Salman Khan vs Shah Rukh Khan: A never-before comparison!


It’s Salman Khan’s birthday today (December 27)  and we decided to be nice to him for a change. It’s good going for the actor with Jai Ho’s release just around the corner (on January 24, 2014). Aamir Khan has just had a blockbuster release in Dhoom 3, but it is Shah Rukh Khan who is Salman’s arch-rival and not Aamir.

And so the fans of Salman and Shah Rukh (or Shahrukh) are again out in the open pitching for their favourites. In a country oozing with SRK fans (yeeeesh!), the Salman fanatics leave no opportunity to prove that the controversial Khan is a better actor, person and the best thing to have happened to India after Sachin Tendulkar. Here are 10 points that give a clear victory to Salman Kahn!

Salman or SRK – who has delivered more hits?


Shah Rukh Khan has more hits to his name, say fans. REALLY? While Salman has given 24 hits in career (with 49 flops), King Khan has given 23 hits so far, they say. Salman scores on this based on facts.

Salman or SRK – who has a better body?


Have you seen any other Bollywood actor who looks a million bucks without his shirt? Is there any comparison? Salman is the hands down winner! Just check out SRK in Dard-e-Disco if you don’t believe us.

Salman or SRK – who’s a better dancer?


Again, Salman has his own inimitable trademark, Dabangg style or even the earlier Oh oh jaane jaana style. SRK meanwhile only hops around with spiked hair mouthing ‘Khit-pit khit-pit’ or some such – the exception being Dil To Pagal Hai in which he has danced well. SRK’s trademark ‘hand gesture’ cannot be termed dancing!

Salman or SRK – who has seen the best chicks in town?


Salman has been charmed and dated the two of the most beautiful women in the world in Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif! We think that’s why men think Salman is god. Shah Rukh has been charming too but since he was married before he became a movie star, the girls don’t really fall for him ‘like that’!

Salman or SRK – who is a better actor?


We found a fan comment on SRK that tells it all: “Did you know SRK gave eight duds before he hit the bull’s eye with Baazigar that was released in 1993. Though Shah Rukh got his first hit playing the anti-hero, he has since played nothing new in his movies. Salman on the other hand has tried something new from sensitive, funny, aggressive, charming — as the role demands. All we have seen from SRK, barring a handful films, is the ‘arms in the (h)air’ romantic hero who bleats away to glory like a mad goat!”

Salman or SRK – who is better looking?


Salman was voted the seventh best-looking man in the world by People magazine in 2004. Shah Rukh probably didn’t even make the shortlist!

Salman or SRK – who is more successful as TV anchor?


Salman’s ventures on TV – 10 Ka Dum and Bigg Boss – fared much better than Shah Rukh’s stints on Kaun Banega Crorepati, Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hai and WipeoutZor Ka Jhatka in terms of viewer ratings and popularity.

Salman or SRK – who has better onscreen names?


Salman’s Prem and Chulbul Pandey character names are more endearing and popular than Shah Rukh’s common Rahul or Raj. Right?

Salman or SRK – who is more committed to the job?


Ek baar Salman ne kisi cheez ki commitment de, toh phir woh apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta! Whereas SRK sirf ek insaan ki sunta hai: K K K K K Kiran! OK sorry, that was lame! On a serious note, SRK can back out of roles he has promised to do. Remember his transsexual role in Darmiyaan?

Salman or SRK – who is more honest?


What we get from Salman is honesty – brutal honesty to the point of embarrassing people. Though SRK is quite witty in real life, he sometimes does not speak from the heart we feel. Still have doubts? Like Salman says in his Chlormint ad: “Dobara mat poochchna!“ (who is better!).

Written by Jaideep Vaidya and Shweta Parande | Photos: Yogen Shah and film stills.

  • Mahesh

    This sure is written by a fanatic Salman Khan fan.. Lol… Fuck you….

  • human

    mother fucker.

