Selena Gomez sparks rumours of drinking again after rehab stint

Selena Gomez has tuned to alcohol after bailing from rehab just weeks ago. The popstar proudly re-embraced alcohol by posting a happy hour selfie on Instagram. Selena Gomez’s photo of looks like her drinking a cocktail amid addiction rumours.

It’s unclear whether the singer was actually sipping an alcoholic drink, but the picture has caused some uproar given that she had gone through a secret rehab stint.

According to, Gomez checked into The Meadows last month to rid herself of alcohol, weed and Ambien. She bailed 2 weeks into the 45-day program to go to Sundance and then said she was cured so she didn’t need to return. Her rep claims that she’s got no problems handling her liquor.

But the “Rudderless” starlet seems as if she’s not paying much attention to the public speculation and negative comments.

“Extra whip cream please!” posted Gomez alongside the photo with her drink. “Dessert before dinner. Duh.”


  • Vic

    That rehab is not for drinking disorders solely. It is for people that have difficulties coping with situations they are in, particularly in relationships. There is a person is her life she knew was not a good influence on her and she couldnt seem to get that person out of her life. Get the facts people!

    • mezmreyes

      You get the facts honey lol. You sound like you believe absolutely everything that is printed regardless of how illogical it may seem hahaha. Wow. An NO rehab is NOT for emotional situations, mental facilities are for that. Rehab is for substance addiction.

  • hippie


  • ciara poop face

    heh follow me on twitta! @infinityarianaxo

  • Selenator

    Leave her alone, everyone has one to many drinks, especially when she just turned 21 only a few months ago. She’s young and she’s been through a lot with the whole break up. Justin Bieber is drinking, smoking, speeding, and ending up in jail.(don’t hate I’m a beliber) and yet we still love him right? So give her a break, we just aren’t use to her acting like this because she’s Disney channel’s princess.

    • Torres89013

      Here’s a tip…stop giving so much attention.

  • jesse

    selena is allowed to have a drink she needs it she going thru a lot
    but I do think she should be in rehab for those 45 day so she wont have a breakdown again

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