good… Its touch of my heart …

    • Nithya

      Loved the show.Loved Kashaf and Zaroon their acting and performance.And also loved Kashaf’s Ammi.So reality so valuable show.I will love to watch dis show again and again.Learned a lot from d show bcoz I could relate to the character of Kashaf.:)

      • sitara

        superb show to watch and enjoy with entire family.Learned a lot from d show.loved the performance of kashaf and zaroon.we will miss it.

    • nousheen. yasir

      if you want to see him again watch “hamsafar” on youtube u will love him

  • Maya

    Really my heart melted for every dialogue. Its too good. I never imagined that Pakistani TV serials are so good. Please don’t stop airing these serials. We love our neighbors. U guys rock in India Zaroon

    • Khizrum

      :D :D ZGh sa achhae shows pending par hain

  • sohal

    Please don’t end this serial….this is the only one which i have started to see. I love Zaroon..his voice, face, expressions ….

  • rmsthakur12

    zindagi gulzar hai. is near to reality music and characters are so natural.we love kashaf and zaroon. we will miss it.

  • zara

    Loved everything abt this show. Music, acting n of course Fawad as Zaroon. Loved how the show was limited to few episodes. I personally loved zaroon n asmara’s chemistry. I am impressed with Pak tv industry.

    • Zoha

      If you want to see more of Zaroon and Asmara together, you should watch Dastan. Its a beautifully made drama by Hum Tv and Fawad’s acting in it is amazingly heartbreaking. Cheers :)

  • abhilasha singh

    i m like most jaroon his voice looks everthing

    • nousheen. yasir

      see HAMSAFAR on youtube Fawad’s one of the best drama

  • rachana

    What a show!! Missing it already

  • karur

    In my view, the best support to the drama came from Samina Pirzada. She plays the classy mother so stoic, despite her pain at separation from her husband, which is a perfect tone for Sanam’s character. The Pakistanis produce great dramas because of the tempo of these, unlike Indian TV dramas. Bravo Zee TV, we owe you one

    • Zahid Saleem Haidrani

      That is perhaps first realistic comment about lessons to be learnt from the story through Kashaf’s Mother (Sameena Peerzada).

  • Mili Jhaveri

    Ths has been the best show so far…
    N apart 4m bng a serial i really lykd the concept of telly film…
    Thr r mani more reasns 2 lyk the shw lyk kashaf s n zaroon insight 2wrds lyf….
    Awesom n superb actng by all cast
    Bt i thnk the show cud hav been xtnded 4 1 more week wch wud mak the viewers more satisfied….
    Rest i luvd the storyline n the serial….

  • rasika

    its very nice show.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz make the second part.

  • Mahendra

    i like this serial “Zindagi Gulzar Hai”…its shows real life stories and i like both the character Kashaf & Zaroon ,everyday watching it even repeat telecast also.

  • Nancy

    Engrossing it was. I will miss this serial badly .Every thing about this serial was fantastic. Crisp script, best acting by all star cast especially kashaf and zaroon. Kashaf is an intense actress with a typical beautiful face . Her sublime acting was one of the best part. It was a true to life serial,no gaudy makeup,no bitching and no unnecessary lingering on . Zaroon ‘s is handsome ,has expressive face and beautiful command on voice. Acting is superb. Asmara was also brilliant . Kashaf’ s mother also a brilliant actress. Urdu dialogues sound too beautiful . I have become a die hard fan of kashaf and zaroon .

  • Rizz

    I am a Pakistani and I think ZGH and other Pakistani dramas of today aren’t that good compared to the Pakistan dramas that were aired a decade ago but I still find current Pakistani dramas better than overloaded Indian soaps.

    • Abid

      I couldn’t agree more…As a Pakistani, I stopped watching Pakistani serials after noticing significant decline in quality since 2005. If Indian audience is fortunate enough, they might be able to see the Pakistan Television (PTV) Network’s serials from 80′s and 90′s. Probably half of the Indian population would die afterwards :) . The writers of the quality of late Ashfaq Ahmad and amjad Islam Amjad and actors such as Talat Hussain, Moin Akhtar, Saira Kazmi, etc. were on a completely different level. As a kid, I remember bazaars shutting down at 8 pm everyday when PTV used to air the dramas. High class stuff ! partly to blame for my reluctance to watch new breed of Pakistani Serials.

