Salman Khan or Shahrukh Khan: Who is the King of Eid releases?

Eid has been the favorite festival of the mega-star Salman Khan. But all the records were trashed when King Khan- Shahrukh Khan arrived with Chennai Express, previous year on Eid. The superstars have clashed once on Eid, way back in 2006. Shahrukh Khan’s Don crushed Salman Khan-Akshay Kumar’s starrer Jaan-E-Mann. Though the tables have turned now, Salman Khan has emerged as the numero-uno of Eid releases. Three from his last six releases have been on Eid and ruled the box-office.

The Bollywood industry witnessed a change, when King Khan came with Chennai Express on Eid previous year. Speculations were made that Shahrukh Khan will be unable to come near the previous record set on Eid by Ek Tha Tiger (Rs. 199 crore). But he proved why he is called the undisputed King of Bollywood, by collecting Rs. 228 crore with Chennai Express. Shahrukh Khan is known for releasing his movies during Diwali vacation but with his last Eid release Chennai Express smashing all records, Salman Khan must be having cold feet.

Salman Khan is ready with his next Eid release Kick, hoping to surpass the previous records set by Chennai Express. Salman Khan, currently, is ruling the Eid festival, but who knows when Shahrukh Khan might overtake him and gain the top spot in the race.

  • Neeraj

    Salman Might KICK everyone Dis Eid :)

    • Ram

      hahahahaha….Kick is the most boring movie which is remade from the southern movie…hope he does not get kicked off!!!

  • King Aamir

    I am not salman fan. but get the cats right. srk with eid release didn’t get highest grosser of the year which was completely overshadowed by megastar aamir khan who is the king of Bollywood and much bigger star than srk. salman atleast holds the record of highest grosser during his eid releases. and srk has no chance to topple salman and aamir. this year kick and peekay will be in top 2. srk’s happy new year has no chance at all.

    • Ram

      hahahahaha….Kick is the most boring movie which is remade from the southern movie…

      • King aamir

        Doesn’t matter. Megastar salman khan doesn’t need good story. His presence is enough for the film to make it ATBB. So just wait n watch.

        • Ram

          not sure then why Veer, Jaan-e-man did not work…


      mega star shahrukh khan also dont need a good story even his presence can make his movie an ATBB just like CE,this year’s highest grosser will be HNY for sure wait n watch aamir khan’s PK dnt have any chance of beating kick or hny n what a big joke u have told aamir khan a much bigger star than shahrukh khan?hahaha joke of the millenium its actually vise versa go out of dis fucking india only shahrukh has such massive overseas popularity among the indian actors rest all indian stars dont have that much huge n massive popularity abroad other than rajnikanth


      aamir khan got record for D3 just because of the Dhoom series a popular action franchise n u wait n watch this year HNY of Shahrukh who is a much much bigger star than aamir khan will completely whithewash PK, HNY will hold the record of highest grosser for the whole year

  • Shani

    Always Salman Kick Break All Records

  • Anna

    I’m a Fan of Sir salman khan.
    I hope that the King of Bollywood Salman Khan only. This film, which will soon be (Kick) is a cool movie.

    It is a film full of sensational action scenes, romance and much more. worth to watch it.

    • Ram

      hahahahaha….Kick is the most boring movie which is remade from the southern movie…so just try watching it!!!

  • Anna

    बॉलीवुड अभिनेता नंबर 1 :) की सलमान खान राजा

  • katrina

    salman is real king kick kick kick

    • Ram

      Kick is the most boring movie which is remade from the southern movie…people will love it, as Bollywood’s thinking hat has vanished for a while

  • Shankar Korani

    Salman bhai is real being human who is called indisputable megastar and king of Indian cinema

  • Vijay Rawat

    salman khan is a super hero in real & reel life. he is always keep help hand. i salute u sir.
    ur kick movie break all records

  • johnson

    Mr Salman khan has 7 movies in (100 crore club) 1. jai ho 2. ready 3. dabang 4.dabang 2. (5). ek tha tiger 6. bodyguard.

  • johnson

    from dhoom 3 Aamir khan had breaked all records & you are talking about srk.

  • johnson

    Salman khan is always great.

  • johnson

    Mr. Salman Khan will rule the box office for sure.

  • johnson

    salman khan dont need famous actress.

  • Praveen

    Abey Umesh Punwani gonchu …. Don and Janeman clashed on Diwali not on Eid. and who did say that Chennai express will not break ETT . It was obvious that CE was relaesing after one year with more prints and hike ticket. It was bound to break the records. More over everyone went to watch CE because of Rohit shetty and Deepika… SRK was like a joker in the movie…

  • xperia sp

    Srk rocks and HNY will break all records of dhoom 3
    Obviously kick is not going to set a new record
    Moreover salman is not doing good movie’s any more, the last movie i liked was wanted

  • Hassan

    salman khan should leave acting
    he doesn’t know how to act
    SRK is the best

  • Shah Jahan Khan

    Only King Khan Shah Rukh Khan We love U SRK :) <3

  • Ashwin

    Lol….pre Diwali or Diwali effect is more!!! 75-80% of population are Hindus. Ra one released on Diwali day but it got extremely -ve talk!!! Jthj released on Diwali dat 2 wid less screens nd clash with SOS!! It got mixed talk also… If u c every movie dat releases on Diwali or b4 Diwali gets affected!! Krrish 3 best example!!

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