Kick movie quick review: Salman Khan and silliness is shamelessly abundant in this one!

Kick movie quick review

Salman Khan and silliness is shamelessly abundant in his latest flick Kick. Sajid Nadiadwala’s masala entertainer worship’s the megastar in the loudest possible way. Devi Singh aka Salman Khan becomes devil when he realises that all you need to survive in the world is money. So far fending off only on his antics to get a kick in his careless singlehood, but now (that he is in love) Devi needs to find a practical way to win back his love (Jacqueline Fernandez).

While Randeep Hooda is the cop hunting for his nemesis, who is on the loose and ever-elusive,beautiful Jackie is waiting for the love of her life to get back. Both Randeep Hooda and Jacqueline Fernandez are looking for the same man jo dil mein aata hain lekin samajh mein nahi.  With copious of fan pleasing moments and Sallu’s incredible silliness, Kick is workable for the fans of the human being who prefers being called being human. It’s a total Salman-fest and the essence of the silliness lies in the design. Watch this space for full review.

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  • raj

    this writer is still alive fuck in loser hahhahahahha kick is blockbuster u dum asss lolzzz

    • hitesh

      wow, what a line man. people giving likes are also proved devotees looks like of Sallubhai. good for you.

  • Alok Yadav

    Mr Writer, your piece of writing clearly suggests that you need to broaden your mind and think from the perspective of an audience who watches Salman’s movie for entertainment and this movie is a top notch entertainer. I suggest you to accept all genres of Indian cinema before writing anything like this! Or else, please join some other profession.

  • H.R.RAJ

    I appreciate your silliness of seeking attention this way. … but it works the other way round mr.idiot aka mr.prathamesh jadav

    If u r so good in pre reviewing movie, y r u spoiling ur life here in bollywood? Go2d other ‘wood’.

    Don’t spoil readers time with ur biased comments which clearly reflects ur anti salman nature…

    Spare a thought abt vivek oberoi who tried d same game decade ago…whr is he ??? Son of some1!

    & u son of ….. u knw!!! Dnt u!

    • hitesh

      what there bro to love Salman, implanted hair on bald, botox body, shit effortless acting? ohh may be being human brand ownership but in actual life ‘being inhuman’ history.

  • Roy J

    Lol @ Sallu fans complaining about the writer. He’s an honest critic. He admits it’s a silly movie, which means it’s an excellent and must watch film for Sallu fans duh

    • Your dad

      you ugly prick, I just got out of the theater and its one of the finest movie comes out in this year …

  • TheShit

    I’ve seen a lot of bad movies, this one’s the worst so far. But then again, Salman fans demand this kind of crap.

    • Abhijit Acharya

      ur name is rightly given as THE SHIT

  • T j

    “Kick is workable for the fans of the human being who prefers being called being human. It’s a total Salman-fest and the essence of the silliness lies in the design” :D BRO! I GUESS HIS FANS JUST GOT UPSET :D lol ..they are trying to be humane! pay little homage :D (NO PUN INTENDED) :P HAHAHAHA

    • hitesh

      correct dude, these Fans are actually on some ‘drug’ kicking in their mind.

  • piya

    Hey writer…i guess u r constipated. ..flush ur system…i knw it will help you…bloody moron

    • hitesh

      this is totally perfect review, i have seen movie. please refer other reviews too. it is rated ‘ForBrainlessSalmanFansOnly’. Piya beta jara apna taste aur Sallu bhai ki history bhi dekhlo. itna bhi kisi drug ka addict hona achhi baat nahi for some stupid ‘Kick’

  • Raj Kumar Yadav

    What a ridiculous review…All critics giving 3.5 * and above. Some 5* 4.5* stars etc. What r u smoking? Ghanjaa!!!!

  • kul

    hahahah right

    or his/her age might over to watch and review

  • Sam

    Where is the review?? U have just mentioned whatever is known

  • moin

    100 % fake review and true’s evident that you dint watch the movie

  • Paul H

    Nobody gives a fuck about Critics. Films are meant to entertain us and this one does the job perfectly. If you expect some BS which will make you think, I think you don’t have enough things going on in your REAL LIFE.

    • hitesh

      that is the sadpart for patietients of addicted drug like you for some assKICK.

