Sunil Grover’s Mad In India has Baba Ramdev’s aashirwaad!


So the much anticipated show Mad in India is finally out! And must say it has all the elements to dislodge the current comical caper Comedy Nights With Kapil hosted by comedian Kapil Sharma. In its very opening episode, the show highlighted its strong presence in the form of Manish Paul anchoring the show, yoga guru Baba Ramdev as its first guest celebrity and Sunil Grover as Chutki!

Yes Sunil Grover is back. If not as Gutthi, he is back to entertain you as Chutki! With similar two braid hairstyle with red ribbons, she looked hilarious. Agree we all missed her. The great tussle between Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma led to her walking out of the latter’s show Comedy Nights With Kapil. But he has definitely made amends with her Chutki act.

Another reason which made the show delight to watch was the interview of Baba Ramdev. He was seen chatting with Manish Paul who is brilliant with his comic timing.  He sang, danced, taught kapalbhati and did handstand! He even blessed Chutki and the show to become the number one show!

But the star of the show remains Sunil Grover with his several acts and he catches your attention again with his flawless Chutki act. The show airing one hour ahead of his former show has definitely sizzled in his first episode. It is widely rumoured that the ‘Bua’s wedding sequence’ in Comedy Nights With Kapil was planned to kill the buzz around Sunil Grover’s Mad in India.

Gutthi or Chutki, Sunil Grover shows he is definitely one of the best television actor with a comic timing at present on the small screen. As for both the shows, it looks like even-steven at the moment. Only time will tell who survives in the longer run as for now the viewers remain in splits!

So was Sunil Grover’s Chutki act a sizzle or fizzle for you guys?



  • Mahender Singh


  • Menjos

    Rashmi…a star network reporter…Delight to watch???…it ws a big flop

  • Raj can

    Hahaha such a boring show ..Paid reporter

  • niz

    The Good
    1.manish when he goes unscripted is really witty to see the ‘modified gutthi’ after a long time.sunil grover is obviously good in his/her bits

    The Bad
    no audience participation,

    The Ugly
    the rest of the comedians very extremely non funny..esp the rickshaw puller and the 2 yellow shirt guys..and the rest

    -hope the show improves coz the first episode was a big dissapointment

    • Mehr

      Excellent format of the show and much more entertaining than boring kapil whose laughter is derived by mocking people especially the audience. Will continue to watch sunil’s show which will soon surpass kapil’s lame show.

      • niz

        its not about which show is better than the other.
        its whether the show can make you laugh.this is not an indo-pak match where u have to choose one side.
        i am going to watch both cnwk & mad in india provided they r funny.

        more laughter, the merrier,eh?

      • Ram

        Worst show.. MII should be shut down ASAP

  • Kalam Laman


  • jaya

    it was not funny. kapil is hilarious and while guthi was ok and so was manish everyone else was just sorta struggling.

  • Rosey Varma

    I switched after a few was terrible to be honest..Manish Paul forced his laughter…the jokes bombed …they really need to work on the show..even the format was mucked up. Manish Paul needs to be used a lot better in the show.
    What a disappointment!

    • nitin mahipal

      good show i like it please call me 9716617184

  • davinder

    such a great job nice show
    fully entertaining show

  • Prajakta

    Yea…it seems that this reporter has been paid to write all good stuff…there was not a bit of humor in the whole episode…Sunil is a brilliant actor and is a total waste in this program. Leaving Comedy nights was a big mistake done by Sunil…he was doing so good there and getting immensely popular…

  • Guthi

    Better than KNWK where Kapil is making fun of ordinary people……

  • IrshaadKhan


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