Is Priyanka Chopra making Anushka Sharma jealous by posing with Virat Kohli?

Priyanka Chopra and Virat Kohli on HELLO cover

B-town’s fave actress-singer Priyanka Chopra is giving competition to Anushka Sharma, or at least, she is trying to make her jealous! How, would you say? By not only posing for a magazine cover with Anushka’s current beau, cricketer Virat Kohli but also managing to look so good with him!

Yes, PeeCee looks gorgeous sitting on a chair arm in her sexy blouse and skirt on the HELLO! India April 2014 cover. And giving her company is Anushka’s rumoured boyfriend Virat who looks dapper in a checked suit!

Well, we can’t really blame Priyanka for this cover, as it is a special for the mag’s seventh anniversary in India, but we can definitely put the blame on  HELLO! for putting PeeCee and Viru together – even if just for a few hours of shooting. That gave PeeCee a chance to make Anushka kind of envious!

Oh well, we’re just kidding. But we do think Priyanka and Virat look so good here that they could star in a film together. If that happens, will Anushka be ‘sporting’ enough? Ahem!

Priyanka and Team Priyanka shared  HELLO! India picture on Facebook and Twitter, saying, “From Team Priyanka: Looking ravishing as ever, Priyanka Chopra graces the cover of HELLO! India.”



  • kkk

    this pig never leaves a chance to spend with others husbands and b.f’s such a shame

    • aisha

      What’s yr problem? Must you always put her down to feel good about yrself?
      One pic & a baseless article then u start spewing hate. How pathetic!

    • aran

      You obviously don’t like PC…but millions adore her and how ridiculous that you fell for the cheap and trashy headline..

    • Ankit Dutta

      R u mentally retarded..

  • Mohim Roy

    Undeniably she’s the most beautiful woman on earth…!!

  • aran

    Perhaps VK prefers PC’s gorgeous lips to the new ones of Anushka Sharma’s…hahhaaahaa.
    OMG it’s only a magazine cover…They are just posing for heaven’s sake. The article headline is tacky and if anything, would have made AS laugh out loud..LOL

  • aran

    Perhaps it’s VK trying to make AS jealous. Either way what an astonishingly ridiculous and bizarre headline. A non story.

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