Salman Khan beats Aamir Khan and Hrithik Roshan with ‘Kick’ trailer

The trailer of Salman Khan’s much awaited movie ‘Kick’ launched on Sunday June 15 crossed 4 million views in just 40 hours while Dhoom 3 and Krrish 3 took six and four days respectively to reach the same number.
Salman Khan as ‘Devil’ in a superhero avatar is a bit hard to digest. Without any superpower  he is climbing over a running train, jumping from an all terrain bike and walking in slow-mo in front of a running train, jumping on a helicopter riding the bike etc. Only Salman Khan has got the license to perform all these kind of stunts.

The scenes look ‘inspired’ from number of Hollywood movies like Expendables, Mission Impossible etc. In case of Kick the debutant director Sajid Nadiadwala has left no stone unturned and has got Hollywood action directors (Philippe Guegan and Spiro Razatos), who will show us the same what we’ve seen before – over exaggerated action.  The scene of Salman Khan walking casually in front of a running train throws all the logic out of window.
It is not just the action. Even the humour falls flat and may actually prove to be one of the major flaws of the movie. The movie will surely gross some huge numbers at the box office, but from any angle it is not looking something very different from the movies we have seen in the past.

The fate of the movie totally will be dependent on the positive word of mouth (WOM) and superb content. The pre buzz of the movie is at zenith and will surely help in getting a bumper opening at the box office. That means more of the same in future. Some things never change in bollywood.

  • Sahan

    What a sullen review.

  • Guest

    Take a break Mr. Umesh Punwani…If u didn’t like the trailer, don’t watch the movie. It won’t matter at all..Because this movie will cross DHoom’s BO collection

    • Raj chwd

      He can’t say it but i can see this journalist is so much in jealous and pain hahah. must be salman khan hater

  • Karan

    Krrish 3 trailer got 2.3 million views in first 24 hours (1st day), while Kick got 1.9 million views in its first 24 hours (1st day). I don’t know how exactly it beat Krrish 3′s record. Most views in 40 hours? Why not also check most views in 1,2,3…. 23,24,24…..60,61,…..100 hours too?

    The fact is it hasn’t beaten Krrish 3′s record of 2.3 million views in 1st day and that’s what matters apart from lifetime views.

  • Salman wow

    Great Look KICK Salman Khan is the Best

  • k

    GO get u a life u Dumb writer.. We loved the TRAILER ,,and waiting for the movie..

    • Roopaiyer

      Yes he is dumb for sure and salman hater and. Other supposedly super heros fan. U know whom I mean!! I loved it and so are millions of his fans don,t try to dig logic out of this. Any Hindi film is so non logic!! The biggest logic lacking movies are doom 3 and krish!! And the most stupid film was chennai express. When these films rake money why not our Sallu,s film . go to HELL u dumb writer.

  • k3g

    dhoom 3 got 2 millions in just one day. how did it beat dhoom 3′s views?

    • Karan

      Dhoom 3 didn’t get 2 million views, it got something 1.8 million, while Krrish 3 got 2.3 million (record).


    Bollywood is filled with copycats, they say its inspired but al they do is copy each and every scene from Great Action flicks & making a masala out of it aur bas naam dedo movie ban gayi masale ki, please stop this nonsense this only makes you look like shitty a**ho***!!

  • Jatin

    The writer looks frustrated.LOL,get a life Umesh Panwani.

  • Anand

    Get a line, you moron. Where on earth doesdo even Fast and Furious series seem logical? Nobody can do such stunts in real life. Movies are movies, you dumb writer. Salman in Kick poster??
    Salman buy remake remake rights just for adaption for south movie Kick, while Lungi Thakur from Paglapur rip off scenes without even giving credits, let alone buying remake rights. For example, crappy express has so many rip-off scenes from south movies like Okkadu, Mungaru Male and Alex Pandian etc. Next is Disastrous New Year, a total rip off of Hollywood Movie Ocean’s 11.
    And Man with a man does not mean he is a Krishh or Batman. Mask is worn to hide one’s identity. It from no angle looks like Krishh, but somehow like ETT.

    • Anand

      I mean “get a life,”

  • Babu mushai

    Umesh bhaiyye so jao, nai to……………………………………….. Devil aa jayega ;)

  • Ammad

    bhai bus kardo kitne paise khate ho tum log chutio faltu website Jao srk aur hrithik me gusso salo rishwat khor log


    @ Writer. Tell me 1 movie in bollywood which has full logic in it. For your kind Information MOVIES ARE FICTITIOUS. Is there any logic in Riding Bike on a Rope and bike turing into a motorboat. If you dont Like Fictions watch TV Daily soaps.

  • indian

    Kick is ok film krrish 3 is also a good film but dhoom 3 is nothing but trash amir khan try to copy jhon and hritick in dhom 1&2 stupid amir

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