Amitabh-Jaya Bachchan kiss in public: Have they lost it?


Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan sure know how to move with the times. While we have superstars like Salman Khan who prefer to live in a primitive era, refusing to kiss onscreen and even avoiding it in public, we had the two popular veteran actors going ahead and kissing in public at an awards function.

Strangely, Amitabh and Jaya indulged in their PDA right in front of their son Abhishek Bachchan (View more pics!), who was sitting in between. You’d think it was cute, but we’re sure Abhishek had his most awkward public moment ever!

Why oh why, did Big B and Jaya ji have to kiss in public? So Amitabh Bachchan the legend won an award. What’s new? He always does. He is so good in the art of cinema and also the art of PR (public relations) that he receives some trophy / doctorate or the other 12 months a year.

So it’s indigestible to us that Jaya suddenly had this urge to lock lips with her husband of many decades, after attending thousands of award shows and events together. They did not even do it abroad, or at least, the paps didn’t cover it.

Jaya was not her usual self at the Screen Awards. The versatile actor was either simply ‘acting’ or she was high on something. Just like she was high a few weeks ago when she screamed at the media for addressing her prized bahu Aishwarya Rai Bachchan with her first name. (I mean, what do we call Ash, Her Royal Highness or something?) Coming back to Jaya, we think she just got insecure about her hubby, because at the same awards function where she kissed him, she shook hands and hugged his alleged longtime muse, actor Rekha. That the three might be great friends now, is not something fans of any of them would like to hear.

Salman Khan hugging rival Shahrukh Khan just to create some publicity for his film Jai Ho is understandable. But grandparents Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan showing such affection in public for the first time, beats us! Or was this Big B’s way of appearing more international, especially after his Hollywood debut in The Great Gatsby?


Photos: Yogen Shah | Imaging: Jyoti Desale

  • KS Subramanian

    Am I supposed to laugh on this ? Kissing in public is news in India but here in the US you can see such very common thing all over by all age groups

    • Shweta Parande

      Sure. You still have paps in the US looking for PDA pics.

    • vijay

      This act of kissing in Public is “UNINDIAN”. Shame on Budda aur Buddi because they should be upholding the principles of “Indianism”.

      • Mack

        And What is principal of Indianism? please explain…

        • vijay

          Should not touch each other in Public. Touching and being cosy etc whatever belongs to the Bedroom should not be displayed in Public.

          • kicker

            here’s me giving you a digital kick. u deserve it moron. I think its now time for you to stop roaming in the 20th century and go back to whatever era you came from.

      • unindian

        yes and calling people the in their 60s ‘buddha aur buddhi’ is ‘indianism’. who gave you this twisted moral sense! where you can call a person that and then be offended by two person in love expressing their feelings, for each other and not being uncouth hypocrites like you

        • vijay

          It is a shame that you do not know that the mega star is above 70.

          • sameer

            So what if the mega star is above 70. Are you saying that once you are 70 you should stop living? Should you mercy kill them? Don’t worry you also will reach that age soon. Kissing is a very personal thing and can be expressed in public also. People of all ages can do that. There was no ban on this at any period of history in India. So why are we being a hypocrite ? First of all we do not understand Inidan history, ancient history, philosophy and thought.So let us not talk about it if we dont understand it. You are plain jealous that this man at 70 is a style icon and is generating such media attention when younger people are “nobodies”.

          • Renu

            Shut up Sam talking all garbage here.

    • eternal nullity

      Why is someone in US wanting to read or see this, given that kissing is very common there.

      • bose

        he came here to see these two great actors and couple showing their affection towards each other, not because it was a moral degradation he should see with his own eyes

  • Serena

    LOL I found this article hilarious XD

  • abc

    buddha buddhi sathia gaya hain

  • kiran2

    Looks disgusting and they should not have done such a stunt.

    • kiran1

      yes because a person of that stature is in grave need for a stunt!

  • Prakash H K

    If 65+ yo man and 60+ yo wife cannot kiss, in dignified manner, in public then who can? I find this article insane and not worthy of publication! And we are the land where Kama Sutra was written?!?! I wish more couples copy this great pair!

    • nilika


    • Champa

      Completely agree with you! What a ridiculously primitive take on kissing. Stop being SO prudish! Goodness!

  • Puzzled

    After reading this article, one would have to wonder if rape in India is far more acceptable than kissing in public. “Un Indian” indeed.

    • rhea

      These bachas r gud for nothing

      • rhea

        I mean the bachhans

  • FH

    People need to get real. There are more serious issues in India the Mr. and Mrs. B kissing in public. Don’t gimme this its not Indian crap. India invented the Kamasutra before any invaders come to the land. Live and let live. Talk about serous topics such as poverty, rape, jobs, education, toilets, equality and etc.



    • Aditi Shah

      Its how not who?!

  • Mutton Khurana

    This article is just sad and pathetic. It’s just a kiss. Seriously, douchebag author, its about time you got rid of this antiquated Victorian guilt about intimacy and affection. You need help! More power to these two.

  • Nasser

    Kissing in public by indians is a reflection of their extreme inferiority complex which is ingrained in their psyche. Nothing yo do with modernity; had they been moderm they would have food in their stomach and slippers on their feet.

  • Wazza

    I’m sorry,is this suppose to be news worthy?

  • Yogesh Dave

    great …I wish them best luck.

  • amrit singh

    These people are not spiritual, they only cham chor?

  • cindyd

    It is sweet and a good example to the younger, quick to divorce set…

  • Goutamsaran Das

    nothing wrong amitabh sir you are kissing your wife.not others wife.iwish more actor@ actress can copy your style.

  • Cid Cid

    I think showing love for each other and good feelings
    In any age its a medicine to live longer and happy life.

  • Nawazish

    Oriental culture doesn’t allow kissing of pairs in public, whatever age they are. No doubt they are husband and wife, but they have their children and grand children. Tomorrow you will say intercourse is also allowed in public since they are husband and wife. He is a mega star and he should follow values of the country where he is residing. He should walk, talk, eat, drink, sleep, talk, laugh as a star not an ordinary man. His every single action is being counted by public.

  • Nawazish

    Our prime minister is trying to clean up the India (Swachha Bharat), All dirt should be cleaned whether visible or invisible. This action comes in invisible dirt.

  • anita

    whats ur problem with that? pathetic writer….pathetic media n pathetic people who made it an issue….live and let live…

  • Darose

    See that seen! Congratulations Mr Amithabachan! You showed your “Love”

  • Bachgayimolly

    No problem with Pda BUT THIS ARTICLE IS ONTO SOMETHING. I heard from a good source that Jaya Bachan’s personal trainer quit because she would be drunk and out of her wits when he would show up, he said she pungently smelled of alchohol.Yes, thats gossip. STILL, COME ON, ABHISHIEKH is like in their face, few mili meters away from her nose when she kisses BigB on the lips. BUT THE ARTICLE IS INCORRECT because they have kissed before in public and it was on a book release or something on big b. i like the instincts of the writer here.

  • Madhoo

    Rekha tune Dekha Budhha B and Budhhi B getting horny Hahahahaha …

  • gauravtechie

    Some constructive journalism I must say!

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