      • sm

        well frankly speaking indian serials a decade ago was 100 times much better than what is being shown today…they had perfect plots back then and also lasted for a month or so…every indian enjoyed watching serials back then..but now though they try to convey some message through serials but too much of melodrama!!

      • Sami

        i disagree with u both as a pakistani.. Bazaars were shutt down then becoz there was a single TV channel then.. with no repeat telecasts.. n there were no other options available like youtube, facebook or DVDs etc, n then it was a culture to come home early.. No doubt tht dramas were even good then too, but i believ tht today in the presence of Soooo many options it is realy difficult to catch the eye of such a huge audiance.. n to make them stick to the seats in front of TV every week is itself a huge achievement.. n who claim tht today’s serials r any lesser.. i consider tht those hav not grown up with the time passed.. :-) Coz today’s serials tells today’s stories obviously.. not 90′s r 80′s..:-|

  • Rizz

    Wow for the first time I am witnessing comments that truly appreciate Pakistan made stuff. Good to see quality being appreciated even if it is from Pakistan. At least you guys now get to know that Pakistan isn’t about extremism. Extremists are just a tiny bit of proportion of our society but unfortunately they get most coverage but again it is good to see media houses like Zee showing positive stuff too from Pakistan. I hope that the hate mongering news channels from both sides of the border stop igniting fire between the two countries just to keep their pockets full.

  • ikram

    superb….. dil ko chhu jaani wali.

  • Libsrocks

    I love all the recently-aired Pakistani shows….the best part of these shows are that they are of short number of episodes and real settings and easy situations so even family dramas are enjoyable…..my perception about the country has changed when it comes to entertainment section….Pakistani writers have got amazing grip over their language and they write beautiful songs….the actors are very talented and i feel the crew takes only talented actors into the industry and not just anyone….i’m eagerly waiting for more shows specially of Fawad Afzal Khan (Zaroon in ZGH and Ashar in Humsafar)

  • alpha

    Meri Zaat Zara-e-Benishan, you would love this also… a really heat touching.

    • babloo

      doraha (2007) geo tv, Sonia Rehman, Humayun saeed, snam baloch was a super hit written by umaira ahmed …. and kankar (2012-13) on hum tv

  • priya rai

    i luv this show very much.great performance by all the acter and actresses .espcially zarun.luv to see him.i am stil waiting for his new show

  • priya rai

    the makers keeping story depiction as close as to the real world

  • sunny

    I loves it my heart is broken i havw to wait until the movie khoobsurat release… i love fawad and his urdu ♡

  • Haseeb

    i wonder what ll be the reaction , When Humsafar ll on air.

  • Zahid Saleem Haidrani

    Dear watch “KADOORAT” with Sanam in totally different role. (can be found on youtube)

  • Adnan

    ‘Kuch payar main pagalpan b tha’ , ‘Payary Afzal’, ‘Alpha bravo charlli’ , ‘Dil-e-Mutar’ , ‘Mohabat subah ka sitara he’ , ‘Mera sain’ and ‘Mere humdam mere dost’ …… pakistani darama list :)

    • Hina

      You could add more like the one which is on air these days from Hum, * Mohobbat abb nahi hogi, and the older ones are, Ankahi, Tanhayaan ( I’m not a big fan of Dhoop Kinare but it was also a very big hit of Pakistan tv.

  • Madhu Kamat

    superb show to watch and enjoy with entire family.Learned a lot from d show.loved the performance of kashaf and zaroon.we will miss it.3



  • WorldPeace

    Yes Hamsafar and ZGH are great serials. I have watched them both and loved ‘em.

    But Waris in my opinion is the all time-best followed by Chand Grehan. 20-30 years back dramas used to be on a grand scale, with feudals, portrayal of socio-economic conditions, depiction of rural vs urban cultures.

  • anmol

    pls ye serial phir se suru kara de ye serial meri zindgi ban gaya tha par jis din ye khatam hua h mai shocked rah gai aur ye serial meri life ban gaya tha aisa lagta h ab jaise meri life chhin gai ho maine iski bajah se saare Indian serial dekhne chhod diye i love jaroon and kashaf they are the best actor of the world i m from india

  • Donna Dixon USA

    I watched this Pakistani TV drama on youtube was fascinated by this serial. The production quality was fantastic, I have decided to do a term paper on Pakistani soaps for my University course on media. I am so glad that Indians are watching Pakistani dramas and this cultural exchange will heal the wounds of the past. Imagine how Indians & Pakistanis have so much to share than lose, I have already ordered my DVD box of “HUMSAFAR” I hear its an excellent drama, so Indian fans please petition ZEE TV to get “HUMSAFAR” aired asap you will be thrilled beyond belief

  • yasir

    Brilliant perfomances by fawad khan & sanam saeed……………..it basically fail aal indian serial… ..sanam is superb……fawad u r lookin like next sharukh khan…..grt work dude…..dis is called reality naturality of the society……….win aal heart in india ….everywhr hearing talk abt zindingi gulzar hai ……….