    • ashishverma

      Behenchod madarchod read the faces yoou motherfucker jao ja ke pado who is self made actor nd kaun baap ki mehnat aur shiddat se bana hai unlike salman srk doesnt hv a father nd ma salon pado aur janon jab bqap aur ma nhi rahegi na tab realize karoge ki srk kaise pahuncha hoga itni upar sale is phone se jhantu comment likhe hai wo bhi baap ke paise se khareede honge behenchodon salon jis din koi help ke liye nhi rahega salon tab yad karoge srk ko ki itna bada insan kaise bana hai gaandu thats why india is far behind than developed countries ..just fuck off you guys salman is nothin when compared to srk…

      • Tahira

        Mr.ashishverma bohot parhliya haina SRK ke bare mein tb toh yh bhi pata hona chahiye ki SRK sirf apne father-in-law ke wajah se iss jagah pe pahuncha hai…..and Gauri Khan se shadi krne ka bhi sbse bada reason yhi jai……..salman Khan ka koi comparison nhi kisise bhi…..coz kch log ek hi piece aate hai upar se and he is the one….”MATCHLESS”

        • ashish verma

          Yar shahrukh’s father in law was a retired army officer and had nothing to do with the bollywood and even he was criticized by gauris family when he acted on tv ….so stop saying that his father in law helped him reach there..get the facts tahira then post …and also you knw who has the largest fan following in the world its not tom cruise, not johnny depp not john trovolta not hugh jackman its shahrukh khan ….from india…so feel proud ..sweetheart…people like him…..yar..not just simply..and he is an intellectual personality that has been called by yale university of america twice to deliver his struggle and to represent indian cinematic image ……so be proud and stop comparing both men they are gud but for me shahrukh is a self made and has an intellectual image ad lovable image all over the world..cant write more and If u want to know more …please dial 09015651959…and also been awarded by padamshree by indian government for his contribution to indian cinema..not salman whose case are pending in the courts may be he get imprisoned……wil pray not ……

        • kunal

          Do u ever have seen salman’s crying face it looks like a child is laughing at someone n by d way there is nat any kind of respect given to salman khan except copy khan and flop khan.His title is just regreat to others.

        • dhanaji

          Abe saale tereko patahi kya hai usake bareme,, usane ajtak kabhi bhi kuch nahi liya kisise,,, he is real self made hero

      • qwerrrrrgf

        Salman Sab ka baap hi ….or tum log my srk …. Srk …kar rahe ho srk ko bhi salman ka Sahara mila tab usne hit Dena suru kiya …..salman ne kai movie me uske liye camio kiya Lenin usne Bollywood k bhai ka faida uthaya or apna kam hone k baad uske movie me camio nahi kiya ……yane srk matlabi insane hai…by the way tum log srk ki popularity ki bat Hollywood k celebs k sath kar rahe holekin yeah bats du ki……fb pe salman ko srk she double likes hi ……. Or salman pure Asia ka highest pai actor hi…….or usne srk she kai achhe or muskil role kite hai ……….so salman is a baap of Bollywood…….. Love you sallu

        • Srk fan

          Srk is known as baadshah and Salman as bodyguard .

        • dhanaji

          Gavthi baate mt karo,, sirf Facebook pe popularity nahi pata chalti

  • omer

    salman khan fan has written this !!!!

    • dhanaji

      King khan rules

  • SRK

    sallu ullu lallu…

    • jakob

      SRK is much better than salman and that’s why he’s called king khan and that’s what made him the most popular actor for 2014…. U’r just a fuckin salman fan…

    • sultan

      You lallu bhenchot.

  • was

    srk king

  • SANI

    Bullshit written….funny line was salman did different kind of roles….and srk not…heheheheheh
    SRK :- Action–DON,DON2
    Masala :- Chennai Express
    Romantics:- Do u really want me to write this..
    Ans some more different roles like :– Swadesh,Chak De-India,My Name is Khan…..Bht Kch hai batane ko aur tum padte padte thak jaoge…..isliye filhal itna hi….

  • Santosh Kumar Guru

    Salman is the best

  • akash banerjee


  • aby

    yaar if u want to compare then do it properlly. salman may have better body than SRK but it was in 90′s when his body was nice. and about acting, you said salman is better, really! awards are not everything but still how many best actor awards has won by SLK,how many nominations did he got, how many rolls are there to him from which he can prove himself as a best actor other than ‘Tere naam’.
    Comparing them in dancing is bullshit. both have there own style but both are not the best.
    Bollywood is a big platform for moneymaking in India (film industry) but as actors they alwas preffer to get performance roll which is very less in bollywood comparing to bengali,malayalam,tamil,marathi films still SRK tried to do some rolls similar to that like kal ho na ho, paheli,anjam,darr and bazigar.

