When Sunny Leone said ‘Ab Ki Baar, Modi Sarkar’: 12 Hilarious slogans [Series 2]


No, do not waste your grey and white cells pondering over when actress Sunny Leone came out in the open to support the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) supremo and prime-ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. It is just another one-liner of  the ‘Ab Ki Baar, Modi Sarkar’ wave where all you have to do is – be a little creative and you can come out with your own Modi slogan.

These BJP election slogans and memes based on them have taken the social media and generally the nation by storm. After the first set of ‘Ab Ki Baar, Modi Sarkar’, we are back with the second set of our exclusive 12 hilarious slogans on Narendra Modi. [Also Read: 11 hilarious slogans on ‘Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar’]

1. Even the best-known delicacy of Gujarat is in support of Mr Modi.


2. Amitabh Bachchan aur Sashi Kapoor ke beech Deewar – do we need to say any more?


3. You will have to check with Salman Khan and Ranbir Kapoor on this.


4. OK, enough of Yuvraj Singh bashing in the media!


5. Ashok, Kishore or Manoj Kumar?


6. Common sense at the Mumbai local.


7. For your information only.


8. General knowledge


9. These guys found a ray of hope after the release of BJP’s manifesto.


10. Kumar Sanu’s ode to Modi


11. Asli Sarkar, coming soon.


  • Surya Prajapati

    would you like to do an internship for country

    • Sachin


  • Raghuram

    I support BJP. Atleast we can hope Indian to be now a developed country rather than developing country .

    • Vijay

      You are in for a very big surprise (err.. disappointment)

      • Hindustani

        @Vijay – Are you so very sure that BJP will perform worse than how Congress performed in the last ten years? Well time will tell who gets the big surprise. Nevertheless its better to be optimistic and take knowledgeable decisions rather than blind ones. Congress says Har haath shakti har haath tarakki… what shakti or tarakki did you see overall in the past ten years? Inflation? Or was it only Rahul’s swiss bank account getting bigger and his bro-in-law Wadra’s property expanding illegally.

        I sure hope you are not contemplating Arvind Kejriwal to become a PM, coz if he does become one he may be there for a month.

        For all the people out here – please use some common sense when supporting Congress / AAP. One clearly has ruined India in 10 years and another although having good motives does not have the leadership to take it out of the state that it is in now. Lets think about India development cause nothing else matters. You can never run to US and hope all will be fine, cause US citizens are a lot more patriotic than our current generation and Indians will get kicked out of US in the near future.

    • 22somebody

      heroine liya hai ,, ki cocaine ???

  • Rahul Gandhi

    Sonia Manmohan se boli maun vrat chodo, ab toh kuch bolo naa son of sardar.
    Ab ki baar modi Sarkar….

  • Rahul Gandhi

    Sonia Manmohan se boli maun vrat chodo, ab toh kuch bolo naa son of sardar.
    Manmohan bola…. Ab ki baar modi Sarkar….

    • BJP

      sonia manmohan se, sardar maun vrat chodo, ab to kuch bolo, manmohan bola abki baar modi sarkar

  • Lovely_clouds

    Rani Ki Jaasi ne uthai thi Talwar, AAB KI Baar Modi Sarkar ‪#‎AbKiBaarModiSarkaar‬..

  • Raj

    ek barash me mausam char, Abki bar Modi sarkar

    • 22somebody

      modi ke penis me bal sirf char ,Abki bar Modi sarkar

  • jijjbjjh

    sonia roh rahi iss bar, abki baar modi sarkar

    • 22somebody

      modi ko chodo bar bar ,,abki baar modi sarkar

      • Sahin gazi ♡ ♡ Sahin

        Sahin gazi Mumbai

  • ayush

    Kyun Baithe Ho Bekaar,
    Ab Ki Baar, Modi Sarkaar..

  • ayush

    Ab Harengi Sari Sarkaar Is Baar Modi Sarkaar.

  • Hindustani

    Arvind Kejriwal ne khaya maar,
    Rahu / Sonia sab bekaar,
    Abki Baar Modi Sarkar !!

    Advertisement agencies nahi chahiye dikhane ke liye ki kiski ho rahi hai jaijaikaar,
    News channel walo, kabhi to karo desh ki unnati ke liye koi sahi prachar,
    Abki baar Modi Sarkar !!

  • Manoj Raj Purohit

    priyanka kare jutha prachar. ab ki baar modi sarkar

  • Santosh Jha

    sunny leone ne pahani churidaaarrrrrrr……………..
    aaab ki baaaarrrrrr modi saaarkaaaarrr……………..

  • PraCASH

    har gadhe yahi pukaar , abki baar feku ki sarkaar….

  • jai ho

    Let us support Kejriwal, who has shown some gut feeling to face puppet of lakh of crore black money/corrupt mind /corrupt state agencies & corporate empires favored by him.

    Dump leader indicted in more than 10 serious cases starting from scam from godhra killing till snopegate who, everytime get clean after washing their hand off using black money/ marketing support from Corrupt Corporates,also flourished due to nda partners support.

    We need Kejriwal like intelectual as our leader not a mascot/puppet working for companies like east india company who always tries to divide india and rules.

    Bharat Mata ko Ajad karo….in kaledhan kaleman balon ki East india companies ke changul se

  • suhas sapre

    Narendra Modi Sir,

    Single handedly changed the scenario of Indian Politics. A great verdict by Indian people. A great message to the nation and to the World. We, as Indians congratulate him for his thumping win in the election. No body should not dream about becoming PM for next 20 years and I hope NM, PM< will do the magic with his all work, said and done for the welfare of the people and for the Indian economy growth. He is a man of principal and hard worker and will lead from the front. Sir, hope you favour the middle class by increasing the limit of Income Tax. Middle class are earning but not in a position to change their living standard. One more thing bring a 5-day week in all Govt as well as Banks as well as corporate sectors, by limiting social holidays and by increasing an hour in remaining days. We pray that you will come out differently and will succeed in your goal of changing the whole country. MODI (ji), Man of Democratic of India, will bring about lot of changes in the life of a normal person. Long live Modiji, we are with you to contribute and share your burden for the motherhood.. May God showers upon you all blessings and that He protect you from all evils in India and in the world. Wherever you travel, wherever you address a speech, God will protect you in all aspects. A great personality and a cheerful leader, who will the next Iron Man of India, Chhote Sardar. He is the man who holds Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and Swami Vivekanandji as his Idols.

    Suhas Sapre (Baroda 18/05/2014)

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