How I Met Your Mother Final Episode Review: Spoiler Alert!

 How I Met Your Mother Final Episode Review

In our past reviews, you may argue that we often ranted about certain productions rather unfairly because, well it’s fun. In this case however our criticism is completely justified because the finale to the almost legendary show How I Met Your Mother was nothing short of a slap on the face to fans. Spoiler Alert, though you should be thanking us for trying to stop you from watching something that will crush nine years of intimacy one shares with the characters in a mere forty minutes, and to add insult to injury it will ruin nine whole years of curiosity as to who the mother really is.

We’re introduced to the mother earlier in the season her name is Tracy. Almost the entire ninth season in set at Robin and Barney’s wedding, which is over a period of one day, and the next twenty odd years take place in the last 2 episodes.

The finale as we pointed out was a complete disappointment and an unworthy ending for what was, for at least the first 4 seasons, the best sitcom since Friends. The final episode outraged several fans and there is an ongoing petition which already has 15,000 signatures, the petition is to rewrite and re-shoot the whole episode. Carter Bays ( the co creator of the show) has said that the 9th Season DVD collection will have an alternate ending. We were shocked and exited by this news because who knew people still buy DVDs in 2014? Here are the 3 reasons we didn’t like the finale:

1) Robin and Barney get divorced

This is the first major disappointment we get. Robin and Barney casually announce that they’re getting a divorce. Robin becomes extremely focused on her career after that point and gradually drifts away from the group. Barney finally gets a baby girl, but with a random girl he hooks up with at the bar.

2) Robin leaves the group

Robin realises that she made a huge mistake (not sure if it was not marrying Ted or divorcing Barney or both) and gradually cuts off contact with the group, she avoids them for several minutes in the episode which amounts to years in real time. She achieves fame, but loses all her friends.

3) Tracy dies

Ted’s adorable wife, who we all waited nine years to see dies after a few years of marriage very conveniently I might add. When a father tells his children about how he met their mother it’s sweet, but when he tells them in-depth about how he met their deceased mother it’s depressing, and the fact that he’s still in love with Robin after all these years make it even worse. The story ends with Ted’s children urging him to go meet Robin, which he does, taking that blue horn he stole from a restaurant years earlier.

In times like these it becomes necessary to act mature, by pretending the last episode never happened and forgetting about the whole thing.

  • SZ4L

    The finale was fine, quit being a baby.

  • biddy

    I disappointed ending…Re do it…how can some random character who comes across so in significant as opposed to the other characters for 9 yrs…it was wrong…worst final episode of a series ever

  • saddenedbyhimym

    yess – I would like to forget the final episode ever happened and move on too

  • Sbaby208

    My problem was that robin wasn’t interested in Ted untill she saw him happy with his wife. Also she married his best friend and left her friends hanging and at the end she gets Ted I think he deserves way better and Barney not changing till he has a daughter sucked he and robin would have been better because they got each other and Ted should have been happy with the mother of his kids because he deserved to be happy with her.

  • Nathan

    The final episodeo was amazing. I am pretty sure it surprised everybody even though it was already a watched scene. And Ted’s kids were rigth, it was not a story about How Ted met their mother, it was a story about how Ted loved Robin since they met each other which makes sense, totally!!! I loved it.

    • moss

      Nathan, and hiwbshe hooked up with his best friend !. No good!


    The finale was awesome , Robin and Ted were meant to be

  • pean

    love the ending!!! since the beginning i hope ted and robin will end up together

  • ACConspiracies .

    I don’t care I love the ending… I always wanted him with Robin… All though I even accepted the new mother and kinda got used to the thought of Robin and barney I still wanted to to end up with Robin so I am satisfied…. If you think about it we got 9 years to like Robin and see her character grown because ted told us the story that way…. The reason why we did really care about the mother because she was hardly in it is because ted told us the story that way, so in that way we should feel how ted feels and well ted wanted Robin all that time and to be honest so did we!

  • CVC778

    This episode showed tact and grace by the writers. We all new that Barney wanted a child and he could never have that with Robin. With the written ending everyone in the group is happy which seemed nearly impossible to achieve. Barney has his baby girl who he loves more than anything in the world, Ted and Robin get together with the blessing and enthusiasm from his children, and all of the characters are happy. If Barney and Robin had stayed together than Barney would have never gotten a child and would have therefore never been complete, and because Tracy tragically died ted and Robin finally got to end up together rather than have her life feel empty. This was the most beautifully written piece of film that I have ever seen.

  • Ihatedit

    Lets not forget about the fact that robin was miserable for many years just because ted married another woman! I think the divorce was a desperate attempt to show barney getting a daughter, because he couldnt have gotten her with robin. I hated the finale, i just get irritated just by remembering it.

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