‘Kick’ Music Review: There is no Kick in the music!

'Kick' Music Review: There is no Kick in its music!

The music of the Salman Khan starrer ‘Kick’ reinforces the fact that ‘all that glitter is not gold’. When the trailer of the movie was released, the music by Himesh Reshammiya seemed to be the USP of the movie. The music stands nowhere near to the Salman’s previous albums, Ek Tha Tiger, Dabbang, Wanted and Bodyguard  which are among the best albums of Salman Khan. The major strength of a commercial movie has always been its music. Kick tumbles a bit in this section.

The album starts with energetic ‘Jumme Ki Raat’ sung by Mika Singh and Palak Muchhal. The song has garnered some positive reviews from the audience, but it was rated average by the critics. Shot lavishly, the video of this song maintained the buzz created by the trailer.

The next song of the movie ‘Hangover’ sung by the megastar Salman Khan is supported by Meet Bros and Shreya Ghoshal, this number will not add any zing to the buzz of the movie. It sounds just like any other ordinary track, clearly deprived of the ‘wow’ factor. Salman Khan is just passable as a singer in this one.

The album proceeds with a romantic track ‘Tu hi tu’, sung by Mohammad Irfan. His last track ‘Banjaara’ from ‘Ek Villain’ was certainly a benchmark song of his career. Tu hi tu excels the rest songs, but it is not even remotely close to the tune of ‘I Love You’ or ‘Tere Mast Mast Do Nain’.

Yo Yo Honey Singh has become a mandatory inclusion in every big-budget film. The next song in the album is ‘Yaar Naa Mile Te’ by Honey Singh and Jasmine Sandlas. But when you hear the song, you will get to know that it’s Jasmine all the way. We do not get the Yo Yo feel in this song at all. Because of this, the song may not enjoy the tag of chart-buster as previous Honey Singh’s songs.

Apart from these four original songs, the album consists of three remixes; Jumme Ki Raat, Hangover (MBA Swag) and Tu Hi Tu. The unplugged version of Tu Hi Tu has been sung by Salman Khan, and he has really let us down in this one!

On the whole, Kick is a dull album by Himesh Rehammiya. Barring Tu Hi Tu, none of the songs live up to the benchmark set by the trailer. This can hamper the huge buzz created by the initial promos of the movie.

Rating- 2/5

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  • Gandalf the Grey

    Himesh composed only 2 songs, Jumme ki raat and Tu Hi Tu which are quite good. Other songs aren’t.

  • Arun Kumar

    You doesn’t like Himesh Reshammiya won’t make him a below average composer. He has only composed two songs in this album and those two are the bet in the lot. Jumme Ki Raat won’t win applause lyrics wise but composition wise it’s a winner. Tu Hi Tu is a fresh tune pleasing to the ears brilliantly rendered by Mohammed Irfan. The only thing I wish in this song is that himesh could have been concentrated a bit more on the instrumentation otherwise it’s an all time winner. Please get a pair of good ears if possible and instead of blaming such a brilliant composer and yes I do think it’s time for Himesh to concentrate on lyrics as these days. Himesh is a super talented composer and he excels at it better than anyone else in the industry.

  • Sun Sunny

    “On the whole, Kick is a dull album by Himesh Rehammiya.”

    What does reviewer mean by this ??

    The only saving grace in the album are the two songs composed by Himesh…
    The only blunder by him is to make Salman sing…. which sounds pathetic and kills the otherwise decent songs.

    The rest two songs sound plain mediocre, with Honey Singh’ song being absolutely spoiltsport…

    Despite that, Himesh is to blame, for killing this album…..
    KUDOS to the reviewer….

    Please Please….Please…. Stop bashing Himesh… Be fair to the composer….

  • umaisa

    Music of kick is brilliant n jumme ki raat n hangover r instant chartbusters…kick rocks..jake sojv stupid reviewer…

  • Raj chwd

    This person weather salman or himesh hater. @ songs are already super hit and well accepted and what the hell he is talking about …so supid ..it,s not review it,s garbage

    • Roopaiyer

      This author is certainly a salman and himesh hater. U dumbo the music is chartbuster yaar?? Where r u ?? Gone back to the medieval. Period?? Wake up man!!! And brush your knowledge of music yourself. May be u can learn under himesh!! U stupid man!!!

  • ganesh

    Do u even have music sense ??? All songs are hit numbers.. but I guess you like Bhojpuri songs….

  • failed_india

    This reviewer is a m0r0n and because of stupid writers like this a website like this gets no hits ! Lol.
    He must be eating his own words now. Kick’s music is already chartbuster.

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