N Srinivasan, The most corrupt BCCI President of all time: Watch video

N_SrinivasanN Srinivasan has been asked by the Supreme Court to be replaced due to his long line of sins that have caught up with him. This will not only screw N Srinivasan but also mess with Chennai Super Kings who have also been asked to be disallowed to play Indian premier League 7 matches due to the tainted record.

An extremely funny video showing his reign of oppression as BCCI president with amazing use of graphics has been posted on Lalit Modi’s website and YouTube page. (Read: N Srinivasan to be replaced by Sunil Gavaskar)

The video discusses his family ties, his leadership at BCCI, future aspirations as head of ICC and many other super powers that he has which he modestly doesn’t propagate unless he is at a BCCI meeting.

View the hilarious video of The Srinivasan here.

  • lakx

    Shows why India will never prosper and why south Indians never trust north indians. Here we have a person who has corruption cases filed against him and has fled the country to evade arrest and he makes a video that is supposed to imply that Srinivasan is the most corrupt and you guys believe it. Why just because Srinivasan is south Indian? What are the corruption charges against Srinivasan? Conflict of interest. betting by his son in law etc are technicalities based on which either is in not eligible to contest in BCCI or CSK is not supposed to continue in IPL. FYI until something new is found about Srinivasan no criminal case is going to be filed against him as he has not done anything illegal. On the other hand his company owns 11 teams and around 130 cricketers are on its rolls and it has been doing it for nearly 50 years. What was his benefit to do it eve 10 years back. Open your eyes and use you IQ and stop making statements based on community or half knowledge

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