Can Virat Kohli break Sachin Tendulkar’s seemingly unbreakable ODI record?


The current Indian captain Virat Kohli has been on a prolonged purple patch and most are considering him as the best batsmen in the world currently. Let’s take a look at some of the stats and compare Kohli to other greats based on his current statistics.

Kohli has made 19 centuries in 132 matches scoring 5,629 runs at an average of 52.60. These numbers look really good if you see that the next quickest to the landmark of 19 centuries is Chris Gayle and he took 189 innings as compared to Kohli’s 124 innings. Also you must see that the great Brian Lara scored only 19 centuries throughout his One Day career.

The only player who seems even close to breaking his record is Hashim Amla who has scored 4,054 runs in 82 innings but the 31-year-old’s form has been on a decline lately. Kohli also broke the record of great Viv Richards becoming the quickest to reach the mark of 5,588 runs. The amount of runs scored by Viv Richards in his entire career.

Also Kohli’s average after 124 innings is only bettered by Michael Bevan but that was supported by the fact that he remained not out a lot of times because he came in to bat in the lower middle order and did his job as a finisher.

Moreover, 20 per cent of the runs scored by India in a winning cause has been scored by Kohli in the past 2 years.

It wouldn’t be too quick to say that we do have a special talent on our hands who has proved him self again and again on more than one occasion in crucial situations. If he continues playing the way he has in the past 3 years we might just get the candidate to challenge Sachin Tendulkar’s seemingly unbreakable record in One Day Internationals.

Tendulkar played 463 matches in his ODI career and scored 18,426 runs in 452 innings at an average of 44.83. He scored 49 centuries and 96 fifties in the limited over edition.

  • shankmfs

    Look. There might be players like Kohli who can break the records of Sachin, but only ON-field records. No one can break the records and standards Sachin has set OFF field with kind of purity and commitment. Virat can break the records but he cannot be IDEAL role model for future generation (All of you know why). #GOD #SRTforever

    • Deepak jha

      @shankmfs:disqus the author has clearly mentioned that the article is meant to be about kohli breaking sachin’s odi record. so whatever you are arguing doesn’t make sense.

      • Bhargav

        Well Said Buddy :)

        • sc

          This rant between these 2 is better reading than the article!

      • shankmfs

        I Am not concerned with odi record. You read my comment possitively so you will get the sence. My views are extended to what is author missed to write.

        • Deepak jha

          ummm….you still don’t make sense.

          • shankmfs

            Really? Then you need to Get a life my friend.

          • Deepak jha

            lol. you are the one who is arguing about irrelevant stuff on a good article. you are the one with hilariously bad english. you are the one who needs to get his fact right and u say that i need a life. well done sir..

          • shankmfs

            I get it. You don’t have technical knowledge and trying to be oversmart here.

          • Deepak jha

            hahaha….this is my last reply to you man. you are a very funny guy, just accept what an article is trying to convey rather than put in your assumptions(which doesn’t make sense anyways).also if want to be technical please learn to communicate first. your english is as bad as your common sense.

          • shankmfs

            This is also my last reply to you jack. You are completely moron. There is difference between opinion and assumption (hope you have dictionary to check meaning of it though) and as far as english is concerned, get your monkey ass to the harward and bring it on next time.

          • Rohit

            What the fucking argument you guys are going into…. Assholes….

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