Sunny Leone’s husband Daniel Weber now holds Indian passport!

In what can be called an interesting revelation, Sunny Leone’s husband, Daniel Weber, told that he is here to stay in India with Sunny, as Bollywood continues to dish out interesting opportunities for the duo

Sunny Leone is here to stay! Yes, the Canadian hottie has moved lock, stock and barrel to aamchi Mumbai as Bollywood continues present her some really meaty opportunities. What reiterates this news even more firmly is the fact that  Sunny’s husband, Daniel Weber, who also handles the Ragini MMS 2 actress’s publicity, has successfully received the Indian passport.

“I love the energy this city(Mumbai) has. It’s vibrant, colourful and full of opportunities. Though I shuttle a lot between Mumbai and the states now, I end up spending most of my time in Mumbai.” said Daniel, who now holds dual citizenship, in an exclusive chat with

Daniel is also glad that Sunny‘s popularity is only growing with every passing day not just in the island city but all across the globe. “Bollywood simply made it happen and Sunny continues to get some really interesting offers,” maintained Daniel before concluding,” Even I continue to enjoy my stay in India and  I am now looking forward to co-produce some movies in the days to come, even though Sunny keeps working in Bollywood movies.”

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