      • Paul H

        All know who the patient here is. The one who can spell it correctly or the one … :|

  • Vicky

    Looks like this idiot (reviewer) has not seen the movie himself. Stupid review.

    • hitesh

      hehehe, have u seen brother. this is perfect review, i have seen movie. please refer other reviews too. it is rated ‘ForBrainlessSalmanFansOnly’ movie.

  • saba

    Jb log tumare khilaf bolne lage, tab samaj jao k tum tarakki kar rahe ho…and it’s da same wid salman khan….anyways a few negative comments won’t make a difference coz he is THE SALMAN KHAN

    • sam

      Fuck off who cares ultimately its a movie of THE SALMAN KHAN..

      • hitesh

        hmm, mr.Sam salman khan. good job, waise bhi Salman ke fans ki category unke comment se aur embicile IQ se identify hoti hi hai.

    • hitesh

      wah philosopher baba. you guys really like devoted donkeys who help Sallu bhai build crores for whatever he makes whether utterly stupid.

  • Pradyumna

    It’s a Salman khan movie, nothing is good or bad, for god’s sakes, it’s just Salman’s movie!! His fans understand this, others like me always stay puzzled, but still it’s a salman movie, it has got to earn min 100-200 crores. We can put an end to this!

    • hitesh

      are yaar, mujhe samajh mein nahi ata. is audience f’ing morons or donkeys to help someone build crores just for nothing. this is mess Sall’s puberty harmons kicking fan creating in audience class of country. ek dind bollywood ka congress ho jayega. keep wathing good movies.

      • Paul H

        Chup kar saale. Bhokte ja raha hain. Tu pehle picture bana ke dikha. Saala NALLA. Not for you Pradyumna. This is for NALLA hitesh

        • hitesh

          Ohh, what if your dudhwala gives you bad quality milk? what you do? aapna dudh nikal ke dudhwale ko dikhata hai kya ‘yeh hota hai quality dudh’? hehehe..

          • Paul H

            nahin, main dudhwala change karta hoon. uske peeche bhokta nahin firta.

          • Paul H

            nahin main dudhwala change karta hoon. uske piche bhokta nahin phirta.

  • Any

    Critic is sooooo right.. This movie is really bad

  • karan sharma

    hey writer lagta hai apko ticket nhi mil paya movie ka .. dont be sad because 4-5 din baad mil jayega and tab chle jaana and tab tak ke liye ye apne idiotic reviews sambhaal ke rakh lo . coz apko kick jaroor padegi by salman fans.. #kicksupperblockbuster

    • hitesh

      mujhe mila tha time pe, badluck. could have waited for this review.

  • An honest Srk & Salman fan.

    No name calling, no shit, no hate.
    Writer, whatever you wrote in the 1st paragraph of your review is so contradictory to what really happens.
    Were you paid to hate?

    • hitesh

      exact opposite party where you spend to love this teenager actor.

  • hitesh

    suits you man.

  • hitesh

    he will get his life man. but go and get yours first in nearby theatre and help salman F you for crores.

  • Paul H

    Hitesh bhai, aap ko Agra jaana chahiya. Vahan par aapko har sawaal ka jawaab mil jayega.

  • Mahmood

    This article is actually stupid. come on, have you watched the movie? You said he becomes devil because he realises that you have to earn money to survive this life.
    Well during the last quarter of the movie they explain properly why he became Devil :) watch the movie again

  • Rahul Wadhwa

    Dear Writer!
    After reading your useless, over judgmental, impractical and bogus thoughts over the movie.
    I suggest you to change your job
    As i feel you are not getting any Kick in doing it

  • velocity

    honest review, its a crap film. jai ho had some sense and thats the reason sallu illiterate fans didn’t like it and it flopped. the crappier the salman film is, the more his fans enjoy it. lol IQ of salman fans got kicked long ago. sallu fans are getting butthurt, abe because of these kind of shitty films, our cinema is not developing.

  • sabyasachi sarangi

    The movie is as bad as sallu’s fans. I wonder what makes him sign such silly movies.
    Salman please get into some other profession, we know you are not an actor anymore.

  • Internet Entrepreneur

    amazing movie..even far better then Ra.One & at par with dhoom 3

  • revoltman

    TELUGU “kick” movie is awesome. This copy is super silly.

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