Dhanush or Fawad Khan: Which Sonam Kapoor hero is more impressive?


Sonam Kapoor is one lucky actress to work with some of the most charismatic actors opposite her. As the trailer of much awaited Disney Productions’ Khoobsurat was released, we saw a brilliant actor from across the border – Fawad Khan. The Pakistani heartthrob has charmed his way in the Indian cinema as well with his good looks and fine acting portrayed in Pakistan romantic-drama soap, Zindagi Gulzar Hai.

Well not for the first time that Sonam’s leading man has been an already established star making their Bollywood debut. Just like Fawad Khan, Dhanush a superstar of the South Indian movie industry and Superstar Rajnikanth’s son-in-law made his debut opposite Sonam Kapoor in Raanjhanaa. Raanjhanaa proved to be a landmark movie for both Sonam and Dhanush as it marked a successful outing for both the actors.


Dhanush, who is known for his brilliant acting skills played the role of a simple Hindu guy hailing from small town of Varanasi,  falls for a Muslim girl Zoya played by Sonam Kapoor. Dhanush was well appreciated and welcomed with open hearts in the Hindi cinema after his portrayal of Kundan Shankar.


Fawad Khan has been seen as one of the most desirable men already, with his portrayal of Zaroon Junaid’s character from Zindagi Gulzar Hai and for his royal look of Vikram Singh Rathore in Khoobsurat.

B-town’s fashionista Sonam Kapoor has worked with some of the finest actors opposite her during the span of seven years since making her debut with Sanjay Leela Bhanshali’s Saawariya. Her co-star in Saawariya was this generation’s superstar Ranbir Kapoor, also making his debut in 2007.

Who is more impressive?

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  • Zahid Saleem Haidrani

    It’s simply unfair to compare dashing Fawad Khan with…………..

    • Jasmine

      Bollywood respect and appreciate talent not good looks, no matter from where they belong to. We audience do the same . Dhanush fans were in doubt whether he will be accepted by north audience or not. They criticized him for working in bollywood movie but then after release of film audience loved him alot for his superb acting.. Film enter in 100 corer category and was declared superhit. It was unexpected … Amir Khan, Amitabh Bachchan …etc praised his work. Thats why he got next film with Amitabh Bachchan. For Fawad Khan , yes he is dashing and good looking talented actor, and wooed Indian audience by Zindagi Gulzar Hai. … and I really like him. And wish that he will do his best in Khoobsurat too.

      • Zahid Saleem Haidrani

        One minutes timeout……….My comments may not be attached any TAG. I am an admirer of good art. True upto some extent, that good looks don’t matter. How many average looking guys have survived in Bollywood? We have seen that heroes are taking support of six packs to dilute the impact of aging like Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and even SRK. One thing I can say with confidence, that if this guy (Fawad), is given proper space with good stuff (script, direction and co-actors), he can beat all records of Bollywood. Channel Zee Zindagi has given small glimpse.

        • Jasmine

          Ajay Devgan, Kajol, Rani Mukerji, Vidhya Balan…. Nasheerudin Shah( in Late 70′s and 80′s)….etc are surviving in bollywood. There were so many good looking actors who were son and daughter of earlier stars, but they couldn’t able to make their place. Now a day, film doesn’t work in the name of big stars.Last year we have seen that without any big names & foreign locations, without any six pack, low budget films were successful, with actors like Dhanush( recieved Filmfare and IFFA award for Ranjhanna), Farhan Akhtar(got Filmfare for Bhaag Milkha), Pulkit Samrat, Amit Shad, Ali Faizal, Rajkumar Rao(National Film award winner 2013 for Shahid), Shushant Singh Rajput, who’s next film is with Shekhar Kapoor oppoiste to British actress Emma Watson( Harry potter fame debuting in bollywood)…etc.Credit goes to UTV motion picture who has given chance to new actors to showcase their talent. “Khubsoorat” is also a part of UTV. NOW BOLLYWOOD HAS CHANGED. And as you say of course without any doubt I can also say Fawad Khan can do his best if he gets best script and direction, I really like him.Same our Actors can also do. I am thankfull to Zindagi that they introduce good stories from cross-border. Actually stories are not so different,the only difference is that indian serials are drag unneccessary, while pak serial are with limited episode, story presentation is really great and end with happy note.

          • Jasmine

            Sorry,Emma Watson is not confirmed, still waiting for her confirmation… but John Travalto accepted the role for ” pani” Sorry once again for wrong information.

        • Arpana Dvivedi

          Yes this is true….Even I discuss the same thing with my friends. He is a good artist. If given a chance he(Fawad) can give many hit movies.

    • lalitachaitu

      yup..That chutiya Fawad dosent deserve to be compared 2 Danush..

      • Zahid Saleem Haidrani

        Dear LALIT, the word “chutia” borrowed from your name, at least the spellings.

