Madhuri Dixit-Nene goes trekking in Shimla after Gulaab Gang disaster!

Madhuri Dixit-Nene goes trekking to Shimla after Gulaab Gang disaster!

Madhuri Dixit-Nene is on a well-deserved break. After her last film Gulaab Gang met with a mixed response and was declared a flop at the box office, one would’ve expected Mads to sulk in a corner, for a few days at least.

But not one to do that, the diva decided to move on from the film’s fate and go trekking in the snowcapped mountains at the foothills of the Himalayas! The actress has shared pictures on her social networking account where she is seen posing with her husband Dr Shriram Nene and sons Arin and Ryan. “Trekking in Shimla. How beautiful!” she says.



In another post, she shares a lovely picture of hers in the lawns, says, and “Relaxing after a hectic schedule.”



It’s great to see Madhuri on vacation like this, just before her other projects and the new season of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa take off!

  • kiru

    Shut up shweta.
    Firstly Gulab gang is no disaster. Its a very well made film.
    Secondly she doesnt need to sulk in a corner. Instead why don’t u throw ur pen and stop writing such articles n sulk in a corner.

    • Seema

      Face it. Gulaab Gang is a box-office disaster.

      • Anupam Graper

        Seema you slut fuck yourself…Madhuri is a legend and she did meaningful movies like Aaja Nachle, Dedh Ishqiya, and Gulaab Gang which are all about herself – a woman who is strong, seeks freedom and fights injustice….Whores and children of whores like you all do not understand good meaningful movies !

        All you want is fuck fuck bang bang !

  • Aritro Bhattacharjee

    well it’s natural to expect that the film will not going so well, coz where in india women are being tortured by men as well as by women…there it would not be acceptable that women are fight for themselves,,rather the foreign culture and how it is badly exploit our culture is more acceptable to our society..and I’ll say women are most responsible enemy for their own..

    • Seema

      Gulaab Gang is a box-office disaster. There is not women vs women angle here.

  • Anupam Graper

    Halimali child of a whore….why can’t your slut bitch Sridevi have any ads or work? She is sucking cocks and fucking left and right still no one is giving even a role of a grand mother to this street RANDI..

    By the way fuck yourself and your cheap and shameless whore who is totally fucked up and useless !

  • Halimali

    Do u see guy how cheap are Madhuri fans talking? Filthy people in denial. Audience around world said NO to Madhuri 3 times already, NOBODY wants her. I suggest next do a direct to video crappy dnces and let her filthy fans buy it in video stores.

    • Suhas Sakhalkar

      Not to forget that in the last 2 attempts, she wasn’t even the solo heroine, as the producers could not sell a project only on Madhuri’s name!

  • Lalalala

    Omg God the language that Madhuri fans are using is not worth to comment on, or to reply to them!! Language shows your class!! ;) well you guys have to accept that Madhuri has had 3 failed comeback attempts… Maybe she needs to go back to US, as she came to work in movies, don’t think people wants to see her in movie anymore. Sad….but true..!!

  • Srinivas Rao

    Oh the critics are always misleading the audiences with their negative reviews…I watched this movie and this movie had its highs and lows and was overall watchable…and the ladies have done commendable work…the dialogues which the critics have described as illogical were actually making the audiences whistle. So don’t listen to stupid critics, who are basically jobless people…

  • Halimali

    Gulaab gang is an EPIC DISASTER, Madhuri Dixit is over, She is FINISHED

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