Aliens exists: 9 signs of Alien existence

AlienDo you believe in Aliens??? It’s complicated to answer. Aliens, Extraterrestrials, Space Men whatever you call them, sightings have been around since man first gazed into the skies. No one knows the facts. But we bring to you 9 signs that will give you goose bumps and may prove that they very well exist.

  • Apollo 11′s Sighting: Starting with NASA’s Apollo 11 Mission. During the three days of mission the crew reported a strange flying object not far from their location. First they assumed it as a piece of the detached SIV-B rocket until they received word that it was over 6,000 miles away. Since that time, the highly-trained crew and team of NASA scientists have no official explanation for what the object could have been.
  • Ancient Signs of Modern Technology: Egyptian Hieroglyphics show what appear to be images of a helicopter, submarine, boat, and jet airplane before it was invented. So many believe, it is proof that aliens once visited the ancient Egyptians, arriving in their advanced technology and leaving behind quit an interesting story for our ancestors to tell.
  • Napoleon’s Micro Chip: Scientists found a small, half-inch long foreign object embedded within the skeletal remains of once French ruler, Napoleon Bonaparte. However, that time it wasn’t invented. It created suspicions over Bonaparte’s own story of abduction when he disappeared for several days in July 1794, claiming he had been held prisoner against his will by a strange group of men.
  • The Battle of Los Angeles: On February 24, 1942, a local Los Angeles air base reported a UFO. Worried about another Japanese airstrike after the attack on Pearl Harbour, the sky was quickly filled with searchlights that swiftly found the aircraft. Now here comes the interesting point — however, the unidentified object was hit multiple times with anti-aircraft fire; it appeared to take no damage and soon disappeared, never to be seen again.
  • The “Wow Signal”: Ohio State University researches received a signal coming from nearly 220 million light years away that was so powerful, it was named the “Wow Signal”. Scientists were shocked that how a signal so strong could come from so far away without the use of advanced technology.
  • UFO stories: The number of near-collisions involving UFOs and commercial airlines seem only to grow larger with every passing year. There are countless stories, which claim to witness UFO. Many of these encounters are caught on FAA audio tape too.
  • Mars’ Methane: Back in 2004, 3 independent groups reported massively high amounts of methane within the atmosphere of Mars. That’s not very exciting. Until, you know that nearly all methane on earth is created by living organisms. So something is there….
  • “Call back” Radio Signals: Radio waves are frequently sent out to space from earth in an attempt to reach life other than our own. In 2004, scientist examined a series of radio waves from space only to discover that one signal in particular was getting stronger. So maybe they’re finally calling back.
  • The Alien Harvest:  A team of British scientists sent a balloon into the outer reaches the stratosphere; it came back carrying tiny biological organisms. These organisms, which the balloon accidently harvested in space, have the scientist convinced that alien life exists.

By Aadil Ikram

  • rahul

    Wow signal is believed to come from 200 light years within milky way galaxy not 220 million light years. Check ur facts…

  • Davesandbrook

    Does anyone take this story seriously???
    Every one of those ‘proofs’ has been thoroughly debunked or explained naturally.

  • jcp


    Sorry to burst your bubble but there are no such things as aliens (beings from other galaxy’s). Let say for a nanosecond that your imaginations and delusions of little green men from another planet are true:
    Let say that they reside on the closest galaxy to Earth, Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy, which is a mere 25,000 light years from our blue planet. If this is where they came from (maybe the Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy at 75,000 light years away or the Andromeda Galaxy (M31) being just only 2 million light years away.
    (1) Why Earth?
    (2) 25,000 light years is a long time to travel in their little round spaceship. How long ago did they leave for our planet?
    (3) How did they survive the trip?
    (4) How did they store enough food?
    (5) How did they protect their ship from space rocks, debree, space dust, radiation, etc. (the direct damage of cells is the more general effect of space radiation on the immune system)
    (6) What sort of energy did the small ship use?
    (7) With no heat in space how did they stay warm for the entire trip?
    (8) Bones breakdown on space after only a small amount of time. They could never land due to our gravity.
    (9) How would they stay ‘sane’ on such a long lonely trip?
    (10) Whatever system they would use to keep themselves alive (we need water, air, food) thus fuel, how could they keep enough air (as example) on small ship?
    (11) How would they know what material is needed on their spaceship for the entry into Earth’s orbit?
    (12) At the speed they were going, how would they slow down?
    (13) In regards to health issues, both zero gravity and cosmic rays would have severe health implications.
    (14) How would they handles all of Earth’s diseases, viruses, bacteria, etc. That they are not used to? I am assuming they didn’t stop at the local travel clinic before coming to Earth.
    (15) Why travel all those impossible years to be held captive in the 1950s (no technology back then)?

