Happy New Year: 5 things leaked out about the Shahrukh Khan-Deepika Padukone starrer

The most-awaited Shahrukh Khan movie of the year, Happy New Year, is about to release on October 23. In fact three months before its release, the movie has created enough buzz to get the ‘blockbuster’ tag. There are many rumors flying about the plot of the movie. According to our sources, below are the 5 things you must know about the movie.


1. Shahrukh Khan’s character:

Shahrukh Khan will be seen in the character of a master-mind hacker named Charlie. He will play the role of a fearless thief who will lead the troop for a major heist.

2. Music:

Happy New Year’s music has been composed by Vishal-Shekhar. They have composed many chartbuster songs for Shahrukh Khan and are expected to do the same with Happy New Year. The music album will contain 8 songs and it is said that the album will be one of the finest in recent years. The album will be a perfect mixture of party and romantic songs. The party section will be looked after by Mika Singh and Yo Yo Honey Singh having one track each. Arijit Singh and Sonu Nigam will lend their voice for romantic numbers having single track each.

3. Dance:

The most unusual thing about the movie is that it is has a much talked about 20 minute dance sequence. It is said that Happy New Year will have a dance sequence which will be approx 20 minutes long. Farah Khan along with herself has roped in renowned dance choreographers of Bollywood. This is said to be the most memorable dance sequence to happen in Bollywood.

4. Deepika Padukone and Malaika Arora Khan’s item number:

After shaking her booty in Dum Maaro Dum, Deepika Padukone is back to allure her fans with her dance moves. Malaika Arora Khan is also said to perform an item number for Happy New Year. These two hotties will soar the temperature providing a treat to watch for their fans.

5. Slow Motion dance choreographed by Raghav ‘Crockroaxz’ Juyal:

After amassing great popularity from Dance India Dance, Raghav Juyal known as the King Of Slow Motion will choreograph a special slow motion song for the lead pair. Popularly known as ‘Crockroaxz’, Raghav Juyal rose to prominence after his abstract form of ‘Slow Motion’ dance.

  • Dhrumil

    again srk came with something new for bollywood…..not like salman who just copies from south

    • Vikki Xavier

      Yeah right

  • Vikki Xavier

    So, its mostly about music and dance rather than heist. Hmmm…

  • Rangika Ba.

    Its copy cat movie of train..no maching at all with d name.film suck

    • dheeraj

      Its real… No copy

    • krisi

      its not copy movie.This is SRK movie…not Salman who make remakes

    • ds

      its not copy movie its original movie jealousy at its peak for u hehehe…pity u LOLZZZZZZZZZZZZ

      • Rangika Ba.

        Haha psycho fans of srk always not willing to accept truth,,same as srk..watch it n see..

      • Arpana Singh

        Another ra one, don 2 promotion, make people fool, cunning bakra

      • Arpana Singh

        Better go and watch dance india dance

      • Manoj

        BTW this story is inspired from Hollywood’s Ocean series!!
        SRK is better than salman alias slum khan whose all movies are a COPY of south movies. SRK acts better than Slum khan. When it comes to story (Script) , everyone does know that Salman Khan’s movies are all same. Only the characters in the movies differ. eg..Security Guard, Fake Detective ,etc etc ..

  • dheeraj

    Eagerly awaited movie…

  • dheeraj

    Will be better than copy of south indian movies…

  • Rangika Ba.

    SRK psycho fans never accept the truth,,HAPPY NEW YEAR Is A COPY CAT movie..otherwise he us not doing this much promotions for d film..only he knows to grab money by releasing it in world. 3,4 achche actors le ne ke film hit nahin hota SRK..

    • dheeraj

      wait for release….

    • Arpana Singh

      I agree.this cunning crap will male people fool till 24october by extensive promptions, and afta making money with poor people money will start new real estate business’ all this guy want money instead pf marrige dancer he shid be bar dancer

  • Rangika Ba.

    Ithni promotion math karo SRK,,other actors dont do like this..if u are king khan,,why would u do these much of promotions and overseas shows etc.. Dont be this much cunning to mislead people, u always do that by releasing it worldwide by telling its a good movie, and its poor people money..eg RA-ONE CE, wht a joke films..No other actors does these kind of things to earn money.

  • boo

    First of all i thought that, Vishal Shekhar hated Yoyo Honey Singh, so how can he be singing a song for them

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