Johnny Depp reads erotic literature with Amber Heard

Washington, May 30Johnny Depp and Amber Heard read erotic literature together to have the steamiest sex in Hollywood, it has been revealed. According to a source, the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean‘ star and his girlfriend added erotic literature that was even more explicit than ’50 Shades of Grey’ to their collection, Radar Online reported.

The source spilled the beans that the American actress introduced the 50-year-old actor to some racy vintage paperbacks and then he started collecting old photographic sex books and footage from the 1950s and earlier The spy further said that it was pretty weird, but the couple got a new thing every now and then and reading erotic literature was this month’s fun thing they did together.

  • Patricia

    Johnny has always read erotic literature…I guess nobody writing these articles knows a bloody thing about the man. Rimbaud, Baudelaire, Verlaine, Comte de Lautreamont… it seems whoever wrote this tripe hasn’t seen The Libertine…DUH…I wish they would hire real reporters…you know, the kind that write original copy. What an idiotic bunch of plagiarists.

  • Patricia

    …And that little muddy bucket of Texas gully wash (Amber) definitely didn’t introduce Johnny to literature…OMG…I’m going to vomit. She hadn’t been conceived when he was doing Playboy interviews, and partying up at the “mansion” with Huge (Hefner) and his cronies. Jeez he’s buying her books to catch her up…probably paid for her to learn to read and write too! Now if he’d just pay for her ACTING lessons she might go get a real career and stop banging the ole black card in Depp’s wallet. I guess he thinks he has to pay for it. What a photo opportunist she is…he is too obviously. The faded axiom stands true in this case, “There’s no such thing as bad press”…with at least 10 bombs at the box office between them, they’re riding each other’s coat tails (and other things)…Johnny’s a great actor, now if he’d act like a great actor instead of a character from Wolf of Wallstreet I could tolerate these shenanigans.

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