    • aditya pathak

      Leonardo Da Caprio ke paas bhi no oscar , so r u trying to say he cant act as he does not have awards!!

  • ravi

    Anyways. …Who is King khan?

    • Cornelius Victor

      salman khan is the king yr

      • milan

        srk is king khan ,baadshah ,bazigar, don etc no actor can take his place. no 1 can take kings place.and the king of all khans is shahrukh khan…

        don’t under astimate the power of comman man…

        • Akon


  • Alex

    whatever srk fans says but the fact is fact…
    only we can say about srk is he is self millionaire…
    thats it…
    but salman is also note lame…

  • calvin

    srk has more fans dan brad pitt n tom cruze…………..he is compared with intenational actors……………………whos dis local actor(salman)

    • sultan

      Abe sale Tujhe pata hai kya kuch Hollywood actors are bull shit and Salman sir has most fans on social networking sites than your so called actor.

  • kaur

    don’t compare salman khan ever with anyone…..he is matchless……..

  • Cornelius Victor

    salman khan is honest

  • Cornelius Victor

    salman khan is the king of bollywood

    • Srk fan

      He is bodyguard of Bollywood Srk is baadshah of world cinema .

      • Cornelius Victor

        srk is my L

  • Cornelius Victor

    jo salman khan ka fan nhi hai un sb ki maa ki chud mein mra L

    • avi

      Lund samhal k rakh behenchod tere khud ki biwi ko chodne k kaam ayega warna tera biwi k chut v sallu hi fadega

      • Cornelius Victor

        mri biwi tri behan hi to hai uski chut mai maru ya salman khan bat to ek hi hai or mjha koi prblem nhi hai agr mri jaga pe tri behan ko salman khan chody to

  • Cornelius Victor

    srk ki maa ka bhosra

  • taj


  • taj

    aapnay kol e jhoot e lun laina a lun… Sallu is not even equal to srk cute smile.. So please dnt compare. Compare tw un ko kia jaata hai jo kuch barabar hotay hain.. Keep shut sallu..

    • Tahira

      Bull shit…..jake pehle apna shakal dekho fir compare krna Salman ko kisi aur se….salman is matchless aur yh hum nhi pura duniya bolta hai so just get lost

      • Tarun Jain

        what do u mean by “puri duniya” have u ever checked out the fan following of srk…then try to compare it with sallu’s fan following u will get to know the difference then ……saalon jab puri baat pata nahi hoti naa to bola nahi karte

  • Tarun Jain

    wtf ……i think this website is made to dominate king khan…we all know srk has greater fan following than sallu and salman khan stands nowhere in front of him……..and his fan following clearly shows that india love srk more than sallu…huhhh

  • Tarun Jain

    just comparing international icon with a local slut(sallu)……… motherfucker

    • aditya pathak

      Sharukh Khan , internatinol icon!!! Hahaha . It seems u r a KRK fan too isiliye behki behki baatein kar rahein ho

  • abc

    who the hell are you saying this thing…..
    fuck you all team….

  • Ravi

    lol this is so funny tho ,,,like a little kid wrote about sallu after he watche bacha party movie..

  • Alia

    They are just supporting salman khan in everything!
    Btw shahrukh khan is the king of khan and king of Bollywood!!!
    Shahrukh khan is the best

    • sultan

      Ghanta best be.

  • roni

    original thing is written salman is the real king of world

  • Danish

    i can`t stop laughing its really funny

  • Rohan Agarwal

    Written by a Salman Khan Fan Surely…

  • shivam

    salman khan is the best .don’t compare salman with shah rukh khan. srk is the idiot .son of a bitch.salman khan is the man who is giving chances to many young bollywood actors like pulkit samrat,arjun kapoor,sonakshi sinha and new director farhad sajid. shah rukh is just bully and making money.salman has made being human trust which is so good thing.

  • momo

    BUt you fucking ass hole, ask others countries people like indonesia,,japan,south korean etc they all know well who is SRK , ask them who is sallu , they will reply what lalu?

  • h mn

    mast joke mara re

  • salman fan

    Abey saalo sacchai karwi hoti hai….

