Violent sex scene in ’300: Rise of an Empire’ left Eva Green bruised

The ever-so-consistent Eva Green revealed that she was left black-and-blue after a violent sex scene for her new film, 300: Rise of an Empire. The former Bond girl is believed to have been left bruised while filming an aggressive sex scene with her Australian co- star Sullivan Stapleton. 300: Rise of an Empire is a sequel to American fantasy film 300 which starred Gerrard Butler.

The French actress said in an interview with the ShortList Magazine, that she hasn’t seen the sex scene yet, but heard that it’s quite full-on and brutal. Eva Green who is a very capable performer usually leaves an undeniable stamp on any Hollywood production. Ever since playing the Bond girl in Casino Royale opposite Daniel Craig she’s been typecast as the smouldering seductress in several movies.

Eva doesn’t play the same kind of role in 300: Rise of an Empire, but instead she takes matter into her own hands. The matters in question being swords, bows, arrows and command of the Persian navy. 300: Rise of an Empire will release in cinemas worldwide on March 7. Check out the sexy Eva Green in the trailer below:

  • Unknown

    Jesus man how the hell do you get bruised up during sex ha. Well guess I’ll be finding out shortly when it releases.

    • Patricia

      oh, it’s not terribly hard, trust me

      • Teh Herminator

        We’ve got a wild one here, ladies and gentlemen!

        • Guest

          I heard of women who get sore afterwards. Never though getting black and blue.

          • Roger Means

            depends women,men both bruise easily around the thighs not very hard to slip up or bump hard and get some bruises.

          • Patricia

            depends on how rough you want to be. Think outside the box, maybe getting slammed up against the way, scratching into the skin, rough holding. It’s all possible, it just depends on the attitude of both people involved.

          • mandeep dhesi


    • Ryan

      really? lol

    • VWGTI

      oh it was pretty hard. just saw it Tonight.

  • Lakshman Pasala

    The song in the trailer is War Pigs by Black Sabbath and is an anti-war song.
    oh! the irony~

  • sid

    cant wait to watch.

  • carcosa

    if you’re not roughed up,you’re not doing it right.

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