Akshay Kumar is more popular than Salman Khan, says ‘Time’ magazine!

Now that’s what a recent survey has proved. Unlike most contemporaries, Akshay Kumar keeps a low profile personally. But his popularity with movie buffs and the youth exceeds that of many Bollywood stars. We aren’t saying this, Twitter is! Akshay is the Only Bollywood star to rank amongst the top 50 most popular celebrities on Twitter! The list has been published in the prestigious TIME magazine.

This list- topped by global icon Leonardo Di Caprio, and inclusive of universally popular personalities like Paulo Coelho, Kevin Spacey and Stephen Fry, includes Akshay in number 25. The only other Indian to feature on this list is music maestro A R Rahman.

On Twitter, Akshay goes beyond just self- promotion and publicity of his films. He has been actively promoting sportsmen, health and fitness and self defence training on a regular basis. Committed to good health and simple living, Akshay also practices what he preaches. As for his personal life, he keeps that off limits. Looks like, worldwide, people prefer the genuine Akshay Kumar persona to a lot of marketed and strategized twitter personas of other Bollywood stars.

Being the 25th most popular celebrity on Twitter once again validates that Akshay Kumar is one of India’s most loved personalities with mind boggling global appeal.

  • sameer

    Akshay Kumar is the only superstar who has 4-5 movies releasing every year.In 2012 he has had
    5 releases yet out of which 3 are being blockbuster earners( Housefull 2, Rowdy Rathore and
    OMG) and one an average hit ( Khiladi 786 -loved by mass audience) and one flop(Joker). In 2013
    he had Special 26 which was loved by critics and was successful as well. Then he had
    Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Again and Boss which did not click.

    In 2014 he already had a Super-hit movie Holiday which was appreciated by masses, classes and even most critics gave it good ratings and was the biggest earner of ist hale of 2014. Barely two months we have his next canine fun comedy Entertainment releasing in August 2014. Then he has Neeraj Pandey’s Baby, Karan Johar’s Warriors, Sanjay leela Bhansali’s Gabbar, Prabhudeva’s Singh is Bling, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Rowdy Rathore, Sajid-Farad’s Housefull 3, Shaukeen remake, Siddarth Anand’s Next action film all releasing in the next 2 years.

    When a superstar does 1 big ticket film the employment generated by that for all directly and
    indirectly associated with it and it is tremendous. A lot of people get employment like directors, other actors and actresses,script and story writers, editors, assistants, spot boys, musicians, distributors, exhibitors, theatre owners, dance directors and dancers and caterers, extras etc get jobs. Indirectly also there is a lot of economic activity that is churned by this.And Akshay Kumar takes the risk of doing 4-5 big ticket films every year. So he churns the wheels of employment and economics in the film industry and hence he is called a Parallel film industry in himself.

    Now with his Hari Om Productions catering to commercial cinema and his Grazing Goat Production catering to art and meaningful cinema which recently produced the beautiful 72 Miles in marathi
    which got good appreciation from critics and the punjabi movie Bhajii again appreciated widely.
    He is straddling so many bastions as a producer , actor, model and superstar. He is also the highest Income Tax Paying celebrity, in the last few years.

    After all these achievement he is still the most humble, punctual, well behaved ,down to earth,
    and disciplined superstar one has ever seen. He is also health conscious,
    sports loving, versatile actor who has mastered comedy, drama, action and what have you….He
    is the ultimate idol for youth and a beacon of hope and aspiration for countless millions in
    India and across the world. Akshay Kumar is in a very enviable position now. But hits or not
    everyone will still love him. He is India’ s pride.

    • deep

      he deserved more than it

    • Zain Kazmi

      OK Salman Khan is more popular and wayyy better than Akshay Kumar in a lot of things be it : good looks , attractive personality , Box Office No 1 star , Fan following , attitude infront of media , acting , fashion brand . Salman Bhai’s 5 years popularity from (2009 – 2014 + onwards) is equivalent to Rajinikanth’s whole career in Kollywood and Bhai is even known to be the Rajinikanth of Bollywood .

      • Akshay Kumar

        Criminal Salman better than Akshay, my ass.

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