Katrina Kaif’s real age revealed in the Fevicol Ad


She claims herself to be only 30 years but going by this comical Fevicol ad that appeared in early 2000, Katrina Kaif definitely looks like one of those actresses who age once in five years. Any amount of mathematical computation may not solve the mystery but this ad is sure to remain fresh in our memories. Not only it gave us a superstar but it also shows the creativity that defined the Indian advertising.

Set in typical surrounding where a newly-wed couple is received at the station when the groom spots sizzling Katrina Kaif. And you simply cannot ignore the tune played from the movie Gadar as background score.

Watch this Fevicol ad and you would end ruing the lack of innovation in the present day advertisements.

  • nks
    • Dee

      No way. I remember seeing this ad when I was in India, and I went abroad in 2007. Plus, this is not even a typical baraat song — it’s one of those songs that was popular only around the time when the movie was released.

    • sophia

      no this ad is very old… m 20 years old now and remember watching this ad wen i was a school-kid…

  • Sehar

    Yes its a very old ad..n i remember seeing her in Lakme sunscreen ad wen i was a child and she must be 22 or so ..m 27 yrs old now

    • Ben Lee

      I use to think I saw her photo in 1999. But apparently she made he debut in 2003 with Boom.

  • Mumbai

    She is 35. Her passport says so.

    • Sony

      Why the press are not writing about poor people life and the ways to solve the problems instead of writing all this useless news

  • Tutu Hombre

    Using Katrina Kaif’s age, you have made many people watch this Fevicol ad. How much did you get paid by Fevicol for this press release, to make Chutiya out of everyone…???hahahah

  • sophia

    whatever her age is.. even if she is 36 years old she does not look like that at all.
    That is a talent…. good day :D

    • nami

      thats not talent but botox and hyaluronan and implants that make her so uncreased

    • http://Handsome.com kG

      Yeh,what talent ? Must be hidden talents that only Ranbir knows about. Because she can’t act ,dance or speak Hindi !

  • Iman Ali

    Deepika ne keh dia r sb yaqeen kar lan ye kase o skta h,wo to wase hi boht jalti h us se , us par itne coment krti srf relationship k lie, cheap hrktan krti h, r ye bollywood life wale jo deepika ki PR h is lie asi btein kr rae hn, kiatrina looks more young n prety because of her innocent n cute looks than cheapika. She looks 24 years old only while deepika 28 .ok keep it in ur mind,.

  • geeta

    how hard katrina tries with her make up and toned body , she cannot hide her age , ranbir kapoor looks like kid brother to her. She is got very long saggy face , ooops thats aging and katrina pl dont try tood hard neither u can look like aliya or deepika

    • madhu ansari

      LOL… jealously

  • Nish

    Song played in background is of movie released in 2001 and ad is of 2000. Lol.

    Really intelligent.

  • Ben Lee

    well this ad came out in 2002.
    It could nt have come out in 2000.
    This video could not have been made in 2000, becuase it ues music of Gaddar and Gaddar was released in 2001.

    So if she was 18/19 in this video now she is 30.But I do not know why someone leves parents in UK and come to India for work at age 18, instead of going for studies.

    DO you think he was 18/19 in this video ?

    • India Rocks

      Prasoon Pandey, director,Corcoise Films, directed Kaif’s first ad film, the Fevicol train commercial in November 2002

  • Pipebomb

    Since beginning she can only give expressions when she has to make seductive slutty faces….. I guess that comes naturally to her

  • Kinnosh

    Her name itself is fake, let alone her age. She started modelling in 1991 in UK at 15-16yrs… Her family, broughtup, citizenship is big confusion still. As per Katrina,,Her mother runs NGO in madurai dist but she herself struggled a lot without much money… so whose money is in NGO…. conversion center may be.

    Kaif is not her surname as told by her first promoter! Mohd. Kaif was famous those days n hence he gave her that surname… lol such are her credentials. She might,not even be of Indian origin but a Paki fooling Indians…lol

    But botox helping her filmi career


    What a nonsensical chat here. Indian do not have any work so they have to kill time like this bs.

    • TeluguIndian

      What’s your problem?Mind your own country’s affairs then. -.-

      • rhea


        • rhea

          Mr tel u guidance shut up

    • India Rocks

      Of course you do not have anything to chat about – but India and Indians

  • horsenzebra

    She looks like Ranbir’s elder sister. Add 10 yrs to Ranbir’s age and you’ll get Katrina’s age.

    • uday

      if Ranbir removes his wig he will look like her uncle. so what if he is younger than her.

  • Sruthi

    Whatever the age, she is still desirable

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