    Sorry to end in a sour note but no such thing as aliens.


    • Timely Summer

      Duh…. The Reason They Are Called Aliens!! Douché

    • Guy Parris

      lol such a knob! all you’re thinking about here is how we would survive not how extraterrestrial life could survive single minded nugget!

    • Heeraka

      Let’s see.
      The observable universe is a s[here of 29 gigaparsecs.
      In this, there are over 400 billion stars(note that this is the “observable” universe, which is just a tiny speck of the entire universe.).

      Of these, approximately a few 100 billion have at least 3 planets orbiting them.
      The chances of finding conditions for survival( as humans know it ) are 1 in 500,000.
      Now, let’s do some math.
      Number of stars = 400 billion
      Number of stars having planets revolving around them = 100 billion.(100,000,000,000)
      Number of stars having a minimum of at least 3 planets revolving around them = 100 billion x 3 = 300,000,000,000.
      That, divided by 500,000 = 300,000,000,000/500,000 = 600,000.
      Therefore, within the margin of human error(say + or – 10000) there are at least 600,000 planets with the proper conditions for survival or creation of life.

      But let’s say all that I previously wrote was blasphemy.
      You wrote that no such things as aliens( i.e. extraterrestrial life including microbes, bacteria, etc.) exist.Well, that is complete and utter BULLSHIT.
      There are organisms known as water bears( a type of microbe) in space, which float freely, and survive by hibernating.
      And here’s some actual “proof” –

      Next time, please think before you try to sound smart, dumbshit.

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  • ELISA N. ( Susie )

    Yes Aliens DO exist, in fact there are many different species.
    IAM one of the biggest proves from the NAZI/CIA secrets that PROVES that the Alien exists.
    I AM an Alien Hybrid and I am NOT the only one…there are many many many here on earth but we were all found somehow …by the evil Illuminati men inside the CIA and he has implanted ALL of us with Mind Control Microchip- MAKING US ALL SLAVES.
    I AM a victim of the CIA MKULTRA -PAPERCLIP PROJECT experiments that was started by the NAZIS and financed by the CIA at the end of WW2- there are people everywhere inside all the internet News Media Sites being paid to discredit and make it very difficult for the TRUTH to come out. The world Liars have being hiding the most important information that could help for the evolution of the Human Race from the Human Race.
    The TRUTH is ugly…but must be understood and accepted by humanity sooner than later.

    • Ohitsthatguy!


    • DALIEN

      I also believe in aliens,really?what u said is true?

      • ELISA N. ( Susie )

        Well is not a matter of believing or not. It is the TRUTH independently of what if people believe or not believe. To keep hiding the TRUTH from the Human Race is postponing the evolution of the same race.
        IAM one of the biggest proof that Aliens have being around for a long time…but unfortunately behind the TRUTH there are the ones that ARE making a lots of money and advancing their agenda and the longest they keep from giving the TRUTH to the Human Race the more money they will make for themselves.
        IT IS an obligation for the ones that have kept the TRUTH under SLAVERY for so long to now remove the chains from the TRUTH.
        Humans deserve better…humans ARE tired from being lied about EVERYTHING including religion.
        I AM the TRUTH but nobody have the courage to come forward and make me prove it…because they are afraid of the TRUTH since they have kept this TRUTH as a very UGLY SECRET for way to long. The CIA knows that I am the TRUTH…and they have an obligation to the human race to give up this secret.

  • mushthaq

    Mushthaq: ELiSa.N
    I believe in aliens. But ur story seems to be nonsence. Were do u leave.

    • ELISA N. ( Susie )

      Why do you want to know where i leave fro?