Yogendra Yadav, Shazia Ilmi: 11 prominent faces of AAP who left the party!

Yogendra Yadav Shazia Ilmi

In yet another setback to the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), senior party leader Yogendra Yadav has given up his resignation from all the posts. He also took up the blame for the poor show in Haryana during the 16th Lok Sabha Elections 2014. Before him, there were others like Shazia Ilmi and Captain G.R. Gopinath resigning from the party posts citing differences with the party’s leadership. It’s another embarrassment to the Arvind Kejriwal led party after the situations around the non-payment of the bail-bond money have developed. In the past, many prominent faces of the party  had left the party citing similar reasons. Here’s a list of those leaders/members:

1. Yogendra Yadav

Senior Party leader and former member of University Grants Commission (UGC) and National Advisory Council (NAC) on Right to Education Act (RTE), Yogendra Yadav decided to part ways with Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). He resigned from all the posts and also took up the blame for bad show the state of Haryana where the party could not bag single seat out of 10.

2. Vinod Kumar Binny

Vinod Kumar Binny left the Aam Aadmi in a high voltage drama citing reasons for the party’s betrayal to the people and going astray of its own principles. Binny was the first rebel within the party who criticized AAP and left it in January after, according to him, the party failed to live up to the pre-election promises to the people of Delhi.

3. Ashwini Upadhyay

Another senior leader, Ashwini Upadhyay, got expelled from the AAP as he alleged that the party had gone in a ‘secret alliance with the Congress’. Ashwini, rebelled publicly and came out heavily on Arvind Kejriwal in the media. Ashwini also alleged the dubious donations Manish Sisodia’s NGO got. Ashwini was expelled for anti-party activities in April.

4. Shazia Ilmi

Shazia Ilmi, co-founder and secular face of AAP, resigned from all party posts citing ‘lack of internal democracy’ and ‘increased indifferences’. Shazia said, “We fight against cronyism, but we have a crony clique that runs the party and takes impulsive decisions.” She was quick to add, she may return to the fold, if given a significant role. Another U-Turn? Please no.

5. Captain GR Gopinath

Capt. Gopinath, a prominent face of AAP, also the pioneer in the low-cost airline sector, resigned from all party posts on Saturday. Gopinath said he was disappointed and disillusioned with the party’s agitational ways, tactics, and continuing tantrums. The Nitin Gadkari episode also left a bad taste.

6. Ashok Agarwal

Ashok Agarwal, national executive of AAP, quit the party expressing his unhappiness over the ticket distribution process. Ashok has alleged that the tickets for the Lok Sabha Elections 2014 were distributed to the elite class people, while the common class was ignored. Ashok while leaving the party said that the goals for which the AAP was formed, are getting lost. Ashik resigned on 11th March 2014.

7. Surajit Dasgupta

Surajit Dasgupta resigned way before the Delhi Assembly Elections in 2013 took place. Surajit, member of National Council- AAP, cited reasons of lack of internal democracy in the party. Surajit while he resigned accused Arvind Kejriwal of manipulating facts for political convenience.

8. Madhu Bhaduri

Another founder member AAP, Madhu Bhaduri had quit in February over Somanth Bharti’s midnight raid in the Khirki extension case. Madhu’s resolution against Somnath wasn’t even paid heed to by senior leader like Prashant Bhushan. Madhu resigned from all party posts, saying that AAP doesn’t treat women as humans, she also alleged that she wasn’t even allowed to condemn the shameful case in media.

9. Nutan Thakur

Nutan Thakur, member of AAP Lucknow, resigned from the party membership when the infamous Shazia Ilmi’s sting operation came into light. Nutan wasn’t any prominent post in the party, but his resignation just before the Delhi Assembly Elections exposed major chinks in AAP’s armoury.

10. Maulana Maqsood Ali Kazmi

Maulana Kazmi, National council member- AAP, resigned midway of the 16th Lok Sabha Elections. Kazmi questioned, “Why was the tickets given to Gul Panag, Meera Sanyal, Ashutosh given?” Kazmi charged that the party was being hijacked by 4-5 who are calling the shots. Kazmi accused Arvind Kejriwal & Co. of selectively targeting Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries on the behest of other industrial house.

11. Thousands of workers over India

Workers across India have resigned amid and after the debacle of AAP post Lok Sabha elections. People have criticised the party for lacking democracy and free speech. A common charge leveled against the party is that of making decisions behind closed doors and by few people. The party was to clean the existing political system but has dirtied itself with.

Many prominent faces have left the party leveling serious charges against the party’s top brass. They have accused the party of being run by a selective few people and the decisions being made by them are not closer to ground reality by any means. Surviving in politics is a huge task and any infighting would only worsen the case.

A recent SMS doing the rounds is, “If at this pace people keep quitting the AAP, the day is not far where it’ll have to rename itself as ‘Do-Char Aadmi ki Party’.”

In order to salvage some pride and abstain from embarrassment, AAP needs to resurrect the party’s image quickly, real quick!

  • EG Gopakumar

    AAP stands for Arvind ki Apni Party.

  • EG Gopakumar

    Shazia Ilmi ‘Secular face’ of AAP?
    You mean only muslims are secular, even when they say that muslims should be communal?
    Shikhar Jiwrajka, by your logic, since your name sounds Hindu, you are communal.

  • Mr D. N. Jadhav

    Yogendra and Naveen have not left the party !! They have offered to resign from the party posts and will work harder than ever for the party as ordinary members !! That is the spirit worth appreciating !!! Shazia has appreciated AK and his intentions to fight against corruption are beyond doubt for her !! She will be back to the party if her genuine concerns about APP and its functioning are addressed by AK and hope AK will do the needful in the coming meeting of the party !!! Media persons should comment properly and judiciously after proper analysis of the matters related to the APP !!!! AK is a superb find in politics and india needs people like AK in many numbers to be free from corruption and dishonest politics !!! APP is well spread up at national level !! In every city ,town and village of india THE NAME OF AK AND AAP is known and respected !! Starting with 4 seats is a good beginning !! BJP had won only 2 seats in its first election –point to be noted !!!

    • The Dark Knight

      BJP won 2 seats without any Media hype and during that 1984 election whole India was in the Indira Gandhi Sympathy wave so don’t compare it just to make yourselves happy… AAP was given huge Media bytes to promote itself but they made mess of themselves by Bad policies… the biggest is by Minority appeasement by saying Batla encounter was fake.. and the list goes on…

      • pkjain2020

        in the same terminilogy, AAP winning 4 is far more daring that BJP’s 2 in 1984.. in 1984 it was huge Indira Sysmpathy, and this time in 2014 it was a tremendous Modi wave, anti-congress, Media… so getting 4 seats in this scenario is something appreciable.

      • Hakikat Bir Singh Bhatti

        AAP is not what it is Coz of Media… We did What we did Despite of Media

  • zhakas

    Looks like the author is desperate to bring down AAP, that will not happen dude.. AAP is not just a party its an idea of clean politics, you cannot erase it from the hearts and minds of people..

    • jack_hoc

      AAP is a Naxilite movement

  • Reader

    what a junk

  • Man

    Mr Shikhar Jiwrajka please do your homework before writing an article. Yogendra Yadav did not quit AAP. You appear to be in hallucination.

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  • Shikari

    Ab sab apne decisions regret kar rahe honge.

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