EPL Fixtures Week 27: Preview and predictions

The hunt for the English Premier League (EPL) couldn’t get any better! After the English Premier League took a break for the FA Cup, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, Liverpool and Manchester United all have their jobs to do.

The title race is as tight as ever with all the clubs chasing the Premier League play considerably smaller sides. The battle for the fourth Champions League spot, on the other hand, is another serious matter. Everton and Tottenham are hoping for a Liverpool slip up, while Manchester United will keep trying their luck. Manchester United took a warm-weather trip to Dubai and manager David Moyes will be hoping to save the English Champion’s woeful season.

Besides Everton playing Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, there aren’t teams chasing the fourth spot playing each other. Every team will know that any point will be crucial because as many as 11 teams remain embroiled in a fierce relegation battle. With just 12 games remaining, at this point of time in the season, there certainly isn’t a team with nothing to play at all.

EPL Fixtures on Saturday, February 22

Chelsea Vs Everton

Prediction: 2-0

Arsenal Vs Sunderland

Prediction: 1-0

Cardiff City Vs Hull City

Prediction: 2-0

Manchester City Vs Stoke City

Prediction: 4-0

West Brom Vs Fulham

Prediction: 1-0

West Ham Vs Southampton

Prediction: 1-2

Crystal Palace Vs Manchester United

Prediction: 0-2


EPL Fixtures on Sunday, February 23

Liverpool Vs Swansea City

Prediction: 4-0

Newcastle Vs Aston Villa

Prediction: 2-1

Norwich City Vs Tottenham

Prediction: 0-2

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