Tiger Shroff’s Heropanti: 7 reasons why this movie is an ultimate failure


The moment you realize the lead characters name is Bablu and Dimpy – Sorry boss time to pick your stuffs and leave the theatre. Yes Sabbir Khan directed Heropanti which features Bollywood star kid Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon has broken all the record of portraying nuisance. Well, does not want to sound biased and harsh on the newbies but Heropanti has kind of set a milestone in its own way. This movie makes Dhoom 3, Chennai Express and Dabangg 2 list among the iconic movies. Read what makes Heropanti the ultimate failure:

1. Tiger aka Jai Shroff makes his dream debut with Heropanti. Honestly even if he would have been Jai, he was still going to look the same and act exactly the same. Not going over his rather way too slimy, unorthodox looks with those dove eyes, he acts like as if he has worked out too much and got his face muscles frozen every time he delivers the dialogue. Throughout the movies he does back-flips, moonwalks unnecessarily and bugs you.


2. Sabbir Khan’s ability to direct movies should have been judged when he made his debut with  Kambakkht Ishq, showing Kareena Kapoor back side in a bikini and  Sylvester Stallone  fighting with goons to save the girl. (Yes he got  Sylvester Stallone in his movies. His only achievement in his life so far). But audiences suffering from bad memory loss gave him yet another chance and this guy comes out with Heropanti. This time he does not even have Kareena or  Sylvester Stallone to save the day.

3. Something as serious as “Khaap Panchayat”, honour killings, Sabbir Khan gives you a Heropanti which explains the chemical formula of how parents think when their kids run away with their lovers. Seriously! We love the idea but why all of sudden there is an actress dancing in chiffon saree in the Swiss Alps.

Tiger Shroff

3. Heropanti  has exactly 132 dialogues, may be 135 maximum distributed among 11 characters. We could go wrong with the statistics but we are close. The one dialogue which kept on revolving from the first scene to the end credits was – “Heropanti – Sabko Aati Nahin, Meri Jaati Nahin”. And all this mouthed by Tiger Shroff in real alienishh style.

4. After the interval you realize one era has passed by but the movie is still in loop. At one point of time you are back in 1990s with the hero helping his friends elope on the wedding dates. There is something called crash courses for story-telling and acting which is obviously missing from the Indian cinema industry scenario.

5. After putting my gray cells on overtime, I realized there was this one scene which had Sunil Grover who was at his best. Those five minutes were welcome change and you craved and wished he would come back with more and be the saviour of the day. But he does not. Arghhhh.

Kriti Sanon

6. Kriti Sanon is pretty face with smoking hot body (Too many whistles every time she showed her midriff in her Harayani avatars) But acting is not a cup of tea and so blaming her will be too harsh.

7. Prakash Raj as the pseudo-villain cum loving father at heart is great. One thing that makes him rank as one of the finest actors in recent times is his unpredictability. But watching him cry at drop of a hat is far too stretched. He has been wasted as well.

All in all Heropanti best described in the director’s language: Audience – ‘Filmaking Karega?’  Sabbir Khan – “Ab Kya Karoon Sabko Aati Nahin, Meri Jaati Nahin”. Did it make sense? NO!

  • a

    what a bullshit ,,,u r saying..its a good entertaining movie,,,completely disagree with above statements….he n d movie rocks

  • sh billu

    plz tell me ka movie kase ha good or bad

    • max

      it really good movie……….u must watch it ………..and tell ur suggestions on this idiot’s post………

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  • neena

    people like u can only coment u r totally sick. instead of wellwishing people like u degrade talented people i have watched this movie for five times and i think every girl of world want a hero like tiger including me. i loved this movie its just awsme. i dont remember when i got that much emotionaly attached with any movie last time but i love the hero and heropanti.weall love u tiger. ur the best

  • Tiger’s GF

    Firstly, when talking shit about people like Tiger Shroff at least make sure you match up to his level or are higher than him and for your info, all the above reasons, plus many more, are exactly why the movie is such a blockbuster. I just can’t believe you could say this about Tiger, like seriously? Anything to praise him just wouldn’t be enough. Aur Tiger mein kami kya hai? He is smoking hot and drop-dead handsome. He is so sincere, honest, hardworking and innocent in every way. Above all, he is so respectful. I mean how many actors, especially new ones, can make a place in your heart like Tiger can?What can I tell you…Just Keep Calm and Fall In Love With Tiger Shroff!!!

    • Reallyyyy

      Are u that big a fan of Tiger?

      • http://google.com shazia talib

        yes,i am

    • asdfgfd

      So, you’re saying you like hairless, feminine guys?

      • Mrs. (Future) Shroff <3

        He is not feminine… he loves to exercise have you seen his body… you’re just jealous of him being hotter than you… and I like a few guys with hair and without hair… but mostly without hair.. I find most hairy guys gross… I LOVE TIGER <3

    • Mrs. (Future) Shroff <3

      I agree… I love Tiger Shroff sooo much <3 he's so hot and Heropanti has become one of my favourite movies… <3

  • Deep

    if you cant say anything good about such a great film then keep your mouth shut

    • max

      i agree……….tiger shroff is the really good actor……….
      and look u, writer of this post………..what he has that makes him different than other actor is that he does not perform fake actions………..

      we like it ………..and your post sucks……………….

  • Kapil Arora

    The writer doesn’t know how to write. India.com has become so incompetent?

    As for the movie, Its a good watch and critics will always be there by pessimistic writers like Rashmi Mishra.

    Grow up mademoiselle, Save your job. Looks like your criticism to others is coming back to yourself.

    Always encourage people to do good in life rather than finding ways to pull them down, this will only help you to have good things in life too…..

  • qwedrfg

    The only good thing about this movie was Prakash Raj and Sunil Grover.

    • Mrs. (Future) Shroff

      Fuck off.. Sunil Grover looks like a bag of shit and is shit… Tiger is my eye candy.. <3 His movie is good because of his acting and because of him <3

  • qwedrfg

    To all the pieces of shts saying this article is written incoherently or badly, look at your grammar “what a bullshit” Secondly, the writer of this article did well in criticising the movie, she has an opinion, good or bad, just like you pricks.

  • devendra kataria

    It’s an ultimate faliure……

  • anand

    Movie is really nice.before criticizing him jst look at his levels of hard work,which is being portrayed by his action n dance sequences.StoMovie is really nice.before criticizing him jst look at his levels of hard work,which is being portrayed by his action n dance sequences.Stop being a pessimist mam and get a life…

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