Salman Khan on Jai Ho box office: I have failed in bringing in the people

Salman Khan in Jai Ho

Mumbai, Jan 28: Salman Khan says that he is ready to take the blame for his much-talked about film ‘Jai Ho’ not getting the expected box office big opening.

‘Jai Ho’, the first big-budget release of 2014, could not get a bumper start unlike the recent Salman-starrers such as ‘Wanted’, ‘Bodyguard’ and ‘Dabangg’. The Sohail Khan-directed film earned Rs.17 crore on the opening day.

“The overall collections of the film matter. I am not affected by the figures of my film. If the film gets a good opening, it’s good. If it doesn’t, nobody has failed but me. I could not give the reason for people to perhaps see the film [READ Jai Ho movie review]. No one can predict the collections of a film. We have made a beautiful and a good film. It is entertaining film with a dose of action and it also gives a good message,” Salman said at an event.

“Perhaps I have failed in bringing in the people. We tried to do something different and may be people did not want to see the film as they expected to see a ‘Dabangg’, ‘Bodyguard’ kind of a film. They wanted to enjoy. Some people understood that this is not that kind of film and that it is a serious film,” he said.

“We are also confused with the reaction we are getting from theatres and the collections are not matching up. It is strange combination,” Salman said. PTI

  • Madhu Mehta

    It does not matter if movie did not have big opening will always be in people’s heart because the story showed in this movie is the ugly truth of India. The India we left 25 years ago was the best India now people are being westernized super fast but anyway Bhai will make whatever and he will always be the best human being seriously helping the needy people!

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