  • Jasmine

    I like both Actors… Dhanush is already a Talented superstar of south India and a National award winner too. After Ranjhanna…Dhanush became my darling star…and looking forward for his next hindi film with Amitabh Bachchan. I liked Fawad Khan after watching ZGH…. Hope that film will run successfully…..and I really want to see Dhanush and Sonam once again…

    • shivy prasanna

      u cant relate dis guy vd dhanuah..ge s an awesome talent..d people whoevr underestimatwd him now realise his talent aftr raanjhanaa..so pls..dn compare both

      • Jasmine

        I don’t believe in comparison between actors( whom I like most) or any one, even you too don’t want to be compared by anyone. Every person has their own individuality, style of work with own likes and dislikes. Like wise, Actors do have their own. Recently Salman Khan said about fan war that he don’t like fans of his, who criticize other actors, use abuse words for other actors in FB, twitter etc for being in his good books. Such people can’t be his true fan. I agree with him. If i don’t like someone ,I don’t visit his/her page or social sites. Every actors has their way of style, charm, talent & do so much hard work to entertain us. And if you don’t like, better don’t to go to watch his/her film. The Simple fact is I like & love both of them very much, So, no question of comparison here. Thats it !

      • shivy prasanna

        yup…looks doesnt mattr..and hwevr evrybdy has their own choice f opinion..and i agree vd ur statement jasmine….wishes fr both dese actors for deir upcoming films..let d both guys rock bollywood

  • Rishi Singh

    DHANUSH is a tamil BANIA while SONAM is a punjabi BANIA!!!
    India is ruled BY BRAHMIN_BANIA while fawhad KHAN is what..???
    so despite dhanush being nothing he has some political support while fawhad khan need to adjust politically!!!!

    • DN

      Rishi, Dhanush is an actor of his own … He might be Rajinikanth’s son in law but he doesn’t need his father’s in law patronage. Given the amount of rudeness Rajinikanth and ‘dark’ south Indians are subject to, it is unlikely he made it to Bollywood through political influence. He’s having a run with AadukaLam, Kolaveri and Raanjhanaa. It’s difficult to say if he was recognized as much as Amitabh was in Shamitabh but he was never picked by any in Bollywood until kolaveri came in the scene … It was Aanand Rai who had to convince Dhanush with an interesting script. Dhanush shared an amazing screen space with not just Sonam, but also with Bindiya and Murari … So, its more technical if you ask me … And many of us liked him in Raanjhanaa again for his skill as an actor …

  • Jasmine

    Okay I don’t want to be the part of this debate, Actually I was trying to put my opinion on bollywood, which I look as a changed one .. ..,perhaps you haven’t seen. Anyways, everyone has their our choice of likes dislikes, for me at present, Dhanush and Fawad Khan both are my favorite, hard for me to choose one from them and I truly feel Sonam is luckiest actress got chance to work with mulch-talented actors like them. All the best to three of them

    • Zahid Saleem Haidrani

      Dear Jas, a healthy discussion was going on at least causing breaking of ice and creating an opportunity for people to people contact. Your silence is hurting me.

  • Krsna

    After India v/s Pakistan comparisons, Khan(India) v/s Khan(Pakistan) comparisons, look we have a whole new debate topic. Though generally we would have called it North Indian v/s South Indian comparison but respecting the foreign nationality of our dear neighbour Fawad, we would call it, Indo-Aryan v/s Dravidian.

    Vaise, how much money do you make by pushing for such racist things because it seems a very “cheap job”. I also hope you are not a diehard fan of Amrita Singh’s Character in ‘Two States’. Because that would be a shame !

    Looks doesn’t matter. Dhanush was wonderful as Kundan Shankar in Raanjhana and I loved Fawad Khan in ZGH (wishing him all the luck with his bollywood debut). And you know what, no matter whom you declare as the winner, We would love to spend our “hard earned money” on movies which would cast any of them. Because both are AWESOME ACTORS !

  • soundarya janani

    dhanush is a great actor now we all know.. People criticize him.. Bt he proved himself.. Very beautifully he made me his fan…fawad is nothing infront of dhanush..
    one can’t enter in bollywood as a hero witout gud luks and six packs. Bt it was dhanush who break the rules..
    he is nt just a gud actor a gud singer a too.. He is multitalentd.. And i want to see sonam again with him.. Nt only me. There r so many people who want them back in next flick..

    • Arpana Dvivedi

      I am big fan of Dhanush. One should be respected by his talent not by his looks or six packs. And Fawad Khan is too a very good actor.

    • kritu

      Dear watch Zindagi Gulzar Hai……read about Fawad Khan…he’s an even better singer….has an extremely heavy n manly voice after Amitabh….and an awesome actor….watch ZGH…n u’ll be his fan too

  • Arpana Dvivedi

    I like both….But if u have to give a single vote I will go with Fawad Khan…He is talented, charismatic and I like the way he speaks. I wish Mr. Fawad all success in his new film.

  • fifi

    Both are goodlooking. You cant compare thier looks as they both come under different category of features. Also both are genuinely sweet and humble. Fawad has a charismatic screen presence and voice and this gaze you can escspe from nakes u melt at the knees while dhanush has these puppy eyes and baby smile. Both are talented actors and singers too so there is no need to compare. Both are superstars in thiercown right.

  • Omar Khan

    Unfair to compare both actors. They are both fabulous actors. We Pakistanis don’t put Fawad above Danush or Dhanush above Fawad. Lots of love from Pakistan.

    • DN

      Sweet … I love that you look at them at the same platform :-)

  • DN

    As actors, I have seen Dhanush’s work but not Khan’s … I like to see his too and then see where these guys stand in their own right … Second, my choice is Dhanush in general because he stands for countless ordinary looking folks who have an amazing life otherwise to share in Cinema. I want such real narratives with ordinary heroes please. Third, Sonam and Dhanush made some amazing space to show love beyond looks, religion and status: both displayed warm affection to each other both on- and off-screen. I found it very endearing …

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