Shah Rukh Khan finds Aamir Khan’s nude act in PK vulgar and talentless!

Shah Rukh Khan finds Aamir Khan's nude act in PK vulgar and talentless!

Mumbai, Aug 2: Superstar Shah Rukh Khan seems to be fed up with questions on his rival Salman Khan and says he is bored of it now. When asked whether Salman ever gifted him a painting as he is a better painter, Shah Rukh said: “It’s an old question now and we have hugged each other and we are friends. It’s been too many years now that you all are asking me the same question … I am bored now.”

The actor also took a dig at Aamir Khan starrer PK film’s poster at the announcement of the Got Talent World Stage Live. When the host of the show Mini Mathur asked Shah Rukh if he wanted to show his hidden talent under his belt which was not known to the people yet and he wanted to show the world, SRK said: “Now it’s getting vulgar…show the world what you have under the belt (laughs)…muje aisa laga PK poster ki baat kar rahe hai hum.”

When a reporter asked whether Shah Rukh has seen Aamir’s talent by shedding his clothes on PK poster, SRK said: “Idhar talent bola theek hai but isse talent mat bolna.”

Aamir Khan’s PK poster shows the actor in the buff holding a radio.

  • Harry

    Srk is the most arrogant and insecure actor in Bollywood. He is having nightmares ever since aamir has not only beaten him in domestic but overseas and worldwide as well. And his dumb fans keep supporting him. Srk is always jealous of aamir because srk cannot be a perfectionist like him. Shame on you srk. Hope your happy new year saves your career by deepika and abhishek. Pk will shatter all records of each and every films.

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