‘Dhup Chick’ song from ‘Fugly’: Another fugly rap!

'Dhup Chick' song from 'Fugly': Another fugly rap!

Nowadays, its like a rule, every movie should have a party song and the party song must have an unnecessary rap! We know all the arrows are pointing towards Yo Yo Honey Singh but this time its not him! This song has rapper Raftaar following the footsteps of Yo Yo Honey Singh into Bollywood!

So, the Fugly trailer seemed badass but the song is equally bizzarre. If you are a person who is into lyrics, we advice you not to listen to this song. But if you don’t care about the lyrics and you just want some ‘Dhup Chik’ beats, then you might like this track. Boxer Vijender Singgh, Kiara Advani, the great grand daughter of Ashok Kumar, Mohit Marwah, Nephew of Anil Kapoor are making debut with Fugly.

Watch the song for Kiara Advani, she’s hot!