Happy Birthday Lana Del Rey: 10 things you didn’t know about this gorgeous singer


Lana Del Rey is an extremely talented singer and song-writer known for her orchestral, retro-’60s-sounding pop that showcases her sensuously husky singing style. Some people just have it all and Lana Del Rey is among them. Her birthday coinciding with World Music Day is a coincidence or may be not! Here are 10 lesser known facts about this stunning lady

1) Lana Del Rey’s real name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant.

2) She grew up wealthy house and spent a lot of time the Chateau Marmont in L.A. and travelled around the world with her parents.


3) Lana Del Rey’s  first introduction to singing was in the church choir which she enjoyed and her interest for music peaked.

4)Her father, Rob Grant, bankrolled her first independent studio album. The album was called Sirens and she recorded it under the name “May Jailer”.

5) Although she describes herself as a “New York girl,” she spends her time in Britain with musician boyfriend Barrie-James O’Neill.

6) Her debut single, “Video Games”, attained worldwide success, reaching number one in Germany and top-ten positions in Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland and the United Kingdom


7) Lana Del Rey performed under various stage names, such as Sparkle Jump Rope Queen, May Jailer, and Lana Rey Del Mar.

8) Amongst her musical influences, Del Rey cites several contemporary artists such as Elvis Presley, Antony and the Johnsons, Frank Sinatra, and Eminem.

9) Lana Del Rey has a talented sister! Del Rey’s sister, Chuck Grant, is a photographer who graduated from Parsons School for Design. Chuck takes beautiful pictures of her sister and had a cameo in Del Rey’s video for Ride.


10)Her right hand is tattooed with the phrase “trust no one” and She also has the phrase “die young” tattooed on her right ring finger.



  • A.Diane

    Wow, so many facts are wrong here. Go fact check yourself.
    2. Lana didn’t grow up in a “wealthy” home – she was raised in a quiet television-free household until she was sent to boarding school when she was 16. She lived at the Chateau after she was famous…
    4. Her father DIDNT bankroll any of her albums. You can’t buy a record deal.
    5. She’s a NY Girl because she was born there and lived there into her early 20s. Her boyfriend is Irish and they moved to LA together some time ago.
    9. Chuck has done MANY photo-shoots for Lana, such as Dreamland, and also appears in “National Anthem”
    10. She also a “M” on her left hand (for her grandmother), “paradise” on her left hand, “Nabokov Whitman”‘in her right forearm and “Chateau Marmont” on her left forearm. Most recently she has “Nina Billie” on her left clavicle!

    Happy Birthday to one of the most talented songstresses of our generation, Lana Del Rey!

    • Billy

      I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed their errors -_-

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