  • aditiverma

    These TV shows have been the best import from Pakistan ever. I’ve seen and heard right wing nut jobs in India talk about how good these shows are. They show a side to Pakistan and Pakistains that we had no access to earlier, all while being a superior fiction product. I hope soon enough these shows will allow people from both countries to think about each other as something other than the enemy, a legacy most of us had no say in.

    Maat was also excellent, and now we watch ZGH with our dinner every night.

    Well done Zee, and well done Pakistan for the wonderful work.

  • bobby

    I feel they are too good with serials.. on the other hand Indian directors are good at making movies..

  • bobby

    Indian TV producers mostly focus on never ending daily soaps and ignore the quality..

  • http://www.india.com POOJA

    I just love the whole story of Kashaf’s Life. Sanam is very good on her role.. she is really briliant.

  • Shruti Giri

    The show is absolutely flawless…each actor seems natural in every frame unlike new Indian shows which is over-loaded with fake jewelry, make-up and what now.The problems the situations faced by middle class people have been shown so well…Good for me that i belong to a place where Urdu is quite common….Really impressed and so is my mom she watches the episodes twice or thrice a day…Another fact to be noticed through the serial is that Pakistan doesn’t really seem different from India…we’re all the same…I am sure the more people will watch this, the more they’ll agree…Thanks a lot Zee

    • mamta sharma

      I agree with you completely ! the more I watch these serials more I appreciate the similarities between the two countries.

  • clara

    i will really miss after friday

  • clara

    both zarron and khasaf hats of love ull worked well

  • sushma

    zindagi gulzar hai is really very very good show and we so love that show and also their title song.

  • Manushi

    Absolutely lovely show. Brilliant acting by all the starcast. I am watching Pakistani tv show for the first time. I couldnt believe how talented are these actors.


    Zindagi Gulzar Hai Is An Awesome Drama But Humsafar Is even A Big Hit. I also Like Both.
    Feeling Happy After Reading Comments Of Our Neighbours About The Play #FawadKhan Really MAke US Proud..
    You People Should Watch Humsafar to it’s also good…. :) <3

  • Madhu Kamat

    superb……………..fawad n sanam gr8 job …Zaroon is so handsome ,has expressive face and beautiful command on voice. Acting is superb. ….thanx hum tv…….

  • Pakistani

    v hav no hate for india………….these are just the rumours you people hear…….i am glad to hear tht PAKISTANI dramas are being appreciated in india……..if u appreciate PAK dramas then you people should watch EK MUHABBAT K BAAD, BASHAR MOMIN, DIL-E-MUZTR,MERAY MEHERBAAN, DORAHA etc

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  • Parth

    Absolutely FANTASTIC!. Heard about this on Social Media and watched the entire drama non-stop on You Tube over 2 days! Take a bow the team at ZGH. Indian TV Drama producers and channels take a cue. Its staring in your face. Crappy serials, slap-stick dialogues under the guise of commedy, endless saas-bahu dramas in gaudy sarees and make up, exaggerated dialogues and expression, ridiculous family feuds …you guys are out of touch with reality. Get real and get relevant. There is enough and more creative talent in India to make socially relevant at the same time commercially success dramas. We need TV to entertaining and inspiring. Your target audience is changing and changing fast. Get back in the game before you loose them all.

  • kartik

    speech-less performance . Talent has no borders :)
    from writing to direction n kasaf you :)

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  • cutiepie

    Guys you NEED to watch “Daam” its amazing!

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  • zaid

    I m the big big fan of zaroon and really wanna a meet him one time yar he is superb yar so crazy…….

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  • garima

    Amazing the best

  • Dr Mamta Sharma

    Immensely liked the show ! For me the best part was the social message given for gender equality ! Hats off !! Such serials are need of hour in India when famale – male sex ratio is dipping thanks to practice of female foticide in India

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