Ranveer Singh disappoints with Manchow Rap as Ranveer Ching!

Ranveer Singh disappoints with Manchurian Rap as Ranveer Ching!

Before the release of Ranveer Ching, Ranveer took to twitter and excitedly posted the first dazzling poster and captioned it, “Bhonpu Bajake…Jhonka Lagake…Hunger ki Bajao!!!”. Ranveer Singh is known for doing something hatke every time he starts a new project. The last time he appeared in a commercial, he made girls go weak in their knees with his Do The Rex condom’ commercial. Now Ranveer is featuring in Chinese food brand commercial, Ching’s Secret Presents, A Con Hai? Films Production “My Name is Ranveer Ching”.

This commercial reeks of  Ranveer Singh’s trademark  quirky and loud style. Although he is known for his vibrant personality, love it or hate it, but you definitely cannot ignore it attitude, this schezwani , muh mein pani ad did not live up to our expectations. Although Ranveer dazzles on the Ranveer Ching ad spot, the commercial as a whole seems very much forced.

The over the top video has been directed by Shaad Ali with music composed by Shankar Ehsaan Loy and lyrics by Gulzar, this high-energy video has been choreographed by Ganesh Acharya. The video is a very hodge-podge, the open rickshaw, bright lights, Ranveer’s costumes and yellow shades put together is overbearing.The shcezwani zinger effect has been brought to life by none other than Arijit Singh. Ranveer Singh is doing what he does best, by being loud and eccentric but it does not help with how boring and lame the commercial is. After a point we wonder why the ad spot was dragged to 3 minutes!

So when compared to his previous ‘Do The Rex, we are disappointed with this Manchow Rap. If you have missed out on the commercial, check it out here and do let us know how do you like it.

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  • Sunny

    What is Lame here? Its a brand promotion for Eatables. And he has pulled it off in a very unique way. And by the way how much have you been paid to post such crappy news?

  • ck

    Ranveer at his best…

  • akbar bakht

    Hey… I don’t agree with your views… I think it is really entertaining and personally love Ranveer in it… His dance moves, the music and his mind blowing expressions making it a super watch! Loved his rap as well…. You rock as Ranveer! Don’t listen to the media. You’re fans love u as Ranveer Ching

  • Varghese Joji

    Its not lame or boring.. Its new and innovative.. And I am sure it has reached the target audience..

  • Navneet

    It seems like the in thing to dismiss a creative and offbeat approach to advertising these days. What, in the writer’s memory, is the last commercial in this category that stood out? IMO, an endorsement that leverages the personality and identity of the brand ambassador instead of towing the safe line is already off the starting block as far as catching attention goes. Job done for Ching’s and Ranveer, as far as I’m concerned.

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