Kick box office report: Salman Khan’s film enters Rs 200 crore club at BO!

Kick box office report: Salman Khan's film enters Rs 200 crore club at BO!

Salman Khan has done it. The Bollywood superstar’s latest blockbuster has grossed Rs 200 at the Indian box office! Call it his charisma or his buffoonery on screen, the actor has made sure his fans and the Kick cast and crew have a big smile on their faces. Cashing in on its second successful weekend at the box office, Kick collected Rs 183.93 crore at the BO by the end of Saturday, August 2. Kick was expected to cross Rs 200 crore by Sunday, August 3 evening. But the figures were a close Rs 198 crore at the end of weekend business at the BO.

(UPDATE: Salman Khan’s Kick collects Rs 203.19 crore; breaks the record of Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots at the BO!) 

The Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez starrer inched closer to the Rs 200 crore figure on Monday, August 4, and finally made it by afternoon. Taran Adarsh, renowned trade analyst, tweeted the collections of Kick, saying, “#Kick [Week 2] Fri 9.22 cr, Sat 10.62 cr, Sun 14.18 cr. Grand total: ₹ 198.11 cr nett. India biz. Nearing ₹ 200 cr mark. BLOCKBUSTER!”

“As you read this, Salman Khan marches into ₹ 200 cr Club. #Kick crosses ₹ 200 cr mark today [Mon]. Salman’s HIGHEST GROSSER in India,” he added.

Adarsh further tweeted, “Salmania at its peak, #Kick to enter 200 cr Club!”

Congratulations are in store for Salman Khan and his Kick-ass team!

  • Random Guy

    Firstly, the tickets were priced between INR 400 and INR 900. Rs 200 crore wasn’t due to the movie. It was due to the horribly high prices. Had the price of each ticket been normal (INR 70 to INR 250), the movie wouldn’t even gross INR 100 crore.

    Secondly, in the first line of this article, it should be ‘Rs 200 crore at the India box office’.

    Thirdly, don’t call Taran Adarsh as ‘renowned’. All he does is read out the box office collection and call it good or bad based on the collection. Based on the collection he should call the movies hit or flop but not good or bad. Hit movies like Ra One or Chennai Express or Robot or any such movies are bad movies as they have nonsensical action and almost no story. But movies like Stanley ka Dabba or Lunchbox or Some art films are box office flops but have great story, great acting or suitable action.

    • Precise Guy

      You are one to talk arent you. Have you ever heard hi talk. I think if u r that gud why dont u swap places. INR 75? which place has the theatre that sells ticket at that price please let me know !!! If u say Chennai Express or Robot a bad movie perhaps u shud get a bit more educated about Bollywood Movies !!! So Long mate !!!

    • Tharindu

      I agree with you about Kick, Chennai Express, Ra One being bad movies. I also agree with you about Taran Adarsh and his claims. But saying ’200 was not due and had the price was 70 to 250, movie would not reach 100Cr’ is not a good statement. You see, it is business. And what is in demand goes for high price. Brands goes for higher price. Salman, SRK are brands. And they do business of 200 Cr whether you and me like it or not.

      • k.@sif

        Ha ha @tharindu..well said words of ma mouth!

        • Random Guy

          Are you sure they were words out of your mouth. I’m sure it was something else shoved into your mouth.

      • Zenith

        waht a “kick” on Random guy’s face!! (Y)

        • Random Guy

          Stop being a kiss-ass and have your own identity. If you have something to say then speak up or else stop saying those pathetic one liners.

      • Random Guy

        I agree with you that Brands sell for higher price than the rest but this wasn’t due to the ‘Salman Khan’ brand. The high prices were due to ‘Eid’.

    • Don

      Kick’s tickets price in Hyderabad at the max of 250 INR

    • another random guy

      i dnt think so. i watched tis movie on first saturday evening show 5;30. n tickets wer only 160 at rmall in mumbai at big cinemas.

    • Seema

      The article always mentioned Indian box office.

  • yousuf

    Yes Chennai express, Ra one and jab take hai jaan are big disasters however due to high ticket price they made 100 cr. But KICK is a fantastic film which has nice story, actions and beautiful songs. Terrific blockbuster for the year2014.

  • yousuf

    Kick made 200 crores in 12 days. Bhai u r the people’s man.

    • shahzar

      Not 12 bro it’s 11th day…..

      • Samiullah Afghan

        I hate salman I love aamir khan

  • Random Guy

    Whoo said the ticket prices weren’t high. At least they were maddeningly hugh during the first week in Mumbai.

  • Random Guy

    Visakhapatnam had always cheaper tickets than cities like Mumbai or Delhi. Secondly, the price of tickets of every movie goes down as the weeks go by. Kick is no different. Thirdly, I was talking about the opening week.
    BTW Big Cinemas in RCity Ghatkopar, Mumbai has a 10:45 show still priced at Rs 700. Check out bookmyshow

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