Kamal Haasan’s Uttama Villain first look copied from French photographer? Watch teaser!

Kamal Haasan in Uttama Villain versus original photo of French photographer

Mumbai, March 12: There is speculation that the first look of Kamal Haasan‘s Uttama Villain is inspired by an image taken by French photographer Eric Lafforgue, but the veteran actor has slammed the allegation.

“Theyyam is a more than a 1,000-year-old art. The make-up was done by a good artist, who is probably a third generation practitioner of this art. The lighting might have been similar,” he said. “It is like saying two lovers – one leaning on another’s chest looking in the same direction is a copy of the Ek Duje Ke Liye (his Hindi film) poster,” he added.

Explaining the concept behind the first look, Kamal said: “ Uttama Villain has a Theyyam dance fusion with Tamil Nadu’ s Kooththu tradition.”

Painting his face for the look was not easy. “That is not a mask. It is painted on my face. It took 4 hours to paint my face. It is a tradition passed on from many generations”

Uttama Villain chronicles the life of a superstar who decides to make a period comedy called Uthama Villain. The film will be released at the end of 2014.


Photos: Uttama Villain and Eric Lafforgue | Imaging: Amit Modak

  • nit

    well said sir…the problem is our people dont deserve movies of hard working people like kamal haasan …they want to see nonsense of salman khan

  • arul

    Maybe this article has something behind to post to show Mr.Kamal sir as negative becoz this article writer might be Stupid actor Rajinikanth fan or some other actor fan. Becoz of his jealous, he doesn’t know the difference between copy and inspire. maybe this article writer is a fake writer doing this job in

    Indo-Asian News Service
    @indiacom. How many of you all know and this stupid article guy know How Rajini kanth copied styles from Kamal ..did this guy know about that ?. Is thisguy sleeping and waking and sleeping and waking and posting this article against Kamal haasan

    • ab

      Tamil naatu vaal Ilaingare!!! Ulaga Naayaganin Ulaga tharam vaaintha rasigare…
      Its not about rajini fan wrote like this. First as Kamal embodies in a movie – Anbe Sivam- be calm. RELAXXXXX. Kamal is a gud actor, but he is inspired in almost many movies. Kamal as a “Ulaga Nayaagan” cud himself make path breaking Original stories. Again you are in “2014″ even small kids nowadays know, how to search, questions every thing in this world. Use your BRAIN man. Use it. Use it. Search in Google man. You know GOOGLE or YOUTUBE. Search “copycat kamal hasan” That website known as GOOGLE will give you Results in lot of links. This doenst mean I claim Rajini is saint, You are the future young critic of tamil cinema or (tamilians – may be thats too much to ask from you). Blindly dont follow any one. If an actors has copied.. Say it he has copied. Don’t posses a low mentality just because some low life has posted against kamal. Use your Brain. You have lots of age. Chanelize acheive something than commenting and flag bearing for an actor who gives you 0 rupees back.

  • arul

    Did this guy have courage to show How Rajini kanth copied styles from Kamal Haasan with photo examples ??

  • ab

    Come on man. This is the problem with us in TN. Over obsession with an actor. Be calm. Take a step back. Relax……. Use your Google Search skills (we are in 2014.) and ferret out how many movies before this he got inspired like this. Yes. At first its hard to believe. But man we have come a long way in terms of the junk and unoriginal movies Tamil industry have been producing. To help you : If you are between the age 15 – 28 – Its high time you use your time “Rationally” to call spade a spade. Question the veracity of these actors’ claim. Learn about world movies or the world as a whole. Invest in you. I am sure, in a year, your freinds ll be inspired by you. If you are above 28 : Still you can try what i have said.

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