  • Amit Narayan

    Srk honoured by.

    Morocco ( marekesh film festival)
    United Kingdom
    French highest award
    South Korea

    What salgay have . 2 criminal cases .

    One in Rajasthan (killer of national bird)
    Second in Mumbai ( hit and run case)

    Baat karta hai jaaa phele tattee karke aaaa

  • Samar

    hahaha such a dumb ass who has written this, Ullu is better dancer than KING? haha most hilarious thing have ever heard, look at the comparisons every single of them can be kicked out just who knows the fact, Idiot get ur facts 1st about SRK then bark, no one can beat him in fan following.

  • nandan pandey

    There is no any compair between srk nd salman khan ..there r so mor nd much matters wher as salman can never reach …srk is d best in all ways than salman khan …

  • Akon

    SrK is Best….!
    n baat aayi honest hone ki to no other person of srk’s family belong to flim line…! Ok sallu made by his da”d n srk himself enter in this career… kisi se bhik ni mangi…

  • Srk Deewani

    D funniest part was dis sallu kutta fan wrote dat king Khan does nt knw acting but Salgay knws….Rofl…. den about bare bodies….Salgay ka sab packs fake hai whereas Badshah;s is all real…and dance Sallu kutta dancing?? !!!!!!!!!! plz dnt tell me…he wriggles like a worm & Behaves like a patient suffering from epilepsy…..whoever has written dis article u LOSER plz go & die….just prepare a comparison chart of d Achievment Levels of King Khan & Ur loser fattu Salgay u will feel like hanging yourself….Just go 2 anywhere around d world & ask about Bollywood & dey will say only 1 word dats “Srk”…..Sallu ka nam to waha pe kisi ne suna hi nahi & India me to Salman ke sath sath Poonam Pandey Aur Rakhi Sawant bhi famous hai…lol

  • Srk Deewani

    O God Dis stupid article even says dat Srk has less female following?? seriously? I mean how can sum1 b su6 an asshole? dis man whoever has compiled dis article is a mentally retarded man & a pr of Salgay……awesum kya joking article padi abhi abhi maine….has has ke pet dukh raha hai mera…O God….Forgve dis insane kid whoever has written dis article….enlighten him & take him 2 a rehab & keep him under medication plz….R.I.P.

  • srkian

    u know what!!just f**k off

  • Om Das

    Srk is a billion times better

  • srkian

    Srk to 2 baar forbes k coverpage pe jagah paa chuka h … dekhte h lallu kabhi paata h ya ni

  • Sridev Rai

    i am damn sure it is written by salman’s fan

  • BOSS

    Salman Khan, better body? Are you serious? SRK has better body than Salman, Salman’s is just fat abs while SRK has real and best abs. Just watch “Happy New Year” 2014.

  • Srk fan

    This is totally fake . World calls Srk baadshah . Srk won 8 film fare awards where as salman has won none . Srk’s films are highly appreciated by critics not of salman ( except 3 or 4 ) . SRe is fav actor of big directors and producers (like Aditya chopra , yash chopra , kJo , Sanjay Lela ) . Salman is known for doing nonsense films like ready, bodyguard , dabang 2 , kick etc. srk films are always revolution like Ddlj , Kkhh , k3g , kal ho na ho , dil to pagal hai , swades , mohobattein etc . Srk stood up on his own feet in Bollywood . Salman had support of his dad . Srk is always loyal to his wife and kids . Salman is always cheat and thinks he himself is ruling this world while he is not . Salman is known for destructing aishwariyas , somy Ali’s , sangeeta bijlanis career & don’t respect women . Dilip kumar , amitabh bachan , Rajesh khanna , dev anand always praises Srk’s talent but not salman’s .srk is always a charming hero & Salman looks like a gym trainer .

  • krunal

    Srk is best

  • JATT

    fuckin shit salman khan ! Srk is the King where as Sallu is a total damn looser !


    i just wanna have s*x with these 2 men

  • dhanaji

    Abe ghantaa aata hai usako acting. Tin ghante remake dekhake set pe jake acting karta hai, copy karta hai. Srk has 48 hits in his career. Most fan following actor in the world. Duniya ko pata hai salman body drugs ki bani hai. Dance ka to comparison hi mat karo. Towel niche lenese dance nahi hota.

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