‘Tall’ Hrithik Roshan to step into ‘short’ Aamir Khan’s shoes!

Hrithik Roshan to step into Aamir Khan's shoes!

We all know that Aamir Khan was the first choice of Farhan Akhtar’s company Excel Entertainment’s time-travel film, but it seems that Mr Perfectionist found flaws in the remuneration and commercial clauses. This led to a disagreement and Aamir finally abandoned the project. Now, tinseltown’s bird whispers that Bollywood’s Greek God Hrithik Roshan has taken up the project! Hrithik will be paired with the hot Deepika Padukone for this movie.

The movie is a sci-fi drama with a time-travel twist to it and is being directed by debutante director Nitya Mehra, who has served as an assistant director on renowned movies like Life of Pi, The Reluctant Fundamentalist and Excel’s Don. The new film will be made on a huge scale and is expected to go on the floors in February 2015.

We don’t know what Aamir feels about his replacement, but Deepika surely must be happy, as she had earlier expressed a strong desire to work with the handsome Hrithik!

As for Aamir, he has just lost a chance to star opposite the leggy Deepika!

  • mee

    “As for Aamir, he has just lost a chance to star opposite the leggy Deepika!” seriously? Where do you get these writers?

  • Karan

    I’m pretty sure Aamir will not regret not working with Deepika. As for the film, Hrithik will do justice with it if he decides to sign it.

  • emperor

    what crap are you all crazy retarded morons keep bushing about. aamir is way better than hrithik. why keep calling him short and bla bla bla. there are many short actors like srk, salman,saif, shahid, etc. they are also midgets. and by the way this was just april fool rumour. there is nothing official. and hrithik cant replace aamir. period.

    • Cattypuss

      Settle pettle – You have to realise that an actor must match the role he plays>the director chooses his cast carefully if he wants his project to be a commercial success. Now if Amir has walked away from this time travel project, then the director as no choice but to go back to the drawing boards and seek another. I have no doubt that Amir, SRK, Salman and a host of others are good in roles that suit their physique and ability. It’s not Hritihk’s fault that he stands out from the pack – what makes him that way is his willingness to do projects outside the box>he takes career risks like Guzaarish, with literally every movie different from each other. Amir does roles that wouldn’t suit Hrithik, comedy being one genre that I think Amir is very good at. Hope you have a nice day………. :) :)

    • Karan

      LOL, what are you talking about? Aamir only has a better mind than Hrithik as said by Farhan Akhtar. Truth to be told, Aamir isn’t as versatile as Hrithik. Its just his choice of movies which makes him different than SRK and Salman. Otherwise, I don’t think he could do roles like Agneepath, Guzaarish, Jodhaa Akbar (he failed big time with his only dream historical project), KMG, Dhoom 2 etc. He may attempt to do so, but it wouldn’t suit on him plain and simple.
      Of course, Hrithik can’t replace Aamir, Hrithik needs someone of his caliber to even think of competing with him, otherwise his only competition is him, he’s the most complete actor today. Fact! With all due respect to Aamir (my 2nd fav), he’s only better at comedy than Hrithik.

  • Karan

    We can only hope! I wouldn’t be surprised if he signs this time travelling drama, as Farhan is a great film maker and is a good friend of Hrithik.

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